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RLF Gem Award 
Last month, Romance Lives Forever had 30 posts in a 30 day month.
There was a tie for fifth place, and if we had six spots, there would have
two names listed. I’ve noted them as an honorable mention. Changeling Press took the top spots with their presentations during Publisher Week.

Top Five Bloggers for the Month

(Judged by page views). Congratulations to each person!
1. Changeling Press
2. Marilyn
3. JL Sheppard
4. Marilyn Baxter
5. Em Petrova
5. Mary J McCoy Dressel
Honorable mention: Allison Merritt and Lyn Austin
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Guest calendar
My thanks to all who took part this month. You made Romance Lives
Forever a great place to discover new books and authors.
Other participants this month in alphabetical order by first
name are:
Andrea R Cooper, Beverly
Ovalle, Diane Saxon, DP Denman, Karen Cino, Linda Banche, Loc Glin, Martha
O’Sullivan, Sadie Grubor, Saloni Quinby , Sarah Madison, TD Hassett, Teagan
Oliver, Virginia Kelly
The Quiet Storm 

About the Book

The Quiet Storm
Author Name Lyn Austin with Jeffrey Nelson
Book heat level (based
on movie ratings): R
Strangers are always surrounded by an aura of mystery. And when
they’re as handsome as Chase Gregory it’s easy to get what they want by grabbing
a woman’s heart and making her long for things she thought forever abandoned.
Randee Ellis’ beauty and determination fit right into the rugged,
yet majestic Madison Valley in Montana;
the home of her beloved Triple Creek Ranch. She will do anything to save it from
the sinister plot that is threatening all the nearby ranches.
Chase brings dangerous secrets to Triple Creek. Randee hopes
Chase can help her save her beloved ranch. Randee’s been fooled before, but her
heart tells her Chase is different.
A mixture of danger, despair and desire lurks behind those blue
eyes, and Randee has yet to learn which way the storm will break. The Quiet Storm,
by Lyn Austin sweeps up your heart and carries it away.

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Interview with Randee Ellis

Tell us about yourself,
Around these parts I’m nothing special or different from most
other females. I’m a rancher and I work 365 days a year, caring for over five hundred
head of cattle, horses and my dog, Dusty. My uncle Rex and I have run the ranch
since my parents were killed in a plane crash when I was fifteen. I graduated college
in Animal Husbandry and business. I had a boyfriend who dropped me like a cow drops
a dead calf and I plan on spending the rest of my life with animals instead of men.
What is it that you want,
but cannot have? Authors call this the conflict of the story.
I don’t even like to say it…no matter how I try, I still have
this damn attraction to the opposite sex. I wish the need to be with a man would
just go the hell away!
What’s your internal limitation?
Meaning, what is it about you that makes it so you cannot do what it is you need
to do during this story?
Simple answer…I love a Wrangler butt. A man who oozes desire
and confidence and a little bit of conceit. I also long to have a life-time companionship
like my parents had with each other. They had so much fun together, no matter the
hardship of the situation.
What inner doubt causes
you the most difficulty?
That I’m not complete without a family and a man.
What’s your external complication?
In the story world your author created, explain what it is you
fear most. The fear that I could lose what my parents fought so hard to create,
the ranch and living on their own.
Tell us about your significant
other, that person who makes living worthwhile.
Well, hell, that’s a loaded question, I’m not even sure that
he would like the term (significant other) he’s been married and he swears he’ll
never do it again, but he does look at me as if he could ravish me for about twenty-two
What would that person say about you?
That I am the biggest pain in the ass, and that he watches my
ass when I ride my horse and that he wants my ass…
What is your family like?
My uncle Rex is like a father to me and his girlfriend Ceil is
like a mother. I also have a cousin named Miles that is a Ken-Doll without a dick
and I dislike him. He seems to have not got the drift that I don’t care for him.
What special skills do
you rely on?
First and foremost, my intuition. I think my mother is helping
me from the other side. Helping me to make the right decisions for the ranch. However,
I think we may have screwed up when I hired Chase–a total stranger to help out
after my uncles heart attack.
If someone from your past
showed up, who would you NOT want it to be, and why?
My dad. He was a perfectionist and I don’t think the ranch is
now being run by me as good as he would have run it.
Are you happy with the
way your story ended?
Hell no! it hasn’t ended at all. We just got through one crisis
and I am in love with Chase Gregory, but there are so many hurdles still to cross.
What’s that old Carpenter song…We’ve only just begun!

