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The authors of Liquid Silver Books bring you spine tingling romantic suspense, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy, nail biting paranormal adventure, time travel to unknown worlds, hot alpha males, and so much more. With the flick of a wrist, a twist of the brain, and months of blood, sweat, and tears, they give you romances to treasure for years to come. Liquid Silver Books is pleased to present …

Spotlight on Authors

for the Sexy

Sooner or later, it’s going to happen. People discover you’re a writer and ask the question. “What do you write?” And you, sweet innocent that you are, answer brightly, “I write romance.” Be prepared for the awkward silence, the sidelong glance, even the sneering lift at the corner of the upper lip … and then the dreaded follow-up, “Romance? But why?”
          “But why,” indeed. The thing is, though my answer is simple, it leaves me feeling like I’ve admitted to looking at Playboy, not for the articles, but for the centerfold. (Which I do … but I digress.) The truth is I write romance for the same reason I read it—for the sexy.
          Please note the all-important “y” at the end of the word. Whoever said, “Sex sells,” missed the mark by that single letter. I contend it’s not the sex, per se, with its Tab A inserted into Slot B mechanics, but the sexy—so full of promise and possibility—which has built nations … as well as brought them down.
          Whoa, whoa. Whoa! You say. Are we still talking about romance novels? Yes … and no. We’re talking, in large part, about female sexuality, a topic capable of giving the strongest men the vapors and reducing the most sophisticated women to titter. Not to mention tempting romance authors to complicate the ultimate purpose of the genre, from the sweetest love story to the edgiest erotica—the mass market stimulation of that omnipotent human sex organ, the brain.
          The prospect of crafting a provocative story with the power to set readers’ gray matter aquiver brings me to my computer each morning with a grin of anticipation. Curiously, despite our sex obsessed culture, the sexy in romance is too often overlooked or maligned. But without it, couldn’t readers get what they were looking for from any of the genres romance writers cross into as a matter of course? It is precisely because our mysteries and gothic horror stories and action adventures come with abs and lingerie that the industry generates over a billion dollars a year. A billion dollars!
          Isn’t it time we embrace, as in muscled chest to burgeoning breasts, the very thing that sets us apart? Time to admit to reading and writing these books because of the sexy way they make us feel and the permission they give us to think and fantasize about and, even (gasp), want sex. We can’t hide our books under the blankets and between the leather covers of our e-readers and expect other people not to ask, “Romance? But why?”
          No buts about it, I chose to write romance. Chose it because the opportunity to challenge and stimulate my readers challenges and stimulates me. So, why do I write it? For that one simple word and all it implies, both straightforward and complex. I write romance for the sexy.

Why Does Romance Live Forever?

          Romance is the largest book genre on the planet when measured by public consumption. As in colossal-huge, as in more than 20 percent of a market where the next “big” categories languish in the 6th and 7th percentiles. Romance sells into the billions of dollars each year while its lesser brethren deal in the pedestrian millions. We readers seem to love ourselves a love story.
          But why? Romance is also the most saturated in terms of offerings – a quick search on Amazon yielded 1,005,777 titles, which is about the number of new books coming out each year across all genres worldwide. And let’s ask the obvious question: after you’ve read eight or nine dozen of these stories, what about them is new or fresh? Who doesn’t know-but-know the heroine’s impossible circumstances will be resolved and the main characters will at some point cozy up? Who can’t count on the HEA as a sure thing? No one, that’s who, yet we’re still riveted. How come?
          Critics of the genre have put forth the same rote, dismissive evals for decades… and at this point we have to surmise their criticisms have to do with something other than the actual stories, since discerning readers still choose to read romance novels in droves. Non-discerners are present too, just as they are in all genres; romance’s contingent just looks bigger because… well, it IS bigger. The whole romance pie is bigger.
          But I believe romance’s image has more to do with pedigree than its sprawling, amorphous body of work. Its base – its massive, multi-faceted base – is messy, encompassing sweet inspirational and Regency and paranormal and BDSM erotica, subject matters so disparate they probably shouldn’t qualify as a collective. The category includes more readers from more corners of the earth than Croesus had coins, meaning we romancers can’t make any intellectual or ideological claims to purity. We don’t have it. I wrote a humorous piece on this very subject a few years ago, and take a peek if you seek justification for your own reading proclivities.
          Writer Jenny Trout also offered a compelling perspective in a recent Huffington Post article, one all of us writing romance should take a moment to ingest. I don’t disagree with her, and if we were having coffee, I like to think we would laugh over the absurd marketing characterizations we writers of the genre get to work under. I mean, targeting “women age 22 to 55” is kind of like hunting “wildlife” in Africa. No disrespect here, but are you looking to bag a crocodile or a gazelle, ‘cause there’s kind of a big difference…
          Beyond acknowledging the context in which we write and read, however, we should probably set aside questions of literary integrity and market impact – and let’s be honest: we’re going to anyway. Seriously. These issues, while interesting, change nothing, not our stories, not our drive to write them. They don’t change the appeal of love and intimacy in our narratives; and they sure as hell don’t have any sway when it comes to convincing readers away.
          My publisher, Liquid Silver Books, participated in a Kobo event a couple of weeks ago wherein several of us talked about what draws us to romance, and my colleague Susan Vaughn contributed a spot-on response in my opinion. She said any story able to engage another human being is intellectually stimulating, suggested a good romance read draws you into thinking about all kinds of things, including humanity and your own place in it. “It makes you evaluate who you are and what you need and want. It’s like giving your brain a badly needed hug,” she argued.
          She’s right. And since romance is universal no matter which yardstick you use for measuring, we really do need to put these questions of salience on the shelf. Now off I go to work on that 1,005,778th title…

