#Romance Lives Forever on #RLFblog Meet the top bloggers Seelie Kay@SeelieKay and Keta Diablo @ketadiabloBe sure to read What is RLF? Romance Lives Forever in 2018 and discover great new opportunities for authors and readers. The RLF Gems announcement last month was in the top ten. Thank you! You are why I do this.

Top Blogger for this month is Seelie Kay, who wins a month of free advertising on the blog. Top chatter is Keta Diablo. Top Blogger of 2017 was Vicki Batman, who won a year of free advertising for 2018.

Top Blogger Seelie Kay

The top bloggers are judged by page visits. Congratulations!
Other authors in order by page visits are:

Caroline Warfield
Veronica Scott
Effrosyni Moschoudi
Kayelle Allen

Honorable Mention: Viviana MacKade and Vella Munn

Top Chatter for the Month

The person who gets the most comments in a month is not always the person who gets the most page views. For that reason, I instituted the Top Chatter Award. This award is for the bloggers who receive the most comments.
This month’s winner is Keta Diablo.#Romance Lives Forever on #RLFblog Meet the top bloggers Seelie Kay@SeelieKay and Keta Diablo @ketadiablo

Authors of #FreeBookFriday

Adriana Kraft, Bonnie Edwards, Cara Bristol, Edna Curry, Effrosyni Moschoudi, Holly Bargo, Jana Richards, Jenna Ives, Kayelle Allen, Liese Sherwood-Fabre, Linda O’Connor, Linda Rae Sande, Mageela Troche, Michelle M Pillow, Nina Piece, Pauline Baird Jones

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Authors, do you offer subscribers a free book for signing up to your newsletter? Do you have a permafree book or a book on KindleUnlimited? Here’s your chance to reach new readers in 2018. Romance Lives Forever now offers a free book section. #FreeBookFriday will offer 5 books each week all year long. Each week, 4 spots will be free.

How do you take part? It’s easy. All you need to send is the cover, a blurb, and a link to get your book. When you sign up, your confirmation form will have a link to add your book info.

When someone clicks the link you provide, they’ll be taken directly to your site. You’ll have the double opt in that newsletter services require. No worrying about adding a list downloaded from another place. You’ll get subscribers directly. Easy peasy.

There’s a 5th paid spot for $5. It comes with a week-long cover ad spot on the front page (upper right corner). Your free book will also get a pinned spot on the RLF Facebook page, and a cover spot on the RLF #FreeBookFriday Pinterest board.

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My thanks to all who took part this month. You made Romance Lives Forever a great place to discover new books and authors. Other guests during the month are (in alpha order by first name): Alexa Aston, Anne Kane, Carmen DeSousa, Carol Van Natta, Clarissa Lake, Dee S Knight, Dena Garson, Edna Curry, Karen Cino, Keta Diablo, Kryssie Fortune, Linda Brendle, Livia Quinn, Marlow Kelly, Melissa McClone, Pamela Schloesser Canepa, Sultry Summers, Valerie Ullmer

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