About the Writer

Lyn Austin

Why did you choose to write about this character?
I sat on the bank of the
Madison river and she came to me as clear as day.
Was there anything you discovered about this character
that was a surprise to you?
She was a lot more stubborn
and bullheaded than I realized.
When you wrote about this character, what made you
the most happy?
That she found the love
she’d longed for. What made you the most sad? That she realized she was never going
to have the family she so desired.
Why do you write?
I have no choice. I have
to in order to be complete.
What do you want to write next?
The Eye Of The Storm and
then The Perfect Storm. (To finish the Storm Trilogy.
What other character from this book do you want to
write about?
In The Eye of the Storm
Chases’s ex-wife Monique becomes very prominent.
Are any sequels planned for this book?
Yes The Eye of The Storm
and My Perfect Storm.
Is there anything you’d like to say to your readers?
I had such a great time
writing this book with Jeffrey Nelson. He has been a private detective for thirty-seven
years and a life-long friend. Not only does he know a lot about the law, but he
grew up on a ranch and his expertise has been invaluable to me, We have created
two more books for the series, and we are excited to share them with all of you.

Author Bio

Lyn Austin is a international guest speaker and author. Her first
book The Auction has received great reviews. The Quiet Storm is the first in a trilogy
and received a five star rating from Amazon. Carol of the Heart was also released
last year with Boroughs Publishing Group. Lyn has won countless awards including
best book of the year for Idaho, Utah and Colorado.
Her next book Whisper Me A Wish will be available this summer with You Again? to
follow shortly next fall. Please visit here website at

Author Social Media

RLF Gems

December on Romance Lives Forever saw eleven author
interviews, six character interviews, five book releases, and seven articles,
for twenty-nine posts in a thirty-one day month. Here are the top five posts (judging
by page hits). There were ties at fifth place. Two articles, four author
interviews, and a special, group book release are in the top posts.

1. 2012 Booklover’s Guide for Romance Lives Forever
2. Remembering Christmas (included a free download) –
Kayelle Allen
3. Suspense: Green Eyed Doll – Jerrie Alexander
4. New Year’s Eve Club Author Interview – Diana Saenger
5. Four SciFi Romance Writers Throw Down – AM Griffin, Christine d’Abo, Cynthia
Sax, Ria Candro
5. Character Interview: The Auction – Lyn Austin
Special Mention this month for a unique post: Where Inspiration
Comes From, by Vicki Batman.
Other participants this month in alphabetical order by first
name are:
Ann Montclair, Flame Arden,
Jackie Leigh Allen, Jennifer Thomas, Jill Limber, Jillian Leigh, Lia Davis, LM
Brown, Lyla Bardan, Shelly
Holt, Shirley Ann Wilder, Stacy Juba, Stan Hampton, Susan MacNicol, Tamara
Hoffa, Teresa Carpenter, Terry Irene Blaine, Tina Donahue, Victoria Blisse, Wendy
Soliman, Willa Blair 

2012 Best of the Best

Top five bloggers:
  1. Elysa Hendricks – author
  2. Jason Aaron Baca – model and author
  3. Paul Bright – filmmaker
  4. Jerrie Alexander – author
  5. Susan Lodge – author

Top five articles (tie at 5th place)

1. Irene Preston – Bad, Bad, Bad, Writing the Wrong Kind of Bad Girl
2. Kayelle Allen – Remembering Christmas
3. Jerrie Alexander – Suspense: Green Eyed Doll
4. LM Brown – Blogging – A new form of self-imposed torture
5. Kharisma Rhayne – Test
Drive (Sex)
5. Kayelle Allen – Booklover’s Guide to Romance Lives Forever

Top five author interviews

1. Diana Saenger
2. Delaney Diamond
3. Lyn Austin
4. Denyse’ Bridger
5. Shirley Ann Wilder

Top five character interviews (3 way tie at 5th place)

1. Susan Lodge – Hetty Avebury
2. Charlie Cochrane – Ben Edwards
3. Stephanie Burkhart – Lady Keira
4. Kristina Knight – A Texas
5. Xavier Axelson – Anson from Earthly Concerns
5. Jackie Leigh Allen – New Year’s Eve Club
5. Sharon Hamilton – SEAL Kyle Lansdowne

Top five book releases

1. Amy McCorkle / Kate Lynd – No Ordinary Love
2. Kendall McKenna – Waves Break My Fall
3. Gemma K Murray
– Keeper of the Golden Dragon’s Heart
4. AM Griffin,
Christine d’Abo, Cynthia Sax, Ria Candro – Four SciFi Romance Writers Throw
5. Tina Donahue – Come Fill Me

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Authors who guest with us are promoted on Facebook, via
Triberr to over 549k potential readers, are featured front page in the daily Romance Lives Forever ezine,
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Lives Forever
with links to guest authors’ books and social media. It’s
available on the site now, and is 110 pages of information. The FAQ page provides updated downloads of optional interview questions, and a guide to the
blog. You can grab a button to promote your visit.