Why Do Writers Write?

          Why do writers write? Like Stephen King said, it’s not for the money, and it’s definitely not for the fame. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t turn down a fat paycheck, but I started writing because it felt like something I was meant to do. I hesitated for years before I finally took the plunge and tried writing a book. There were so many excuses…not enough time…not enough talent…or ooh look, there’s something shiny! 
          The years passed and every so often, my need to write outweighed my reasons not to. I’ll admit it. I wrote fanfiction. I got my feet wet and I enjoyed the feedback. That still wasn’t enough. I wrote a few pieces of satire and that wasn’t enough either. My biggest obstacle was me. That inner voice that said, “You just aren’t good enough to write something as big as a book.”  
I love books and to my credit, I think I’ve read thousands of them. As for romance novels, my addiction to them started when I was thirteen years old and the school librarian wanted to get rid of a bag of Harlequins. It was a treasure trove! I sat on my bunk bed and read the lot of them. As an introverted kid, the stories took me to places and introduced me to people “characters” that were interesting, funny, dramatic, and, of course, sexy. My books were my friends. They still are.
One fateful night, my muse kicked my inner doubt’s ass and I woke up wanting/needing to write a book. My hand flew across my spiral bound notebook with story ideas, characters, and dialogue. Some were good, some were bad, some were downright awful, but my new mission in life was to write my own romance novel.  By the way, let me tell you why I will never give another writer a bad review. Writing a book is hard and if you take the initiative to try it, you have my complete and utter respect. Simple words, but true nonetheless. Holy Hell, how did people do it?
Could I do it? Turns out, yes I could, and I did. After many rejections from publishers (those sting no matter how many you get) I finally got a yes. You only need one yes to get your foot in the door. So here I am, a year after wracking my brain, pouring my heart out, and driving my husband crazy with reading revisions to him ad nauseum.
I write romance because I want my readers to feel the same sense of happiness I feel when a love story can take you away from it all. You can live vicariously through the characters’ struggles, immerse yourself in a new place, smile, laugh, cry and come out of it knowing there is always a happy ending.
Without the stacks of money and the overnight fame, was it worth it? Damn straight it was! Why? Because I’m a writer! Through feedback, I’ve learned that people have read my love stories and enjoyed them. They’ve laughed at the funny parts, got teary eyed over the sappy parts, and fanned themselves over the steamy parts. That’s all I ever wanted.
But, hey, don’t get me wrong, buying my books will put a smile on my face too! :)

Find out more about the authors of Liquid Silver Books

Visit our author Bios and Books page!
She wasn’t prepared for him… Resplendent Ruin, Resplendence Book 1 by Bella J
A quirky foodie and a perfectionist chef creat fireworks in the kitchen… Fire In the Kitchen by Donna Allen
Can love flourish when the only common ground feels like quicksand? Shore to Please, Gulf Shore Book 3 by Annette Mardis
Catch her, kill her, or kiss her? So many choices, so little time. But Carter Jamison has to decide one way or the other what to do about Sabrina Rutledge…Lovin’ the Odds, Gambling on Love Book 2 by Vicky Burkholder
Of all the pubs in all the world, he had to walk into hers…Play It Again, Dan by Tess Delacour
Romance that’s the perfect mix of sweet and spicy…Madison Falls Series by Susan Behon
Lust, Laughter, and Happily Ever After…Swept Away by Susan V. Vaughn             

