Read Stolen and Seduced by Tricia Schneider @TriciaSchneider #RLFblog #NewRelease #AlienAbductionRomanceFalling in love was never in their plans to escape an alien spaceship in Tricia Schneider’s new sci-fi romance, Her Alien Kiss, within Stolen and Seduced: A Limited Edition Collection of Alien Abduction Romances.

Tricia, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about Her Alien Kiss within Stolen and Seduced: A Limited Edition Collection of Alien Abduction Romances.

Her Alien Kiss by Tricia Schneider

Genre: Sci-fi Romance

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R

Aliens abduct Lena, the daughter of the President of the United Nations of Earth, to blackmail her father into giving them weapons to defeat the deadly warriors ravaging their home planet. Lena is trapped with another prisoner and together they plan a daring escape. But can the enemy of her enemy be her friend? Lena is forced to decide. Trust her father to send rescue or trust the alluring alien captive to help her escape. Can she make it back to Earth alive and with her heart intact?

These sexy aliens will stop at nothing to claim their mates—including abducting them!

When hot, hunky aliens need to find a mate, they know right where to look: Earth. But let’s face it, not all Earth girls are easy. We prefer our guys—even our alien guys—to put in some serious effort. Good thing human men make it easy for them.

Don’t miss your chance to binge-read this burning-hot collection of alien abduction-turned-seduction tales by New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors.

Why did you write this book?

I’ve always loved science fiction movies and television. I’m a fan of shows like Doctor Who, Stargate: SG1, Firefly, and Farscape. And I’m a Star Trek and a Star Wars fan. Yeah, I can’t pick between the two. I love them all for different reasons. What they have in common are aliens! So, I took my love for romance and combined it with my love for science fiction. I tossed it together and came up with Rex and Lena. Rex is an alien and Lena is a human from Earth. They’re both captured by other aliens and must rely on each other to escape. Falling in love was never in their plans.

What is your favorite genre to read?

Romance. Any kind of romance! I need that happily-ever-after that other genre’s don’t always guarantee. Although, I’m a diverse reader and enjoy reading many other genres such as mystery, science fiction and fantasy, I always, always come back to romance.

Who is your favorite character from fiction (not including your own)?

Oh, I have a lot, but the first to come to mind is Jane from Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. It’s a gothic romance which is one of my favorite romance genres to read. Both Jane and Mr. Rochester are tormented characters which makes the ending so much sweeter.


What are you working on at the moment?

I always have more than one project going on. I’m working on two paranormal romance books in my Cougar Shifter series. I’m also writing more sci-fi romances in Her Alien Temptation series. I’m bouncing between these series at the moment.

What books will we see from you in coming months?

I have two books releasing this October. The Ghost of Morley Manor is coming out in A Cursed All Hallows Eve Collection. Tempting Benjamin will be part of the Falling for Shifters Romance Collection. And I have some Christmas novellas planned for the holiday season. Also, I have another alien romance that will be part of Alien Embrace coming out next year!

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Tricia Schneider is a multi-genre romance author. From werewolves, vampires and witches to wicked pirates and sexy aliens, she weaves sensual stories where happily-ever-after is a guarantee. She believes there is a book for everyone. A sentiment she gained after years of working as Assistant Manager and bookseller at Waldenbooks. After the store closed, she turned to writing full-time, publishing all kinds of romance such as paranormal, historical, fantasy, sci-fi and gothic romances.
Tricia lives in Pennsylvania with her four children and two rescued cats, Harley and Cassius. When she’s not typing away on her laptop, she’s riding shotgun in a ’67 Impala while keeping her eyes open for a madman in a Big Blue Box.
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