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MFRW Summer Camp 
Today Tina Gayle shares her take on Marketing for Romance Writers Summer Camp, held last weekend on the Coffee Time Romance forum.
= = =
I can’t tell you how excited I was
for MFRW summer camp to start. Not only had I signed up to give a class, but there
were so many wonderful classes to take. I love learning new things so I’ve been
biting at the bit to get started.
I was blown away with the pre-camp
class by Kristyn Phipps. She explained how to use Buffer, had pictures and diagrams
and cyber popcorn…oh, my. Best of all, I was able to read it a day later. I couldn’t
attend the class on the day she posted it, but managed to learn it a day late. Man,
how I love internet classes.
Now with the stage set for camp to
begin, I had to get my stuff up and going. My class of “Cut the Crap”
(on editing) needed to be ready to run with the rest of the classes by Friday. I
had the handout ready and then sat down to fill in all the things that weren’t in
the outline. It is amazing how a one page outline can morph into pages of explanation.
I broke the class up into several parts so as not to overwhelm my students and to
concentrate on one point at a time.
I posted the new thread and watched
as the number of views when up. Silly, I know, but I was surprised by the number
of people who could relate to the points I was making. While I waited for comments
or questions, I ventured into the other classes.
Wow, talk about finding useful information.
From discovering how to form a Street Team group to understanding POV, there were
classes on so many topics I struggled to read all the information in the time I
had allotted for camp.
The best part is that even though
camp is officially over. I can still go back and read through the parts that I missed.
Check it out at
I can also download all the handouts
so I can review them later. Check them out at
Coffee Time Romance did a wonderful
job of making this appear seamless. I know it wasn’t, but as an attendee, I had
no problems with viewing classes or leaving comments.
Also, there were fun games on Pinterest.
I didn’t play, not because I didn’t want to, time became a factor for me. My husband
decided a round of golf was needed to round out his weekend so what can I say, I
For those of you who didn’t attend
the camp, I strongly recommend that you check out the above sites and gain what
you can from some excellent information. RWA is having their national convention
this week. I have to say summer camp was better. One, it isn’t as expensive (Free
for the camp.) Two, no crowds. Three, great information, and four, all while living
in the comfort of your home. What more could you ask for?
Man, summer camp so rocks, I can’t
wait till next year.
Thanks to everyone who made this happen.
You guys are the best.

About the Author

Tina Gayle

After years of working in
the business world doing a variety of jobs, she decided to try her hand at writing
and hope to incorporate the joy of being a mother into her books.
Currently working on a series
about four executive wives, she is excited about combining elements of women fiction
with the passion of romance. The first three books have been released and the last
one is coming out in 2014.
Married twenty-five years,
she and her husband love to travel and play golf. She can’t wait for Mike to retire
so they can do more of both.
Read the first chapter of
any of her books by visiting her website.

Find Me Here

Summer’s Growth 

Today, author Tina Gayle takes over the blog with a tip for following your passion as a writer.

Follow Your Passion with the Help of MFRW

You can’t buy it…you can’t get it from someone else–It is
right there within you.
My passion to be a published author has taken me on a wild ride.
The up and down adventure has required perseverance and tenacity. I’ve had to sit
in the chair and write, deal with situations that I’d never imagined, encountered
a number of “Oh Shit moments” and had more fun than I could have ever
believed possible.
With no agent, spelling challenged, and an aversion to commas,
my love of a good story kept me going. I took writing classes, networked with other
writers and put myself where I needed to be to hone my skills. My rose colored glasses
wouldn’t let me see what others said were insurmountable obstacles.
Also along the way, I found promoting my book to be a challenge.
That is one of the reasons I love Marketing for Romance Writers. The group is very
supportive and helps me discover new ways to market my book.
This summer they are also offering a free summer camp to not
only help me learn about new promotion sites, but to also help me be a better writer.
What more can you ask for?
No matter which road you travel remember to follow your passion
and discover a new world of adventure.
— Tina Gayle