Spotlight on Thanksgiving

ago, when my oldest daughter was in kindergarten the teacher asked the kids to
tell her what they would have for Thanksgiving dinner if they could decide the
menu. She then asked them…How do you cook a turkey? The kids all drew a picture
and the teacher made a book for the parents with all the answers. I still have
the book and it’s a hit at the Thanksgiving table every year.
Enjoy these samples from the
children and grandchildren of LSB authors Susan V. Vaughn and Michelle Hoppe:

Noah – Age 8
Thanksgiving Dinner
For Thanksgiving
Dinner we are having Turkey, gravy, pop, sprite, pie, cake, rolls, mash
potatoes, beans, and pancakes.
This is how you cook
a Turkey
You get a wild turkey
or buy one. You make sure it’s not gross, that it doesn’t have blood on it if
you shot it. Make sure to take out the bones and heart. You put stuff on it if
you want, or just baker it. And that’s how you make a turkey, son.
Thanksgiving Dinner
Thanksgiving dinner I want: steak, potatoes, broccoli, stuffing, and marshmallow
ice cream
This is how you cook
a Turkey
cook a turkey, first buy one at the store so you don’t have to deal with the
guts and stuff. Rinse it off and stuff it. Squeeze lemon on top and sprinkle
with basil. Put it in the oven at 425 for 45 minutes.
Molly – Age 7
Thanksgiving Dinner
For Thanksgiving
Dinner we are having ham, mash potatoes, gravy, meatballs, beans, cupcakes,
regular cakes, water, milk, pop, pie, and rolls.
This is how you cook
a Turkey
You shoot a turkey,
grind the bones. You rip off the feathers and put it in the oven. And you have
a perfect turkey, but that’s just my opinion.
Thanksgiving Dinner
Thanksgiving dinner I want turkey, mash potatoes and gravy – that’s all. Nothing
else, well for dessert ice cream sundaes, but that’s all.
This is how you cook
a Turkey
cook a turkey, take out the guts and rinse it off. Stuff it. Put it in the
over. Set heat to 250, no wait, 350 and cook for 30 minutes.
Ryan – Age 5
Thanksgiving Dinner
For Thanksgiving
Dinner we are having muffins with pancakes, and some pie, and some little
macaroni’s, and some pop, and little turkeys, and rice beef.
This is how you cook
a Turkey
You whack it with a
shovel, then pick it up with a shovel, then you throw it into a car, then
shovel out all of the blood and hearts, and throw them in the garbage. Then
karate chop it with your bare hands, and throw it at a chicken. Then put it in
the oven, walk away, get a knife out, and see if it’s done.
Sooo…what do your little ones
want for Thanksgiving Dinner? If you have kids or grand-kids – ask them what’s
on the menu and how to cook a turkey! Share in the comments below. Remember –
don’t edit them; it’s more fun if it’s in their words.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from all of us!

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Spotlight on New Releases

Liquid Silver Books has been turning good stories into good books
for over 14 years. LSB offers a full line of romance genres from contemporary to
paranormal and GLBT to romantic comedy. Whether you’re in the mood for a sweet romance
or a sizzling hot, intense erotic romance, you will find it in our catalog. Join
readers worldwide and discover Liquid Silver Books …

Western Knight by Julie Murphy

Her father always told her she’d meet her knight in shining armor
some day. Maggie just didn’t think he’d be an actual 14th century knight resurrected
in the body of a thief and possible murderer. Transported from 1375 to 1875, Sir
James MacArthur has to find a way to survive a world he little understands while
trying to save Maggie, the damsel in distress that has won his heart. Julie Murphy
blends history, romance, and a little bit of humor in her new romance novel, Western
Genre: Western, Historical, Action, Adventure, Time Travel

Resplendent Ruin, Resplendence Book 1 by Bella J

Juliette thought she had love. She thought she knew what it felt
like to be loved. And to finally marry her fiancé, Daniel, was a dream she refused
to let go of—until Knox Taylor showed up and made her question everything she thought
she knew about life and love.
Genre: Contemporary

