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Love Entwined 
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Author: Danita Minnis
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Amelie’s goal is the top of the jewelry
designing world. Her orderly life comes undone when jewelry tycoon Roman steals
her away on assignment to a remote English estate. He wants Amelie all to himself
but St. Clair Manor’s ghost has waited for her much longer than he has.
An unseen gunman takes a shot at Roman
and he blames a business rival. But Amelie and Roman are to blame, for falling in
love 200 years before in a time neither of them remember.
From the heartbreak of pre-Revolutionary
to modern day corporate wars, Amelie and Roman uncover a history of blood jewels,
lust and demons.
When Amelie discovers her inner witch
she learns the real reason she was summoned to St. Clair Manor. Il Dragone will
kill to get her back. Amelie will kill if they do.

Interview with Roman Cardiff

What is it that you want,
but cannot have? Authors call this the conflict of the story.
I call it Amelie. She wants me, I know she does, but her inner
demons won’t let go. I’m taking her to Yorkshire
where there won’t be an office full of people for her to hide behind. Just me, her
and about fifty bedrooms. Of course, I’m not a sadist; I’ll give her a running start
and wait until she’s more comfortable with her conscience.
What’s your internal limitation?
Meaning, what is it about you that makes it so you cannot do what it is you need
to do during this story?
All things point to Amelie being in league with my business rivals,
the Garamonde family. I sued them last year for patent infringement and now it seems
they’ve enlisted Amelie to take more of my jewelry designs. Am I mad for wanting
this thief? I might be, but then you haven’t seen Amelie. I start out to ruin her
rising jewelry designing career and then … well, you’ll have to see how it goes.
I’m just a man after all and her curves are hotter than Hades.
What inner doubt causes
you the most difficulty?
I must say I have always been a warrior of sorts. I’m a practical
man and never would have thought I was a Roman warrior when I first met Amelie.
We were sworn enemies back then, not much has changed in that regard. Add il Dragone
demons to the mix and I’m struggling to remember what they are, what they want with
my family. It’s frustrating, how does a flesh and blood man fight demons? If only
I could remember.
What’s your external complication?
In the story world your author created, explain what it is you fear most.
I didn’t have a fear until I met Amelie. Now that I know what
we meant to each other in the past, I know why we’ve met again. I am beginning to
realize a new fear: the Cardiff
legacy of lust, murder and blood jewels and what will happen if I can’t stop the
cycle in this lifetime.
Tell us about your significant
other, that person who makes living worthwhile.
Amelie thinks she is all business on the way to the top of the
designing world. I have to laugh at that. Oh, she’s an excellent designer, number
two, after me, but that’s not all there is to life. When I get her out of that suit
and, say, into the secluded hills of Yorkshire,
she comes alive. Not only is her temper French but so is her inner witch. I don’t
think I will let her go home to the states.
What would that person
say about you?
Amelie would call me a playboy and rightfully so, but at least
I know how to have fun. As a matter of fact, I remember a particularly fun swim
session we had one late night. She tried to hit me with a beach ball. She paid for
that. Let’s just say it got me a bit closer to my goal, breaking down that barrier
she holds up against men.
What is your family like?
There is a tragic story. My mother died giving birth to my still
born sister. After that, my father lost himself in the business of running Cardiff
Jewels. When he died, I took over and everyone thought it would be a disaster. I
am here to tell you that a playboy can run a business and run it well. Just look
at my numbers. I have no competition. And, would someone please tell me why I’m
expected to get married just because I’m thirty-four years old and the head of Cardiff
Jewels? I know, all you mothers out there are saying; it the money, you need some
heirs. In good time. For now, what is wrong with loving women, and loving them well?
Ah, this question is for the men out there. I already know what the mothers think,
thank you.
What special skills do
you rely on?
I am a wicked businessman, born with the talent to design jewelry
that woman will give their all for (and have). I am not boasting, I don’t boast.
I deliver. Did I mention my silver tongue?
If someone from your past
showed up, who would you NOT want it to be, and why?
There is a question. I wouldn’t want it to be the High Priestess,
that snake charmer who I seduced one night in the Roman camps. The one who wants
my soul, the one who summons the preternatural enemy of the Cardiff family, the oldest demon who all il Dragone
serves. There is just one problem with keeping the High Priestess away; Amelie is
the High Priestess reincarnated.
Are you happy with the
way your story ended? Why or why not?
Is it over? Read it and let me know what you think.

