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Conclusions, A Dark Dreams Novella by Laci Paige @laci_paige #RLFblog #NewRelease #PNR

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Laci Paige, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about your book.

Conclusions, A Dark Dreams Novella by Laci Paige

Genre: It’s a paranormal romance for ages 18+

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Luciana has made her choice.
Three times.
In this final installment of the reader-driven Dark Dreams novella mini-series, YOU get to choose; human, shifter, or vampire.
Which forever should she choose?
Ethan – Nerd by day, sexy vampire by night. He’s the man of Luciana’s dreams, literally. Strong, cool, knows what he wants, and at night it’s always fast and hard. But is forever with him what she wants?
Nick – Gorgeous, caring, and sensitive. Something about Nick calls to Luciana. Nights with him are tender and caring. He’s selfless in bed. The shifter bond is strong, but can she handle being a one-man woman?
Lee – The safe and predictable human. He’s handsome, affectionate, and sexually adventurous.
She could go back to the way things were and forget all things supernatural. But then she’d be mundane—does she really want that?
***This is the final installment in a reader-driven series. If you haven’t read book one,The 13th Floor – it’s currently free.
Why did you write this book?
As an avid vampire lover, I read many paranormal stories. I wanted to write my own but didn’t know if I could do the genre justice. So this was my first go at paranormal.
What is your favorite genre to read?
Romance across the board.
Who is your favorite character from fiction (not including your own)?
There are way too many to list, but I can say I enjoy reading about romantic alpha males.
What are you working on at the moment?
A military, second chance novella.
What books will we see from you in coming months?
A New Adult summer love romance.

Where to buy Conclusions, A Dark Dreams Novella

Barnes and Noble

Laci Paige Social Media

When Laci’s not reading or writing, she can be found with her husband supporting their two young adult children in a thing called life. Or maybe she’s running around with her camera taking photos while camping and/or hiking. Or lastly, and most probable – the TV is on in the background while she’s perusing her social media sites.
Their family resides in the state of Virginia where Laci’s muse keeps her up late at night.
Amazon Author Page


The Silken Edge by Laci Paige @laci_paige #FreeBookFriday #RLFblog #ReadIt’s #FreeBook Friday on RLFblog! Join us for a collection of free reads and downloads. All genres and heat levels. This week’s featured book is The Silken Edge by Laci Paige. Bookmark this site so you don’t miss a thing.

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The Silken Edge by Laci Paige

The relationship was over long before it ended, so when her boyfriend dumps her, Kristy craves a change in life. Kristy’s best friend, Sherry, is into the BDSM scene, and on a whim and a bet, Kristy finds herself in the playroom at an exclusive club. A disguised Dom named Master Jay uses sensation play and a piece of silk to help her discover the world of kink. She finds it enjoyable and addictive, but what she doesn’t know is that Master Jay is really Jake, a much younger man to whom she’s strongly attracted.
For the past couple of years, Jake quietly watched Kristy in his gym. He doesn’t care that she’s older than him; he wants her. When the virgin BDSM sub he’s hired to train ends up being Kristy, Jake almost falls apart. During the scene they play at the club, he fantasizes about getting her into restraints in his own playroom. But Kristy is shocked when she learns that the two men she desires are one and the same. Can Kristy who’s led a vanilla sex life, and Jake, who knows nothing but kink, find a future together?
For mature audiences 18+
A note from the author:
BDSM is variable; it’s not black and white, it’s not always deep and dark. It’s whatever the participants want it to be, it’s individual, and there is no “right” way to do it – as long as it’s SSC (safe/sane/consensual).
I’ve done my research. I’ve been to clubs, private play parties, demonstrations, forums, workshops, conventions, and conferences on the subject of kink/BDSM.
Don’t let what you think you know about the lifestyle, or what you’ve read in novels affect your thoughts on the subject. Be open-minded.
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At the Mercy of Her Pleasure by Kayelle AllenAt the Mercy of Her Pleasure by Kayelle Allen #FreeBookFriday #Read

He must resist her. His brother’s freedom is on the line. But she has him at her mercy and this virginal hero’s willpower is fading fast…
This fast-paced Sci Fi Romance features an adorable, fun-loving hero who’s half-human and half-cat and a by-the-book army captain heroine.
Hired to steal back a prototype taken by the imperial armada, Senth retrieves it, but his brother is kidnapped to force Senth to surrender the device. Now he has to rescue his brother, outsmart the armada, and keep the item out of imperial hands.
All doable, except for one small problem.
He must do it in the company of NarrAy, a genetically altered woman whose pheromones could enhance the mission or crumble it into dust with a single siren kiss.
He’s a thief. She’s a soldier. Do opposites attract? Oh, mercy!
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Free on KindleUnlimited

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