Meet Sutter Sky from Comes A Specter by Keta Diablo @ketadiablo #RLFblog #western #romanceWelcome Sutter Sky from Comes A Specter, a new Western Romance.

Sutter Sky by Keta Diablo

Age: 27
Gender:: Male
Birthplace: Montana
Profession: Shaman/Healer
Ethnicity: White/Native American:
Please provide a physical description of yourself.
I’ve always wandered between two worlds – my father’s Blackfoot tribe and my mother’s white family. I’m tall and lean like my grandfather, Old Person. My skin is more bronze than brown thanks to my mother’s donation of genes. Most women must think I’m handsome because they often comment about my long midnight hair and dusky gray eyes I pay little attention for two reasons. Number 1, I’m far more interested in helping and healing people than I am physical looks, and Number 2, my heart has always belonged to Anya.
Please tell us a little about your character.
I was raised with my father’s People, the Blackfoot tribe. My mother was a white captive traded to the Blackfeet and saved by my father through an offer of marriage. Most of what I learned about the People’s customs, mythology and healing, I learned from my aged grandfather, Old Person.
Who is the significant other in your character’s life?
I’ve loved Anya for as long as I can remember. Like my mother, she’s a white-eye. We grew up together because Anya’s parents lived near our village. Unfortunately, fate stepped in when we were seventeen. Anya married another and left me brokenhearted and bitter. I didn’t find out for many years that her parents forced her into a marriage she didn’t want. Ten years later, Anya rides in begging for help. Her son is gravely ill and she believes I’m the only one who can save him. I’d like to send her on her way after what she did years ago, but then I think of my oath to heal people…and I think of the young boy.
How educated is this character? Is he book smart, self-taught, widely-experienced?
He’s very educated when it comes to Native American healing. As a young child, he learned to identify herbs, roots and plants from the earth that have been used for centuries to heal his People, the Blackfeet. Old Person, his grandfather, taught him all about ancient customs, traditions and ceremonies his People employed to heal the sick and dying. The ceremonies are as important as the medicinal properties given to assist in healing.
What is your character’s family like?
Sutter has always had a deep affinity for his father’s People, the Blackfoot tribe. He was raised among them. But he can’t ever forget his mother’s People either, the white-eye. Although he’s grown to distrust the white man after the many atrocities they’ve committed against his kind, he remembers his mother’s soft, gentle nature and the unconditional love she gave him as a child.
Does this character see morality as black-and-white, or with shades of gray?
Definitely shades of gray. See above. He’s torn about the constant fighting between the US Army and the Native American tribes. He’s seen atrocities from both sides. To complicate things, his father is Blackfoot, his mother white. He loves them both dearly and as a child, worried that one side would eventually destroy the other.
If someone from your character’s past showed up, who would he most want it to be,and why? OR who would he most NOT want it to be, and why?
This is such a great question for Comes A Specter. While Sutter went on with his life and tried to become the best person he could, he never got over his first love, Anya. He tried to dispel her from his mind and heart, but now, ten years later, she rides onto his property asking for his help. At first, his bitterness over her marrying another overrules his oath to help the sick. Her son is at death’s door and she’ll do anything to save him, even grovel and beg if necessary. Will Sutter put aside his bitterness and remember his promise to heal the sick?
What inner doubt causes your character the most difficulty?
The constant war in his mind to hurt Anya the way she hurt him and his promise to his grandfather, Old Person, to use his skill and power to help those in need. How can he ignore Anya’s traitorous behavior from the past when she asks him to save her son?
How does your character handle challenges?
Once Sutter decides to live by the oath of a healer, he puts aside his feelings for Anya (or thinks he does) and does what he’s been taught is right and true. He becomes the strong and righteous man Old Person always thought he could be. This is especially true when he not only helps Anya’s son, but soon faces the biggest challenge of his life– eradicate a sinister ghost that haunts Anya’s ranch.

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Why do you think your writer chose to write about you?
Because I’m a diverse person who’s been forced to accept the white man’s way of life and Indian’s way of life. It’s a very difficult path to walk. I’m caught in the middle of two worlds with enormous love for my People and unending passion for a woman I’ve loved since childhood.   
What do you wish your writer would write next?
My writer should write the next book in the Ghostland Series—ghost stories set in the Old West. The first book is Comes An Outlaw and features a ghost in the plot. The second book, Comes A Specter, also highlights another evil spirit who’s intruded on the characters’ lives in a very sinister way. My writer has planned a third book in the ‘Ghostland’ Series which promises to stay true to the overall theme of the trilogy. Watch for Comes a Lawman coming to a Kindle near you soon—and yes, another ghost will make a grand appearance!
Is there anything you’d like to say to your writer?
Hey, thanks for including me in your Ghostland series! I think readers love reading about ghosts and other worldly spirits. Although, fighting this ghost became one of the biggest challenges of my life, I realized there was no way out. Win or lose, for Anya and her son’s sake, I had to rid the earth of the evil presence haunting them. Or die trying.

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