About the Writer

You have the length of
a tweet (140 characters) to describe yourself as a writer. Let’s see what you can
Paranormal romancer living in the wrong era. I’m more comfortable
around witches, soothsayers and ancient demons to conquer.
Why did you choose to
write about this character?
Roman Cardiff literally came to me in a dream and would not go
away. After three weeks of what I can only describe as my muse trying to get my
attention in a very busy, real world, I succumbed.
Was there anything you
discovered about this character that was a surprise to you?
I always knew Roman Cardiff was a powerful man. What I didn’t
realize was his family’s connection to an ancient demon. As the story unfolded,
it was clear Roman is not just an ordinary man, he is a Warrior of Light.
When you wrote about this
character, what made you the most happy? What made you the most sad?
Excited about Roman Cardiff’s jewelry empire and how it came
about from a dream his ancestor had two hundred years before. As that ancestor is
an important part of the story, it was that much more exciting to see Roman at the
top of the game.
It was sad for me to write Roman and Amelie’s tragic past life
love story. It hurt as the truth does. I love these two and thought they’d been
through enough over several lifetimes, but that’s life.
Why do you write?
Writing is my passion. I enjoy creating worlds. I can’t stop
What do you want to write
I have a family who is bugging me. They have a ghost who lives
with them and keeps interfering in their lives. They love the ghost, he loves one
of their daughters and will leave only if she comes with him. That’s what they need
my help with so far. More to come!

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Author Bio

Danita Minnis grew up singing and once thought she would do that
all her life. She soon found writing just as fulfilling and writes paranormal romance.
She loves mystery, mysticism, the fantastic and the fey. She has published The Cardiff
Novels, a series about one family’s trials with vengeful demons, a legacy of ghosts
and mysterious blood jewels. She is currently working on the third novel in the
Cardiff series,
which introduces the Cardiffs’ connection to ancient vampires.
Danita is a member of Romance Writers of America. She is a lover
of chocolate, a good, scary movie, kittens and pups – especially Siberian Huskies.
When she is not writing, she exercises her lungs at her son’s soccer matches and
their favorite theme park, because everyone knows it’s easier on the stomach to
scream your way down a roller coaster.

Author Social Media

Cover Love at Romance Lives Forever is a short intro to a book
and includes a cover, blurb, buy links, and social media contacts for the author.
Today’s featured book is Kristar a Mainstream Fantasy Romance by D Renee Bagby.
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG13
Destined lovers don’t always have it easier.
Chigaru is captain of the guard and he loves his queen more than
he should. He is loyal to the royal family but knows his desire for one he cannot
have is an issue. He needs a woman who will distract him before he commits treason.
Kitty is a classically trained dancer turned stripper. Her life
is perfect except for the shadows of her past catching up with her. She needs to
get away before she becomes a prisoner of her destiny.
Five years ago, Silny enacted a plan to regain her lost memories.
The last piece of the puzzle is Kitty, and Chigaru is the only one who can cross
dimensions to retrieve her. Kitty is not right for his world. Chigaru is not what
she expected. They are soul mates, but knowing that might not be enough to overlook
their pasts for a future together.