Summer’s Growth

A mainstream novel with romantic and paranormal elements about
two women.
Mattie Winston, an almost fifty recluse who lives on a lonely
estate and guards generations of family spirits, and a young college student, Amber
Harrison, who doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life. The Winston spirits
decided that Mattie needs to develop a life outside the estate and Amber is going
to be the new family keeper, which throws the two together.
Both travel down different paths of self-discovery but their
reliance on each other grows stronger after several scary moments. Mattie, challenged
by an old flame, rethinks the idea of love. Amber, faced with the appearance of
her distant grandmother’s ghost, decides to solve the mystery of why her grandmother
disappeared without a trace. By the end of the book, after love is embraced and
family secrets are revealed, Mattie and Amber are both ready to meet their futures
with enthusiasm as stronger more self-confident people.

Buy links

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Yes, it’s those little things that drive us crazy or have us
panting for more.

Imagine an elaborate night of dinner and dancing, then a wild
time in bed for dessert; now compare the one night with a hot kiss and a warm touch
that you received every day for the rest of your life. Though the first might be
a memory to last a life time, it’s the kiss and touch which helps us grow closer
and keeps us connected to the one we love.

So how do we add little romantic touches to our everyday lives,
which will keep our love ones coming back for more?
First use technology to help.
Write an email and send it out to those people you
care about. I do this once a month to let everyone know what’s going on with me
and my family.
Text message is great – use the quick messages feature
and find “I love you.” Send it out once a day to your lover.
Don’t have time for a long call – call when you know
the person isn’t home and leave a message. “Yeah, just wanted to let you know
I was thinking about you.”
Send pictures of what you’re doing or fun things
you see on the street through email or on your cell phone.
Not into computers or don’t have a cell phone? No problem —
write a note.
Now don’t let this scare you. A note can be as simple as
“I love you” or as complex as a love letter. If you are still at a loss,
pick up a romance novel and copy a line. Example: “In her fantasy, she broke
free of responsibility and responded to his touch” from my book Mating Rituals.
Add to it with something like “want a fantasy?”
Hide these notes or lay them on the front seat of your lover’s
car. Make it fun and a special treat.
Still not sure you can do these things?
Here are a few more suggestions.
Make sure you kiss your lover the minute he or she
walks through the door.
Hide little presents for them around the house, apartment,
Remember special occasion like birthdays, the day
you met, or play your song on your anniversary.
Share an interest – football, hiking, dancing, etc.
Do chores around the house together.
As you can see there are an endless number of things that you
can do to build and maintain a strong relationship. They’re not required to be expensive
and ultra-grand, just heartfelt and caring.
So remember the little things and reap the benefits of connecting
everyday with your lover.
Tina Gayle

Books Coming Soon

Current Working on a four book series – The Executives Wives’
Executives’ Wives’ Club series
Four women…
One fatal car wreck…
Everyone’s lives changed…

Revive – Needing to revive her life and jump
start her heart, Jennifer Larson is facing the biggest challenge of her life, moving
into an unplanned future. While the rest of the Executives Wives’ Club continue
to mourn their husbands, Jen is tempted into the future by a sexy chiropractor,
Hagan Chaney.
But does he love her or her money?
Purchase at

Birth – Brie Sullivan has a new baby girl and
there are a million things to do, but Brie doesn’t have the energy to keep up. Why?
She’s still grieving for her husband and suffering from baby blues, but she won’t
let that stop her. She’s come up with the answer–find a new husband to be the father
of her kids.
Jason Clark has been doing everything he can to help
Brie. He loves her but can he accept her proposal of marriage knowing she’s not
thinking clearly about the future?

Breath and Life coming out in 2013
Read the 1st chapter of any of Tina Gayle’s books at

About the Author

Tina Gayle is working on a romance series about four executive
wives. She is excited about combining elements of women fiction with the passion
of romance. The first two books, “Revive” and “Birth” have been
released and the last two are coming out in 2013.
Married twenty-five years, she and her husband love to travel
and play golf. She can’t wait for Mike to retire so they can do more of both.

Find Tina Gayle everywhere:

Website –
Blog –
Twitter –
Goodread –
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