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October on Romance Lives Forever saw eleven author
interviews, ten character interviews, and two articles.
This month marks the first full month during which we used the author’s Twitter handle as part of our post titles.  The impact of hits mentioning the author on Twitter help show them how valuable a visit on this site can be. Does it help bring people to the blog? Consider this: 18 of the 24 bloggers this month placed in the top 33% of overall hits on the blog.
Here are the top five posts for the month of October
(judging by page hits).
1. Susan Lodge — Character Interview with Hetty Avebury
2. Charlie Cochrane — Character Interview with Ben Edwards
3. Ally Shields — Author Interview “Awakening the Fire”
4. AR Norris — Author Interview “All Female Planet?”
5. Stephanie Burkhart — Character Interview with Lady Keira
Other participants this month in alphabetical order by first
name are: Adriana Kraft, Andrew Grey, Barbara
Bradley, Brenna Zinn, Casey Sheridan, Cynnara Tregarth, Dominique Eastwick, Elle
Druskin, Holley Trent, Jennifer Stevenson, Kate Hill, Kendall McKenna, Keta
Diablo, Kristina Knight, Rhea Rhodan, Sharon Kleve, Terry Spear, Tmonique

A Polish Heart. 
Kayelle, thanks so much for having me here today. I wanted to talk about inspiration, specifically, inspiration for my latest release, ‘A Polish Heart.’ The story is a 99 cent, 16K ‘sweet’ international contemporary romance set in Warsaw, Poland and has a family/Easter theme, perfect for this time of year.
Believe it or not, I’m not one to find inspiration in dreams. I very rarely dream. When I hit the pillow, I’m out until the alarm clock buzzes the next morning. I find a lot of my inspiration in research. When Rebecca Vickery put out a call for short stories for her Spring/Easter anthology last year I knew I wanted to be a part of it. With that in mind, I decided to draw on my Polish roots, as the strong traditions I held as a child growing up have stayed with my heart.
I grew up in New Hampshire and generally spent my Easters with my mother’s family, which were Polish. My grandmother, Bopie, (short for Bopshie, Polish for grandmother) loved to make ethnic foods. There were pierogi, homemade breads, hams, stuffed cabbage, and even beet soup. The family ate the Easter meal after mass and then we’d go “up the hill” visiting. We’d eat some more, and the twins, Stanley and Johnny, would play their guitar and accordion. We’d dance to old-fashioned polkas and have a great time.
I enjoyed our Easter traditions, going to mass with my family, cooking, and visiting. As I look back, I don’t think I appreciated those times as much as I do now. This upbringing really instilled in me a love of traditions and I want to pass onto my sons. Just recently, I started making pierogi with my boys. It’s an all day affair since they’re made from scratch, but both Andrew and Joe really get into the different aspects of cooking from making the dough, rolling it out, and stuffing it.
In ‘A Polish Heart’ the hero, Darrin, is a hard worker and loves being architect, but he’s out of touch with his faith. He accepts a project to go overseas to Warsaw, Poland. Darrin meets Sofia, his interpreter, and what he finds is a sense of family, customs, and traditions he’s been lacking, but does he want these changes to resonate in his life?
BLURB: Will Sofia’s faith give Darrin his heart back?
5 Stars, Joy Cagil, Amazon Reviewer:
“A heartwarming tale.”
‘A Polish Heart’ is published through Amazon Select program and is available through Amazon.
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