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The subtitle of this blog article is “It Just Came to Me!”
I’m turning over the blog to Vicki Batman today for her article on inspiration
for books.

“It Just Came to Me!”

I’m always asked where do you get your ideas for stories?
Ideas can be found everywhere–a phrase, a word, a journal post,
a look, something overheard in a restaurant, something spoken on television…lots
of places. Something in my head goes boing! and I scribble it down.
I began writing shorts after critiquing for a friend. I guess
osmosis set in because the next thing I knew, I’d written a whole bunch.
Over the years, I’ve had many stories published in magazines
and thru e-publishers. However one magazine, Woman’s World, has eluded me. It isn’t
because my stuff is awful. Woman’s World receives over two hundred submissions per
week. Some of mine have been commented on; some kept for several months (the longer
the better). And others…they were returned quickly. LOL
So what does an author do with those stories? I’ve published
them for free reads. Expanded into longer stories and then, sold them.
However, when the indie wave intensified, I got a badabing!
idea–why not put several stories together into a small book?
So I did. My baby is born–“Little Birdie Who…and Other
Here’s a tiny blurb from each story in “Little Birdie Who”
and what inspired that story:
“Little Birdie Who”–a new resident helps
her next door neighbor rescue a little bird, but who is the birdie worth keeping?
Handsome and I actually rescued a little bird stuck on a pest
strip in our garage.
“Check Her Out”–Gum: it’s a sticky situation,
especially between a store manager and Auntie Caren when her nephew has to pay for
the package he stole.
I know someone whose son stole gum several times when he was
five. Her rendition (and exasperation) stayed in my head and I just had to tell
the tale.
“This is NOT Working”–Who knew Day One at
a new job would begin so badly and end with possibilities?
Who hasn’t had a horrible day at a new job, but to make it a
first day ramped up the heroine’s awful situation. And someone near and dear said
he forgot to turn on his computer one day, and it nearly drove him crazy.
So if you are sitting in a café, airport lounge, or do something
crazy, you might be overheard by a writer and become an inspiration for the next
Little Birdie Who is COMING SOON!
Twinkle Lights

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Twinkle Lights
When the owner of a Christmas tree stand has a heart attack, a do-gooder and a reformed delinquent turned lawyer fall under the holiday spirit and staff the business. The two-some meet the everyday challenges of running the establishment and through their close association, began to care for each other. When the revenue goes missing, fingers are pointed.
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