Beating cancer one life at a time by Livia Quinn @liviaquinn #RLFblog #Suspense #NoQuitWe’ve each lost loved ones to this killer. Thirty years ago when my father got cancer people were calling it “The Big C”, speaking about it in hushed voices ripe with trepidation and let’s face it, a sense of doom. He dies less than a month after he was diagnosed. By the time my mother passed away from ovarian cancer SEVEN years after they’d given her a one to two year prognosis, the tide was beginning t turn. Now drugs, new attitudes and protocols, and new outcomes are on the rise.

Though I’ve lost many friends, even recently, to lung cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer and pancreatic cancer, these friends and family have lived WITH cancer. While doctors visits and treatments were a part of their lives, they didn’t stop living or doing the things that gave them joy. I miss them all terribly (Mary Amelia, Charlie, Mark, Earl and Cleo, and so many more) but the memory I have of each of them was strength, passion for life, and the way they put us one step closer to seeing the end of this illness. It’s power over our psyches has been diminished by the hope those who have come before us have left behind.

Hope is an integral part of beating cancer. My mother’s doctor said there was no reason she should have beat those odds. They credited her positive attitude. This is an accepted fact now– our will, our belief and our no quit attitudes will one day mean an end to cancer. There’s no way to express what a wonderful day that will be. I believe it will happen in my lifetime.

Please don’t let fear of the C-word keep you from getting screened. Early detection has meant the difference many times. And remember — We Will Not Quit until cancer is history.

These heroes fight for country and serve their communities, Luc, Men of Honor by Livia Quinn.

Today’s featured book is Luc, Men of Honor, a Romantic Suspense by Livia Quinn.

Not all tall, dark and dangerous heroes are bad boys…

The first time Delilah Burke saw him was at the crime scene, and she assumed he was a certain type—tall, dark and dangerous, and a robber—because he looked the part and he was holding a gun. She’d been wrong. A cop should know better than to assume but dressed like a mercenary, holding a gun, how was she to know? Under the circumstances a careful cop doesn’t presume or assume so, she’d followed protocol.

Former Navy officer, Luc Larue, knew the tough lady cop with her boot pressing him to the grimy floor of the tiny grocery suspected he was a criminal. But he’d been in the process of taking down the thief with his “gun” when she and her partner barreled onto the scene ordering everyone to get down. There was something about her commanding voice and those cornflower-blue eyes, but once she learned the truth about his part-time job, would she listen to his proposition or laugh?

Each day reveals the former naval officer to be almost too good to be true. Then trouble arrives from Luc’s past and Del faces a choice – believe the evidence against him, or trust her heart.

Genre Contemporary Romantic suspense
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG-13
Publisher Campbell Hill Publishing
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A DC native, Livia Quinn lives and writes by the bayou in Louisiana. Her jobs as a mail carrier, computer trainer, plant manager, sales person and professional singer have provided her with plenty of fodder to share with her readers. She is protected from the alligators, snakes and bears by her husband and their feisty Pomeranian, Dusty the Cajun Husky.

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