Saving Agent Tanner, The Spy Who Loved Me Book 2 by MJ Eason

Three years ago, Rachel Weiss walked away from the man she loved
and a world of danger she could no longer be a part of. Now, the father of her child
is missing and presumed dead, and only Rachel can save him. Drawn back into a world
she thought she’d left behind forever, Rachel is in a race against time. Saving
Agent Tanner is an edge-of-your seat, romantic suspense novel from author MJ Eason.
You’ll love this thrilling addition to her romance series, The Spy Who Loved Me.
Genre: Suspense, Action, Adventure, Contemporary

Swept Away by Susan V. Vaughn

Captain Jack Reed puts his crab fishing career first, no matter
what. Until a chance meeting with the woman of his dreams breaks his concentration.
Megan Berry won’t be tied down. But when she finds herself stranded at sea with
a wickedly handsome fisherman, can she resist her desire? Lust and laughter fill
the pages of Susan V. Vaughn’s new romantic comedy, Swept Away.
Genre: Contemporary, Romantic Comedy, Adventure

Strange Brew, Secret Blood Book 4 by Emma Weylin

Meet Ozz and Lily. Lily has turned a rundown bar into a success
despite her ruined reputation. Ozz is a werewolf who knows Lily is his mate, but
he won’t claim her because she has no idea that shapeshifters exist. But now Lily’s
life is in danger and Ozz must save her, even if it means turning her world upside
down. Emma Weylin invites you to once again enter her paranormal world in Strange
Brew, Book 4 of her suspense-filled series, Secret Blood.
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense, Magic, Witches, Shifters,
Wolves, Other Weres

Witch Island by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime

A cursed island may not be the best place to start a new job.
Roxanne’s business is looking up. Her new contract with a reclusive millionaire
is just what she needs to save her business. But a sudden storm leaves her stranded
on a private island where her handsome and charming host is hiding a sinister secret.
Witch Island by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime will keep you on the edge of your seat as
Roxanne is plunged into a dangerous and mysterious world where nothing is as it
Genre: Contemporary, Fantasy, Gothic, Paranormal, Adult Fairy
Tales, Ghosts, Spirits, Hauntings, Magic, Witches

Updrift, The Mer Chronicles Book 1 by Errin Stevens

What if joining your lover’s world meant you were cut off from
your own? Kate will have to look hard at her man to learn what about him is real,
what is illusion, and how—if ever—she can get back home. Errin Stevens brings her
fantasy world to life in Updrift, Book 1 of her new paranormal romance series, The
Mer Chronicles.
Genre: Contemporary, Fantasy, Paranormal, Suspense, Action, Sea

Silken Tide by Danielle E. Gauwain

When Mark’s world of power and pretty things gets turned upside
down, he must return to his hometown of Silk Cove. Not only does love take Mark
by surprise, but a string of unexplained events forces him to face who, and what,
he is. Silken Tide is a paranormal tale of the sea, the soul, and a love worth fighting
for from romance author Danielle E. Gauwain.
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Selkies, Sea Creatures

Pleasures of the Flesh by Cecil Wilde

Starting over isn’t easy, especially for Elias, an ex-almost-priest
on the run from his own heart. Unexpected help from the kind—and stunningly attractive—Seth
gives him the opportunity for a new life and a first love, but with Elias’ past
never far behind, how long can it last? Pleasures of the Flesh from author Cecil
Wilde will be a welcome addition to your contemporary romance library.
Genre: Contemporary, GLBT, LGBT, M/M

Maddy and Wyn, Seeking Redemption Book 3 by Cameron Dane

With a ghost to help and a thief to catch, rivals Maddie and
Wyn have to stop fighting long enough to solve the mysteries surrounding them. But
that won’t be so easy, they’ve been at dagger points for years. Filled with all
the suspense, adventure, and blazing passion you’ve come to expect from Cameron
Dane, Maddie and Wyn, is a welcome addition to her contemporary romance series,
Seeking Redemption.
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense, Uniformed Heroes,
Ghosts, Spirits, Hauntings

