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Kayelle Allen here. Wow, has Marketing for Romance Writers grown! Back in 2006 when I started this group, I was a busy author with four books. I was promoting, learning more about promoting, and asking friends about promoting. All the ins and outs of book marketing were starting to gel and I was beginning to understand the overall concept. That said, I had a constant list of questions. Facebook was two years old. Twitter had been founded that year. Pinterest and Instagram were four years away. How was I supposed to promote on social media? Did I need a blog?

I had friends who had similar questions, and we would email each other and ask. Often, I’d get the same question several times in a row. I found myself going back to my “sent” file to copy an answer and resend it. Not that I wasn’t asking questions myself, but I think because I’d take the time to go find an answer if someone asked and I didn’t know – I started getting more and more questions.

It was Halloween, and I was busy with all sorts of details of writing, and I got the same question from two different people. I remember thinking that there had to be an easier way to handle this. I needed a way to let everyone know what I’d discovered at the same time, and if I had a question, get an answer from someone who knew. Yahoo Groups was established and well-used, so I decided to create one that all of my friends and I could use together. We could post a question there, and anyone who knew the answer could reply.

I set it up as Marketing for Romance Writers because that’s what all of us were at the time. Our members are not just romance writers, however. They come from all genres. Looking back, I’ve often wished I’d named it Marketing for Every Writer. Of course, then the initials would have been MEW vs MFRW and our symbol might have been a black cat!

In 2006, we had 12 members. Eleven years later, there are 2420 of us, plus 6781 on Facebook, 3875 on Twitter, untold numbers on Goodreads, and 1492+ on Pinterest with 54 boards and over 790 pins. Our staff of volunteers produces an award winning newsletter and in 2018, we will publish a montly magazine. How can we promote for you?

About MFRW

Marketing for Romance Writers is a peer-oriented mentoring group open to the entire literary community. Ask your marketing-related questions, or request help, advice, or opinions. You can learn how to create a professional image and use it effectively, as well as ask for opportunities to join other authors in promotional efforts. You can learn the business aspects of writing.

News about pitch sessions and calls for submission are posted on the Yahoo group. As a member, you can attend exclusive, member-only pitch events with publishers. Members can attend free, online workshops and seminars.

Marketing for Romance Writers promotes for its members on most social media. Get your book cover pinned on one of the MFRW Pinterest boards, and show off your cover models. Share your tweets with the MFRW street team and get them shared on Twitter. The hashtags #MFRWorg #MFRWauthor and #MFRWhop promote for you. You can get interviewed on BlogTalkRadio. Link your blog to a community hop via a unique software “ribbon” with exciting themes, and draw readers to your site.

Find and Join MFRW

Marketing for Romance Writers Yahoo Group

Marketing for Romance Writers Website

Marketing for Romance Writers News

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Free Promotion for MFRW Members

Follow us – we follow back.

Twitter our hashtags are #MFRWauthor #MFRWorg #MFRWhooks

MFRW Volunteer Staff

Kayelle Allen, Founder
Emerald, Facebook Coordinator and Editor
Mona Karel, Moderator, Blog Hop Coordinator
Paloma Beck, Blog Director
Rochelle Weber, Newsletter Publisher
Barbara Donlon Bradley, Newsletter Editor
Michelle Davis, Newsletter Editor
Libby McKinmer, Newsletter Editor
Mari Anne Christie, Newsletter Editor
Reet Singh, Goodreads Coordinator
Lisa Lowe, Goodreads Coordinator (website under construction)
Zeenat Mahal, Goodreads Coordinator
Tina Gayle, Twitter Promo Coordinator
Carmen Stefanescu, Blog Coordinator

If you have questions about marketing your books, or you want to share an opportunity such as being a guest on your blog, join us. It’s okay to ask for guest spots too. The MFRW motto is “seek, teach, share, learn, succeed.” Services and membership are free. Are you part of the Marketing for Romance Writers success story? Please share in the comments.


Join the fun on April 16th at 6 PM EST
The 6at6 Facebook Party with bestselling authors Kayelle Allen
and International Bestseller Houston Havens, as well as top of the line authors
Anne Kane, Colleen Myers, M. Schiller, Rochelle Weber ~ will not only give you a
chance to win a Kindle Fire but you’ll get an opportunity to meet the fascinating
characters Pietas and Six. These guys are from the new Kayelle Allen series Bringer
of Chaos!
You’ll also get more insight on my Psychic Menage Series. For
those who’ve been working too hard and didn’t hear, a few weeks ago I released book
four in the series, Intimate Betrayal. I will open this party at 6PM EST please
come and bring your friends. I’d love to chat with all of you and share the good
times! Some lucky person will win a Kindle Fire…let’s hope it’s you. There will
be lots of giveaways for all!
6at6 Facebook Party
Facebook, in your jammies if you want
6pm EST April 16, 2016 (get the Six theme?)
It’s for Six, one of the heroes in Bringer of Chaos: the Origin
of Pietas by Kayelle Allen.