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Burdened by Desire 
Cover Love at Romance Lives Forever is a short intro to a
book and includes a cover, blurb, buy links, and social media contacts for the
author. Today’s featured book is Burdened by Desire, a paranormal romance by JL
Jocelyn, an Elemental, is stuck between the mortal and immortal
worlds, yet not quite a part of either. Her power over the elements of the Earth
won’t evolve until she meets her mate. Before then she’s an easy prey and a coveted
possession for the Malums Inmortalis who wish to conquer the world.
Alpha werewolf, Landon, has been living with the knowledge his
fated female, the one woman created for him, is just beyond his reach. For months
he’s forsaken her, refusing to accept his mate because she can never grant him a
much-needed heir for his nearly extinct pack.
Despite his decision Landon finds himself drawn to Jocelyn and
when an attempt is made on her life, he realizes his destiny lies with her. Can
they overcome the long-held prejudices of his kind and defeat their enemies in time
to find what the future holds?
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A Lost Kitten
Jessica Kong, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. Let’s talk about
your book, A Lost Kitten.
Genre: Paranormal Romance with Science Fiction Elements
Publisher: Self
Cover artist: CreateSpace
Length: 283
Heat rating: 4
Blurb: Seacat John McCall labels the
attack on the Sea-anan Empire as a nightmare. He escapes the enemy’s invasion, only
to find himself stranded on a distant planet called Surreal. Tormented by thoughts
of his family being massacred or captured by the enemy, he focuses on returning
to aid them until he experiences a mind-boggling kiss that can only come from the
one he is meant to share his life with. To ease the terror he feels for his family,
John seeks the identity of his secret admirer. He quickly learns the true meaning
of nightmare when he discovers his soul mate is of “the mist.”
Jasira Eversole is drawn to the powerfully
built outlander sitting at the king’s table. Unable to resist the need to see him
again, she enters the warrior’s room while he sleeps. John’s rugged good looks and
chiseled body compel Jasira to reach out and touch him. Being of the mist, Jasira
knows she will not be able to feel John, but she cannot resist his pull. The richness
of John’s hair, the firmness of his muscles, and the clean scent of his skin all
take Jasira off guard. She swiftly realizes John is her intended mate. Now, Jasira
must somehow convince the young warrior that they are two halves of one soul without
chasing him off Surreal, leaving her to a lonely existence as mist.
Buy links:
CreateSpace: A Lost Kitten –
What are your main characters’ names, ages, and occupations?
John McCall is a Seacat, an elite warrior of the Sea-anan Empire.
He is 27 years old and a member of the royal clan.
Jasira Eversole is a 23-year-old spirit bound to planet Surreal.
Even though she is a ghost, she has a dual career as a school’s headmistress and
a midwife.