Perfectly Imperfect Mine, Garrison Brothers Book 1 by Amelia Shea

When Sadie Wallace meets bounty hunter Trey Stone, her
“nothing special” life is turned upside down. Instant attraction, explosive
chemistry, and a dark secret that could destroy them … falling in love has never
been so dangerous! You won’t be able to stop reading Perfectly Imperfect Mine, Book
1 of Garrison Brothers, the new contemporary romance series from author Amelia Shea.
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense, Action, Adventure

Strategic Alliance, The Witchpyre Legacy Book 1 by Vanessa Liebe

Witches and vampires must unite in order to fight their common
enemy, the fraklov demons. The last thing Princess Isabelle wants to do is marry
Prince Lucian, but the survival of both their races depends on it. Isabelle is determined
to fight Lucian every step of the way, and he is just as reluctant to wed. Then
they meet… Strategic Alliance is the intensely passionate beginning of Vanessa
Liebe’s new fantasy romance series, The Witchpyre Legacy.
Genre: Contemporary, Fantasy, Paranormal, Vampires, Action, Adventure,
Demons, Magic, Witches

Not Just a Friend, Toronto Book 3 by Laura Jardine

Maya has a history of falling in love with the wrong man. Case
in point … her unfaithful, drug-dealing ex-fiancé. As she finally starts dating
again, her first date has her wondering where all the normal guys are. Luckily she
has Liam … her friend with benefits. But he’s beginning to act strangely, too. Why
is he so upset that she’s dating again? You’ll love this spicy romantic comedy.
Not Just a Friend is Book 3 of Toronto, Laura Jardine’s contemporary romance series.
Genre: Contemporary, Romantic Comedy

Spotlight on Pre-Orders

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We asked the authors of Liquid Silver Books to check in with
their characters and find out what’s on their Christmas wish list. Here are some
Dear Santa letters; you might even get some ideas for your own Christmas list!

Finnley and Molly from Riverswept, Burns Class of Love Book 1

Dear Santa,
This Christmas I would like a one-year membership into the Sierra
Club and a pair of red platform sandals with 4-inch heels and ankle straps for Molly
to wear to bed.
Merry Christmas. Finnley
Dear Santa,
For Christmas this year I’d like a gift certificate to the bookstore
and for Finnley to grow his hair long again.
Happy Holidays from your friend. Molly

Aislinn and Brandt from Seduction in Sierra Leone, The Men of FTI Book 1

Dear Santa,
I’m a pretty simple soul. I don’t have a lot of wants; however
here is what I would like for Christmas. A new Nook, because my nook has seen much
wear and tear and is probably also filled with sand. Picture frames to fill with
pictures of me and my fiancé, Brandt Fairlane. And, most of all, I want Patrick
Kane to recuperate fully from his recent, life threatening injuries.
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Aislinn
Dear Santa,
I don’t put much value on material things, so my list is incredibly
simple, hope this makes it easier. Please get Aislinn everything her heart desires
for Christmas. Also, please; I want Patrick Kane, the closest person I have to a
brother, to survive!
Happy Christmas. Brandt

Knox and Juliette from Resplendent Ruin, Resplendence Book 1

Dear Santa,
Let’s see… Juliette on the couch. Juliette on the kitchen counter.
Juliette in the shower…Okay, okay, here’s the real list—but I can promise you, the
above is most definitely the top three. A Starwars: Battlefront PS4 game—because
boys will be boys, whether they are hard-core millionaire bikers or corporate wearing
suits. An EDC kit from Huckberry which features one Swedish designed ‘freekey,’
a screw key set, a tiny lighter and survival pod within which has 11 other potentially
life-saving tools. –a man needs to be prepared for everything. A ‘Men’s charging
station and valet’ where I can toss all my manly stuff and avoid the curse fest
I embark on every morning when I turns my apartment upside down searching for my
sh —uh…stuff. A mini beer pong set—Oh come on, what guy doesn’t want that! A new
pair of Ray-Ban’s—three pairs just aren’t enough. And lastly… Juliette on top—just
Thanks Santa. Knox
Dear Santa,
As you know I’m a woman used to expensive luxuries and high priced
gifts. So I know you’re asking…what do you buy a woman who has everything already?
Well, here’s my list…
A corkcicle classic wine chiller cork—for the woman loves her
wine. A Louis Vuitton agenda—those little electronic agenda thingies just don’t
work for me. I’m an old fashioned gal. Shake n Make Ice Cream maker –because every
girl has to own one! Beatles playing cards—because it’s awesome. Foot Kandy odd
socks—There’s a little goofball in every girl. Knox covered in cream…on the kitchen
counter—best present ever!
All my love at Christmas. Juliette