My thanks to all who took part this year. You made Romance
Lives Forever a great place to discover new books and new authors.
The Auction.

Lyn Austin, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. Let’s talk about
your book, The Auction.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
Buy links:
Boroughs Publishing Group
Cover artist: Kim Killion
Length: 85,000 words
Heat rating: Sensual
Tagline: In order to conceive a baby, Kat goes to a bachelor
auction and buys back her ex-husband for a week.
Katherine Blake wants a baby. At thirty-three, she has a home
and an antique business that she loves, but she is running out of time. Kat hasn’t
had a man in her life that she would even consider fathering her child…except
her ex-husband.
Michael Blake is for sale. In support of special-needs children,
he offers himself up for one week as a prize at a New Year’s Eve local celebrity
bachelor auction. The result? His ex-wife buys him to finish the restoration of
the hundred-year-old home they bought shortly after their marriage. Or so he thinks.
Katherine does expect the remodeling to be finished, but the rest of her plan is
more devious. She doesn’t need him to rekindle the one-of-a-kind love that led to
their fairy-tale wedding and he doesn’t have to atone for the mistakes that led
to their divorce, but he does have to…well, deliver.
What are your main characters’ names, ages, and
Katherine Blake – antique dealer, 33
Michael Blake – Hotelier, mid-thirties
Grandpa Homer – 83

Interview with Grandpa Homer

Tell us about yourself. What are you like?
Ornery and still a stud, if I must say so myself.
What do you think is your strongest point?
Sticktoitiviness. I was married for over fifty
years and you got to live through the hills and valleys. Granted–sometimes those
low valleys can be pretty damn deep, but when you’re in one of those valleys you
have to rest, regroup and take a step back, see what part you played in the problem,
and start climin’ the mountain again. You don’t
just give the hell up and walk away.
Do you have a weakness? (If so, what do you think
it is? What does your lover think it is? What does your enemy think it is?)
My Kitty-Kat – my granddaughter. She makes me
call her Kat now, but she’s still my Kitty-Kat and has been since the day she was
What drives you to do the things you do? What
makes you want to be the “good guy?”
Hell, I don’t know if I’ve been so good recently,
as I’ve been working behind the scenes here to get her and Michael back together.
Damn fools. When she told me they were getting a divorce, sayin’ somethin’ about
drifting apart, and separate lives, I said horseshit! You don’t
find what they had but once in a lifetime.
What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?
Well now, it’s the same guilty pleasure I had
with my wife for more than fifty years… I might be slower than I’d like, but I’m
still active, if ya know what I mean.
If you didn’t know how old you were how old would
you be?
I’m still eighteen in all things that count!
A biography has been written about you. What
do you think the title would be in six words or less?
Never Too Old
If money were not an object, where would you
most like to live?
I’m happy right where I am, with my Kitty-Kat.
What song would best describe your life?
I Did it My Way
If you were a tool, what would people use you
to do?
I’d be a fulcrum, an instrument for change and
Picture yourself as a store. Considering your
personality and lifestyle, what type of products would be sold there?
Durable goods – all things that last a lifetime,
like solid furniture and well-made tools.
As a child, what was your favorite thing about
Meetin’ all the pretty girls.
Tell us an embarrassing story that has to do
with a pet. If you have no pets, a story about a significant other will do.
I’ve, ah… ahem, been caught in a compromising
situation or two in my day. Can’t say it bothered me as much as it shoulda, but
then again, what is it the kids like to say, “If you got it, flaunt it.”
If you came with a warning label, what would
it say?
Don’t ask if ya don’t
want to hear the answer.

Please Fill in the Blanks

I love the ladies like nobody’s business.
I’m always ready for a little nooky.
When I’m alone, I reminisce, but I don’t dwell on the past since
there’s always tomorrow.
You’d never be able to tell, but I’m really an up-standing citizen.
If I had a halo it would have a question mark attached to it.
If I could fix Kitty-Kat’s broken marriage, I’d die a happy man.
I can never stand to see my Kitty-Kat unhappy.

About the Author

Lyn Austin
Lyn Austin is an award winning author and a popular guest lecturer
throughout the world. She travels extensively but her favorite place is in her picturesque
riverside home on the Snake River in Idaho,
where she hosts retreats for writers and artists. She has interviewed over 10,000
women worldwide for her non-fiction book Prism of Light; 22 questions that will
help you discover your own endless possibilities. However, Lyn’s real passion is
writing fiction. She believes that the best gift she can give the world is a couple
of hours of sheer enjoyment by escaping into the depths of a good book.

Previous Books

Prism of Light

Coming Soon

The Quiet Storm

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