What inspired you to write this book?
I read a ghost story written by Anne Rice. In one scene, a male
spirit intimately explored the main female character. I was intrigued. When it came
time to write John’s story, I was trying to figure out who was going to be his wife.
That’s when I thought about Anne Rice’s spirit. I had a lot of fun writing this
Which character in your current book do you think readers
will like the most? Why?
I believe readers will
like John McCall. He is a mixture of Indiana Jones and Hans Solo. He is tall, intelligent,
strong, handsome, and has a caring heart. He is also loyal. What more can a woman
Why do you write?
I write because I love
to write. It’s my drug, my addiction. If I don’t write, I’m not happy.
Who has helped you the most in your career as an author?
My husband Alan. He has
been my backbone since the beginning. Without him, I would not be able to pursue
my dreams full-time. Without him, “A Lost Kitten” and its sequel,
“A Forgotten Kitten” would still be on my desk instead of in readers’
When you write, what things do you want close at hand?
When I write a new story,
or I have to edit an existing one, I need my mug of coffee next to me, and my inspiration
image on my computer screen.
When you’re not writing, what would we find you doing?
The only time I’m not
writing, editing, or promoting, is when I’m brain dead. If that’s the case, you
will find me either reading, watching TV, or playing video games.
Are you a plotter, or do you prefer to make it up on the spur
of the moment?
Plotter? I’m not even sure how to do that. Once I have a scene
in my head, I write it down. The story grows from there. I just jot down scene after
scene as it flows in my head. Once it’s all on paper, I go back and flesh it out,
adding more where is necessary to help the story move along and come alive.
What’s your writing schedule like?
Being a mother of 14-year-old triplets, I write whenever I get
the chance, which is why I work from a laptop. I have spent countless hours working
in my car waiting for my kids to finish their afterschool programs.
What aspect of your life do you write into your books?
Hahaha Everything. Love.
Family. Friendship. Loyalty. Betrayal. Prejudice. Death. And multiple infants.
When an idea hits you, what do you do to capture it?
I quickly jot it down on paper, so I can explore it on a later
Which of your books was the hardest to write and why?
Book one of the Oceanan
Saga, “A Seacat’s Love”, is the next book I am going to introduce to my
readers. I felt this one was the hardest to write because it took place on Earth
where there are no magical creatures or magic in general. I had to introduce my
aliens carefully and have everything make plausible sense without the story being
boring. I hope I got it right.
What’s the best gift you ever received?
A Kindle from my husband
and kids. Now I will never be without a book to read.
If you could time travel, what era would be your first stop?
I would travel back to the 1800’s. I just love the clothes the
women wore back then.
Do you believe in luck?
What kind of music do you listen to while driving? Same question
when writing?
When driving, I listen to pop music. I don’t listen to music
when I’m writing. In fact, I can’t hear noise when I write. Noise pulls me out of
the world I’m in, in my head and keeps me from seeing my characters and their lives.
I have earplugs for those extra noisy days.
What’s your favorite movie?
Harry Potter. Independence
Day. Jurassic Park. I have so many.
Are you the eldest, middle, baby, or only child?
I am the middle child
and the eldest daughter.

Please complete the sentence

I love pizza with Pepperoni.
I’m always ready for a cup of coffee.
When I’m alone, I am on my computer working.
You’d never be able to tell, but I had triplets.
If I had a halo, it would be
sparkling like diamonds.
If I could sell more books and have a steady income, I
would hire a cook.
I can never teach my teenagers how to drive, because I’m
too much of a coward

“A Forgotten Kitten is the second installment to the
Sea-anan Saga, and a science fiction romance that is now available on:Amazon US:

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Blog: My blog is Newbies Unite and can be found on my Website.
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Return of the Fae 
Cover Love at Romance Lives Forever is a short intro to a
book and includes a cover, blurb, buy links, and social media contacts for the
author. Today’s featured book is Return of the Fae by Lynn Cahoon.
A witch in training, a hunter on the prowl, and a world in jeopardy.
Learning the rules of being a witch takes years, but Parris McCall
needs to master them in only weeks. Knowing how to wield her magic is the one thing
she has to keep her grandmother safe and herself alive.
Ty Wallace is going mad with his desire for Parris, but he has
to maintain an emotional distance from her. She’s a distraction in his quest to
find Coven X before they grow too strong, taking The Council and everyone he knows
down with it.
As Parris labors through the academy manuals, the couple takes
a trip to find Ty’s mentor. He’s their only hope in helping Parris with her studies.
To their dismay, the old man has disappeared. Their only clue comes from a witch
banished for actions against The Council. When they return, not only do they find
their own lives threatened, but casualties in the war between the covens have risen.
And a new life hangs in the balance.
A Lyrical Press Paranormal Romance

Buy Links:

The Lost Finder
Pamela Fryer, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. Let’s talk about
your book, The Lost Finder.
Genre: Paranormal romance
Publisher: Pink Pixel Publishing
Cover artist: I do all my own (indie) covers
Length: 66,000
Heat rating: R
Tagline: The first halfway decent guy to come along in eons…and
he’s from another planet.
Blurb: Private Investigator Brooke Weaver hopes she can slip
into her Oregon
hometown, find her client’s missing teenage daughter, and be on her way again before
anyone notices. Not likely.
Within forty-eight hours she encounters her ex-fiancé, the three
dirty cops she testified against, and a drop-dead gorgeous FBI agent hunting a gigantic,
mutated spider. He’s the hottest thing with muscles she’s seen in a long time, but
he keeps making strange references like “your planet,” and “my home-world.”
To make matters worse, he expects her to lead him into the sewers to find his escaped
creature. Brooke doesn’t want any part of giant insects from South
America or secret agents or very dark, haunted sewer tunnels. Most
of all, she wants no part of her dying hometown and the ghosts she left buried here.
But a sexy hunk in a clingy shirt, she might consider a small
part of.
Buy links:
What are your main characters’ names, ages, and occupations?
I typically write characters who are late twenties, early thirties.
Older characters are just a little wiser and more mature. Young twenties are just
too angsty for me. Brooke is 28 and Jager is 32. She’s a private investigator, and
he’s a lieutenant in the Universal Guard; the military run by the Interplanetary


Tell us about your story’s world. What is it like in this period or place?
The Lost Finder is a
paranormal romance that takes place near a small town I used to live in, outside
Portland. I’ve changed
the name for fiction’s sake. I used to hike in the many state parks where the climate
could change in minutes and mere hundreds of feet in elevation. Sometimes in the
middle of the day when clouds obscured the sun, it was like being plunged instantly
into night.
What inspired you to write this book?
My husband and I went
camping in a remote area. I was already getting a little creeped out by just how
remote it was; we’d canoed across a lake and hiked up a hill to a plateau carrying
that canoe. There wasn’t a road around for miles. That night, we heard a loud Boom! and saw a bright flash of light, but
we couldn’t figure out what from. Throw in a writer’s imagination, and The Lost
Finder wasn’t a far stretch.
Which character in your current book do you think readers
will like the most?
I think my female readers
will like Jager best, because he’s not your average humanoid. He has a fierce sense
of pride and deep, true integrity. And he knows how to treat his woman right.
Are you a plotter, or do you prefer to make it up on the spur
of the moment?
I’m a little of both.
I often plunge in when an opening grabs me, and I like not knowing everything that
is going to happen in a book because the story needs to be as much of a journey
for me as it is the reader. But a certain amount of analysis has to happen, so I
know the story has the elements it needs to make a good romance with a solid plot.
Who has helped you the most in your career as an author?
To this I would answer
RWA. Yes, RWA is an organization not an individual, but it is an organization made
up of individuals, and so many of them have helped me become the writer I am today.
The friends, associates and support groups I found within are invaluable. I reiterate
with the next question…
Any advice for new authors?
Join a peer group. Trust those you meet with experience, help
those you meet who seek it. No artist should ever stop learning, practicing their
craft, or perfecting their skills. Don’t be in too much of a hurry! With the fast-growing
popularity and simplicity of Independent publishing, it has never been easier to
get your book into the hands of readers and sometimes, that ease can equal your
worst mistake. The biggest mistake I see new authors make is publishing too soon.
Ask any bestselling author, they will tell you they deserved the first rejections
they received.
If you could time travel what era would be your first stop?
I would go back to 1910 and bet on Philadelphia in the world series. And then I’d
buy a big ranch that I put in trust for my future self.
Do you play any musical instruments?
I play piano, and that is the reason I hate being called Pammy.
My piano teacher used to wine at me in the most pathetic voice for not practicing,
and call me Pammy. “Come on, Pammy!” {{shudder}}
What’s your favorite movie?
All of my favorite movies throughout time have been romances,
or pseudo romances. (One of my all-time favorites was Spaceballs. I know, I’m weird.)
My favorite movie now is Tangled. Yes, it was a cartoon, but it was so absolutely
beautiful it qualifies.

Please complete the sentence

I love pizza with black olives.
I’m always ready for ice cream.
When I’m alone, I talk to myself.
You’d never be able to tell, but I have a potty mouth. I keep it in check when I’m not alone.
If I had a halo it would be red. No, purple. No—green!
If I could do math I’d still never be an accountant.
I can never skydive because I think it is the Craziest. Thing. Ever.

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