Paul “Flipper” and Tara from Shore to Please, Gulf Shore Book 3

Dear Santa,
As you know, Tara is a practical person, so it’s no surprise
that most of the stuff on her list is for the household. But I have a special surprise
for her, a piece of jewelry I know she wants but wouldn’t ask for because she thinks
it’s too expensive and impractical. As for me, I’ve been wanting a dog for a long
time but never got one because I lived alone and wasn’t home enough. But things
have changed, so maybe it’s time to get that fur baby after all. So for Christmas
this year I’d like sexy lingerie for Tara, a Jack Russell terrier, Tampa Bay Lightning
tickets and hat, and new water shoes.
Merry Christmas. Paul
Dear Santa,
For Christmas this year I’d like sexy lingerie to wear for Flipper,
new bed sheets and bedspread, some new bathroom and kitchen towels, and new throw
Thank you, Santa. Tara

Kate and Gabe from Updrift

Dear Santa,
You know, I was just talking with Kate about what she secretly
hopes for from her siren amour this Christmas, and I got quite the education on
sea-based luxuries. Of course she’s waiting for the specially designed dagger Gabe’s
promised her during their first stay on Shaddox. And apparently, part of the female
siren mystique is achieved using a hair treatment made from ground pearls and the
petals of an ocean flower we land people know nothing about. She for sure wants
some of that.
She says she doesn’t lack for much, though. “If I could
truly have anything at all, I’d take a pair of knee-high boots made from the skin
of that bull shark. You remember the one who ate me in chapter twenty-five?”
Kate is planning to get Gabe a rare fish for his aquarium and new swim trunks. “He
goes through several pairs a year,” she admitted.
Hope this gives you some ideas, Santa. Errin Stevens

Keith and Sabrina from Made For Me, Madison Falls Series Book 3

Dear Santa,
I have a pretty short list this year, a gift certificate for
free dinner at the Pizza Palace, a book on how to develop a verbal filter, and a
puppy dog–wanted one since I was a boy.
Merry Christmas. Keith
Dear Santa,
I hope everything is wonderful at the North Pole. I know you’re
busy so here is my wish list for this Christmas. A gift certificate for free massage
from Keith, a book on anger management, and a gift certificate for a dozen cinnamon
rolls from Sonny’s Side Up Diner.
Happy Holidays. Sabrina

Armen and Ariella from Soul Tie Seduction, The Jettison Brotherhood Book 1

Dear Santa,
For Christmas this year I would like, an arctic jacket just in
case Curson sends me on another damn mission to Alaska, sexy negligee for my sweetness,
because seeing my Soul Tie in satin and lace is the gift that’s keeps giving. Also,
a couple of black tank tops. I can never have enough of them. A set of Dragon’s
Breath daggers, Ray Ban sunglasses, duck tape, Curson knows why, a foot massage
from my mate, don’t worry I like to give as well as receive. And, most important
of all, Ariella safe in my arms for eternity.
Thanks, Santa. Armen
Dear Santa,
Here is my wish list for Christmas. Most important, I want my
baby girl to be okay. A new cell phone with a case able to withstand a demon, an
organizer…you know planning a wedding is hectic. Also, lots of chocolate, a girl
can never have enough. A sexy negligee, (Armen made me put this here), a pair of
black stilettos, (Again, per Armen’s request. He’s so bad). I want a foot massage
too. Wait, Armen just confirmed, it’s a sure thing and centuries of happiness with
my demon.
Happy holidays, Santa. Say hi to the elves for me. Ariella

Carter and Sabrina from Lovin’ the Odds, Gambling on Love Series Book 2

Dear Santa,
We have been through so much, our wish list is short and easy:
we want a home together some place safe, preferably on a planet where we can live
in peace and maybe think about a future and a family.
Happy Holidays from Carter and Sabrina 

Did you get some ideas?

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What’s On Your Christmas Wish List!

