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The top post was the RLF Gems announcement last month. I did not count it among the top bloggers because that award would go to me. I’d like to see the credit go to guests. You are why I do this!

The Top Blogger for this month is Kayla Drake. Top chatter was Alina K Field. Both win a month of free advertising on the blog. Top Blogger of 2016 was Susan V Vaughn, who won a year of free advertising for 2017.

Top Blogger Kayla Drake

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Newsletter winners are judged by page visits. Congratulations to these fine bloggers:
1. Kayla Drake
2. Livia Quinn
3. Caris Roane
4. Ciara Gold
5. NJ Walters
Honorable mention: Milou Koenings, Rue Allyn

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Top Chatters for the Month

The person who gets the most comments in a month is not always the person who gets the most page views. For that reason, I instituted the Top Chatter Award. This award is for the bloggers who receive the most comments.
This month’s winners are:

Alina K Field
Izzy Szyn
Caris Roane
Marilyn Baron

New Server — New Power

RLFblog has attracted so many visitors we crashed the server three times in the past month. On September 20th, we had no visitors on the blog so that we could move to a new, more powerful and roomier server. This should hold us for a bit! It also means I can add even more services. Look for new things in 2018, such as Free Book Friday and other goodies for readers (and authors)!

Not only does RLF post automatically to Triberr with a reach of several million, each post is also featured on the Romance Lives Forever Pinterest board as well as on Facebook. and Twitter When you like, follow and share it increases the reach. Thank you for sharing with your followers and friends!

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My thanks to all who took part this month. You made Romance Lives Forever a great place to discover new books and authors.

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Teacher's Pet by Kayla Drake @KaylaDrakeBooks #RLFblog #ContemporaryRomanceKayla Drake author of Teacher’s Pet answers five easy questions.

Please tell us about yourself.
Although she’s an enthusiastic traveler, Kayla Drake has spent most of her days right where she was born, in Chicago. When Kayla decided to write romance novels, she knew the stories had to feature her favorite places in this beautiful city by the lake. Whether her couples visit the sculptures or the zoo, the sports arenas or the shopping districts, romance always grows in the “City of Big Shoulders.”
What’s your favorite down-home family style meal?
Soup with a thick wedge of homemade bread to dunk in the bowl. I could eat that every day! There’s always a pot of homemade soup in my kitchen. My current bubbling pot is filled with curried lentils, kale, and carrots – so yummy!
What’s your favorite hashtag to watch on Twitter?
#knitting – I’m addicted to knitting and love seeing what everyone makes! My favorite things to knit are sweaters and socks. Hand-knit socks are one of life’s true luxuries.
Describe the perfect vacation.
I spend most of it outdoors, and it’s warm. Those are the key ingredients to a happy adventure! I’m not a “lay on the beach” kind of vacationer – I prefer to be active and explore everything from museums to mountains.
Tell us about your favorite toy as a child.
My bike! I could ride for hours, and I still love riding to this day. My favorite bike as a kid was pink and white with long pink streamers on the handlebars. So girly! But as soon as I swung my leg over that seat, I had freedom and wind in my hair, and who doesn’t love that?
If the hero of your latest book called you on the phone, what would be a perfect ringtone for him?
Nothing too jazzy! Dennis is precise, detail-oriented, and driven. Something short and clear would work best for him.
Please tell us about your latest book.
Genre Contemporary Romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Memo to Miss Turner:
Audrey Turner owns Miss Turner’s School, a top-tier preschool in the posh Lincoln Park neighborhood. Her students are the children of some of Chicago’s most successful doctors, lawyers, and entrepreneurs, and these parents expect nothing short of the best.
No parent is more demanding than wealthy investment banker Dennis Delaney. Every day, Audrey receives a morning memo from him containing precise instructions for his son Cole’s care. No detail is too insignificant to escape this single father’s notice. When Dennis finds himself coping with a short-term summer childcare issue, Audrey agrees to be his temporary nanny. It’s a chance for a close view of their lifestyle, and if she can keep Dennis Delaney happy, then all the other parents should be content, too.
It’s only two weeks. Two weeks of daily contact with Chicago’s most meticulous parent – and its most eligible bachelor. Two maddening weeks of rigorously high standards and sizzling sex appeal. Audrey can handle anything for two weeks, right?
For links to other vendors, see

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