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Enticing Hart
by Mae Hancock 
I think the family unit is considerably
different from how it once was in western society. A friend of mine calls this framily and I’m inclined to go with her on
this one because we so often see households made up of three or four generations.
Relatives from the extended family and friends make up part of this family = fr-amily. In the case of The Red Fox Ranch,
there is an absent mother and this leads to various people taking over the number
of functioning roles that a mother would usually perform.
Then, there are the friends who come
to live and make up the clan of people who have a common ground, similar ideology,
interests and who all love and look out for one another. I wanted the Red Fox Ranch
to reflect all of these new dimensions of the family and as the first story Enticing Hart and the series as a whole progresses,
readers will see the development of the ‘framily”.
On the idea of the family unit and
caring, another theme further explored in the story is that of looking after someone
who is ill. This is particularly difficult for a young person who is just finding
his or her feet in the world. I know from first hand experience, this can be stressful,
tiring; financially draining and can have a big impact on your social life. Most
of us work through illness with the help of other family members but I wanted to
convey what might happen when someone who is unscrupulous, probably even mentally
unbalanced, and in all likelihood has psychopathy, is then left to their own devices
in caring for someone who is vulnerable. Abuse of vulnerable people often goes unnoticed
as in this story. Fortunately the care for someone in my story extends outwards
from a family who is close to the victim of abuse and this corrects the imbalance.
I really enjoy exploring the dynamics
of family relationships, particularly over generations. In the case of the Red Fox
Ranch, grandma is accepting of her children’s sexuality and in many ways is a progressive
thinker. Nevertheless, she’s a cantankerous older lady who often speaks the truth
where it needs to be said. Oak loves his grandmother very much and she’s already
noticed the spark between him and Hart. She’s the elderly lady that is a keen observer
of human nature. She’s often aware that she’s a being difficult and plays on it
to her advantage or to find out more information from a situation. I think the older
lady is a universal character—we all know a ‘grandma’ type who has a twinkle in
her eye and is able to influence our actions because we believe she is older and
Enticing Hart

About the Book

Hart Emile is tired of cruising for
guys, living a soulless existence. He needs a change; so when an acquaintance gives
him the number of the gay friendly Red Fox Ranch that’s hiring for staff, he heads
Oak Redman is eighteen years old and
desperate to explore his awakening sexuality. The moment Hart lays eyes on the handsome
young rancher he’s smitten. Not only is Oak hot, spirited and very persistent, he
is also the ranch boss’s son and strictly off limits. Hart tries to fight his feelings
and to respect his boss and the family who quickly become dear to him, but after
Oak’s grandma suggests he gets with Oak he can’t deny himself the most exciting
and enticing man he has ever met.
Hart’s not the only man to have noticed
how sweet and charming Oak Redman is. A family friend, Steve, is also anxious to
have the affections of the young rancher. Can Hart work out Steve’s dark secrets
before it’s too late and keep his job, his lover and his life?
Title Enticing Hart
Genre Gay Romance
Author Mae Hancock
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Publisher Loose Id

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About the Author

Mae Hancock enjoys reading all types of literature from thrillers
to romance. She is interested in people who experience social marginalization and
these are often themes that appear in her stories. She’s written erotic literature
for pleasure for a long time, but it’s only recently she’s put romance and erotica
together and found she enjoys writing about the exciting journey we all go on when
falling in love. Her interests include cultural history, particularly in the Greek
and Roman worlds.

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