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Liquid Silver Book presents … Spotlight on Christmas

by Daisy Banks…One man’s courage and one widow’s beautiful voice lead
an unlikely pair on a tender journey toward happiness.
, The Southwark Saga Book 2 by Jessica Cale…From toiling for pennies to
bare-knuckle boxing, a Lady is prepared for every eventuality.
, McKay-Tucker Men Book 3 by Marianne Rice…Samantha Chase is happy
to have found a place to start a new life with her son, the last thing she expected
was to fall in love with her new boss.
A Christmas Together,
Safe Harbor Book 2 by Tara Quan…The Christmas season is stressful enough for Brennan
without a botched kidnapping and the arrival of her estranged husband to “save
the day.”
Just a Holiday Fling,
Pine Lake Book 1 by Tiffany Marie…How can two people with such different wishes
both get what they want for Christmas?
the Part
, Love Around the Corner Book 3 by Lynn Rae…Thomas Locke catches her
eye. Thomas is hoping to take his career in a new direction, the last thing he needs
is to fall for the curvy driver who jump-starts his heart.
Come Yell or High
by Elise Alden…Cara Drayton figures getting stuck on remote Yell Island
with sexy, aggravating Max Kempton is just about the worst thing that could happen
to her. Or is it?
and Nice
by Robin Danner, Pepper Espinoza, and Lisa Marie…3 Christmas stories
just in time to get you in the holiday mood.

A Holiday Memory Christmas in a Middle Eastern Desert

I must start this post with a disclaimer: while the heroine in
my holiday romance A Christmas Together also spends December 25th in a Middle Eastern
desert, her story is in no way, shape, or form inspired by true events. My own Christmas
in the UAE was decidedly less eventful than Brennan’s. (If I remember correctly,
she might have gotten kidnapped by terrorists, and then rescued by a hunky Air Force
Since my significant other (who is NOT an Air Force major…)
only has one brother in the US, he tends to volunteer to hold down the fort during
the holiday season, when most of his colleagues make plans to spend a week or two
at home. Thus was the case in December 2011, while we were posted in the sleepy
capital city of Abu Dhabi. In keeping with the culture of oil-money extravagance,
various restaurants were offering “Traditional Christmas Dinner: With Ham and
Turkey”—at the cringe-worthy price of a couple hundred dollars a head. Despite
the promise of free-flowing champagne, we decided to save our pennies and eat in
(although we did splurge on some actual sausage from the “pork room” at
the local supermarket).
For the most part, everyone we knew had left the city. Most of
our neighbors had also jetted off a week before, so our quiet little development
was even quieter than usual. It was hot, humid, with zero chances of snow (or even
rain), and since theatrical releases overseas trail a few months behind the US,
we didn’t even have the option of going out for a holiday movie. In short, we were
pretty much on track to have one of the least Christmas-y Christmases in memory.
As we were arguing over Netflix options, however, a knock sounded.
We opened the door to find five carolers, led by a man in a Santa costume. Flummoxed,
we watched as Santa strummed his acoustic guitar, prompting his troupe to commence
synchronized dancing, while singing a particularly “Pop” rendition of
We Wish You A Merry Christmas.
They made our night, and we were too stunned to even say a proper
thank you.
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A Holiday Memory Christmas in Japan

by KaLyn
; (kind of goes with my Christmas in Cancun theme)