Come hang out with us and have fun. Goodies and giveaways for

About Houston Havens

Erotic romance author Houston Havens, a former successful
model enjoying an adventurous jet-set lifestyle, intrigues her readers with a
mix of the past, present, and future, and sexy blends of futuristic science
fiction, paranormal fantasy, and western romance, always with love everlasting.
A tenacious Irish lass filled with passion and mystery hopes her sultry stories
will entertain and fascinate those who dare to take the journey. She’s also a
social media junkie with an award winning blog.

Author Social Media

This quick interview includes info about the author, and
introduces the story.

About the Author

Rochelle Weber is a Navy veteran
with a BA in Writing from Columbia College in Chicago. Her novels Rock Bound
and Rock Crazy are available in both e-book and print. Her third book, The Thin
Person Inside, is available at MuseItUp Publishing, Inc. Ms. Weber edits for
Jupiter Gardens Press, The Author’s Secret, and publishes the Marketing for
Romance Writers Newsletter, winner of the 2013 Preditors and Editors Readers’
Poll for Best Writers’ Resource. She also started Roses and Thorns Reviews
and currently has two partners.
Ms. Weber battles bi-polar
disorder, quipping, “You haven’t lived until you’ve been the only woman on the
locked ward at the VA.” Her song, “It’s Not My Fault,” won a gold medal in the
National Veterans Creative Arts Competition. She has lost over a hundred pounds
and kept it off for over three years. She lives in Round Lake Beach, Illinois.

Interview with Rochelle Weber

Why did you write this book?
The Thin Person Inside: Kristen
Jensen never expected to fall in love when she got help for her morbid
obesity—let alone with a rock star. I started to write a book about a secretary
who meets a rock star. Originally they met at an AA meeting, but I just
couldn’t get the conflict there. First he relapsed. Then she did. Then I
decided a story about a person in recovery relapsing was just too trite. Then I
decided to put it in the future and have them meet in Rockton on the Moon. Maybe
the conflict could be that he lived on Earth. Then they were going to honeymoon
up there. Nothing worked.
Then someone said, “You should
write about your weight loss.” Bingo! I changed Kristen from an alcoholic to a
food addict, described my experience in treatment, even copied my homework from
treatment, and the whole thing just flowed. I decided Sean should lose his hand
because I already had a hero with crushed legs in another book. I’m not a heavy
metal fan, so I didn’t know there was a drummer out there who lost an arm and
came back to the band. I met a veteran who lost his hand in a farm accident and
played piano, and that’s where I got the idea Sean could manage keyboards with
one hand.
What is your favorite genre to read?
Do I have to choose one? I love
sci-fi, mystery/suspense/thriller, sweet romance, some paranormal—pretty much
everything but erotica and BDSM. I find erotica boring and BDSM just isn’t my
thing. I just don’t get the concept of deriving pleasure from pain. I’m a wimp.
I don’t want to feel pain, and I’m empathetic so I don’t want to read about
anyone feeling pain.
Who is your favorite character from fiction (not including your own)?
Again, must I choose only one? I
think I can narrow it down to three. 
Professor McGonagle and Molly Weasley from the Harry Potter series, and
Maureen Johnson Smith, mother of Woodrow Wilson Smith, aka Lazarus Long, created
by Robert A. Heinlein. All three are strong, independent women who protect the
people they love and stand up for what they believe in.
What are you working on at the moment, and what will see from you in
coming months?
My current WIP is languishing
somewhat, as I’m busy with promoting my new release and various editing
projects. It’s an historical book set during the Vietnam Era called Full Circle
about a girl who dates a bad-boy biker wanna-be.  She thinks he’s dumped her when he stops
showing up, not realizing he’s been arrested and gone into the Marines. She
joins the Navy and becomes a Hospital Corpwave and meets him again when he’s
admitted to her hospital after being injured in Vietnam. I guess I seem to be
forming a pattern of injured heroes. I’m running out of body parts to maim. ;-/
Please tell us about your latest book.
Kristen Jensen, a Navy veteran,
tips the scale at a crippling three hundred pounds. In desperation she asks her
VA therapist if she can go into addictions treatment with the guys where she
meets Sean. With black hair, blue eyes, and a perfect body she figures the
reason he’s speaking to her is that she’s the only other person in the room.
The Haystack told their lead
singer, Sean Wesley, to get clean or get out. But none of the big-name clinics
worked. Sean’s a Desert Storm vet, so they send him to a VA in the middle of
nowhere. When he meets Kristen the first day, he thinks it’s tragic such a
pretty girl’s trapped in a huge body. And her honesty, intelligence, and
bravery are even more impressing. Sean’s drawn to Kristen, but she’s had
decades to build layers of defense.