Nothing is ever easy when you are a military family, and holidays
are often the most difficult, but one year our Christmas plans paid off in an unexpected
A month before we were to move half way around the world to live
for three years in Japan—after I’d quit my job, we’d sold the house and were living
in temporary base quarters—Macho Marine announced that his orders had been changed.
It wasn’t the first time the Marine Corps had done that to us, but this time it
threw us for a major loop. His new orders were for a one-year tour…unaccompanied!
If military life teaches you anything, it’s to be prepared. Knowing
we were going to be gone for three years, we’d saved for a Christmas trip home half-way
through his tour of duty. We used that money for the round trip plane tickets to
Japan for Favorite (only) Daughter and me. Since the two of us weren’t supposed
to be there, we all lived off base in an extremely small apartment, but it was our
home for that unique year abroad.
Interestingly, only one percent of Japanese are Christians, although
Okinawa has about fifty-thousand Americans living on and around the military bases.
So as the holidays approached, little changed. Unlike in the States, Japanese stores
were not loaded with green and red. No holly or pine adorned street windows, and
you couldn’t find festive clothing decorated with silly Santas or reindeer. Speakers
blared no traditional holiday music and life continued without the overzealous holiday
Unless you were on base, it didn’t look like Christmas. Hour-long
lines at Pack ‘n Wrap and the post office were the best indication the holiday approached.
The women’s section at the Exchange, the base department store, was normally filled
with perfume, jewelry and lingerie but had been stripped bare after payday in mid-November.
Our friends living in base housing on accompanied tours, decked
their homes in the treasured family ornaments brought with them. We used the construction
paper ornaments our daughter made at the base day care she attended a few hours
every week. We attempted to keep our family traditions but selecting a tree together
ended in a toddler tantrum when her father had near heart failure over the outrageous
price for a pine tree resembling Charlie Brown’s.
On Christmas morning, the gifts that had been sent over 7,500
miles appeared under the tree beside the ones bought for each other. We videoed
Favorite Daughter opening each and every present so the grandparents could belatedly
see her joy. As noon rolled around, so did about a dozen other Marine officers who
missed home as much as we did. Steaks on the grill replaced the usual turkey or
ham since our tiny apartment didn’t have an oven.
As the men played with Favorite Daughter, missing their own children,
I thanked God for the money we’d saved for that Christmas trip home. It allowed
us to be together for the entire year and share our family on Christmas day with
other Marines who couldn’t be with theirs.
This holiday season, please remember the 225,000 Marines, soldiers
and sailors deployed overseas who cannot be with their families for Christmas.
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A Holiday Memory A Christmas Memory

I’m pleased to be able to share my Christmas memory with you,
and I must admit, this was not an easy assignment for me. For one thing, I’ve been
fortunate enough to have many wonderful Christmases and it’s hard to pinpoint particular
moments. The other reason this is a tough piece to write is because we lost my mother-in-law
to cancer last year and this will be the first holiday season without her. My mother-in-law
Gail was a force of nature. She usually hosted the rest of us and we all used to
admire her Martha Stewart-like decorating abilities. Seriously, the woman could
do wonders with a sprig of holly, a few boughs and strategically-placed candy canes.
One thing Gail always enjoyed at the holidays was games. She
usually devised a few, making us compete for prizes. There was always a “mystery
present,” one that was invariably passed around while a timer counted seconds.
We were encouraged to “steal” the gift from each other. When the timer
buzzed, whoever held the gift won it. Because of Gail’s enthusiasm, we had a lot
of raucous parties.
This year, we won’t have Gail with us and it’s bound to be our
most poignant Christmas ever.
However, we have made sure to keep her spirit alive. We’ve included
some of her tried-and-true recipes in our menu (she loved a cherry jelly ring).
We’ll likely play some of her favorite music (Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand).
And the gift stealing game has been set in motion.
Will it be hard? Indeed, but we’ll make the best of it. After
all, if she were with us, I know what she’d say.
“Stop your moping and refill my wine glass. And don’t be
cheap with the red.”
I’ll be raising a glass of Merlot in her honor.

Happy Holidays to all from Liquid Silver Books!

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For the final day of our week with Liquid Silver Books,
we’re having a Flash Party. Flash Parties are a way to challenge yourself as a
writer by being succinct. For this one, use no more than 100 words. Can you do
it? Of course. Will you? That remains to be seen. That number of words is
little more than a paragraph. Five sentences with twenty words each and you’re
done. Ten sentences with ten words each, or you could use a different rhythm
for your words altogether, as I have done in this paragraph, which is exactly
100 words.

The Art of the Moment

One of the most important elements of any story is the seemingly
unscripted moment. You know the one. A word that catches the ear. A sideways glance.
Unintended brush of their hands. Happenstance at its best. All very tricky, the
writer’s sleight of hand. The place in your story where the magic starts. The magic
that keeps the reader turning the pages.
Today we’re going to flash those magic moments in exactly one-hundred
words. Jack meets Jill, Paul falls for Bob, or Judy is smitten with Lizzy. Paint
that moment. Let us see that glance, hear those words, or experience the touch that
launces our couple on their journey.
Here’s how it works. Below in the comments post the title and
body of your flash. One-hundred words excluding the title. I recommend Word as your
scratchpad. It will give you a word count at the bottom. Then you can continue your
flash in subsequent comments. The title is important so your fans can follow your
And remember Flash is just like the moment you’re trying to create.
Unscripted, imperfect, and completely captivating. Kick back, clear your mind, and
let go.
Have fun.
Roscoe “RJ” James
for Liquid Silver Books
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