About the Book

Title The Thin Person Inside
Genre Contemporary Romance
Author Rochelle Weber
Book heat level (based on movie
ratings): R

Buy This Book

Publisher MuseItUp Publishing,
Barnes and Noble

Author Social Media

Picture yourself cruising the net looking for a good spot to
promote your new book when you happen upon a great review site. You decide
to request they read it. First question: Title of book — hah! Piece
of cake. Publisher: Duh! This is easy too. ISBN: Hmmm. You tap your fingers on the keyboard. Didn’t I see that in an email? So you open a new window and start
rummaging through all the stuff in your inbox. It has 475 messages in it so it
takes awhile. You notice an email from a fellow author and read it, respond,
then decide to see what’s in that cool looking newsletter that just came. About
an hour later you close the email window and there in the background is that
review site — still waiting for the ISBN that you never found. Sound familiar?
I thought so. I’ve done things like this, and so have many
others. In 2006, I created Marketing for Romance Writers so I could get some
writing done but still help about a dozen friends with questions like “How
do I get my book reviewed?” “I’m drowning in email. How do I create
folders?” “What’s the #1 thing I should do to market my book?” I figured if I helped them, they’d help me when I had a question too. Guess what? It worked. We all helped each other.
I answered their questions with articles on how to create a
review request form, how to determine what kinds of folders you need, and ideas
on how to find out who was talking about you online. These were things I was learning myself, and I enjoyed sharing. Since that time, those
twelve people have morphed into over twelve hundred, and I am not the only person answering questions. Our group is a self-help group that relies on crowd sourced answers. Everybody shares info and news. We started calling the
group MFRW because we talked about it so much and the title was too long to
write out. We invited guest speakers to come help us learn, and we shared with
author groups and our publishers. We gave free workshops. I decided at the beginning that we would not charge for
lessons because everyone needed a chance to learn and not everyone could afford it.
We began a professional newsletter, gave seminars,
workshops, and had Q&A sessions. We started two blogs and a Facebook group. We created a few excerpt books to give away. This month, we added a website, and in July, we’re sponsoring a free, two-day Marketing
Summer Camp with over a dozen guest speakers, panels, and a large number of
giveaways and handouts.
Things have changed. Yet the more they change — the more
they stay the same. A recent discussion on the Yahoo group asked “When
does marketing become spam?” Last count, there were over fifty responses
in two separate topics relating to that subject. We also took on the task of
liking each other’s Amazon author pages, and on Facebook, we regularly like and
tag each other’s books as a way to help with sales.
Our Author Blog Banner
Yes, we’ve come a long way. We started out with a Yahoo
group and a dozen friends, and we’ve become a crowd with multiple aspects of
social media. We have a newsletter editor, two proofers, a blog director, five
group liaisons, a promotions director, and me. Eleven people to look after the
goings on around a group that started with only a dozen members. Yes, things
have changed, but they are still focused on the same five things as they were
in the beginning. Our motto is still “seek, teach, share, learn, succeed.”

Our Volunteer Staff

Kayelle Allen Founder 
Newsletter Editor: Rochelle Weber
Proofers: Cat Gardiene, JJ Keller
Blog Director: Lynn Crain
Promotions Director: Karen Cote’
Group Liaisons: Jeanne Barrack, Jean Drew, Dawne Prochilo, Heaven O’Shey, RJ

Join Us!

We still help one another and look for ways to advance our
careers by working together. It’s been a little less than six years since we
started on this journey. I can’t wait to see where the next six takes us. Won’t
you join us?

Where to find Marketing for Romance Writers online:

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Sign up for Summer Camp by joining the Yahoo Group.

members are enrolled. To take part, read your messages. That’s all there is to
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