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#Romance Lives Forever @SayaraStClair @JessicaCale #RLFblogMay 2017 marked the first month on the new WordPress site. Because the feed into Triberr stayed the same, the number of viewers did not decrease. In fact, I linked to a few more tribes that feature the romance genre, which gave RLF an expanded reach and views were up all around. Sincere thanks to Dee Owens at Personalized Marketing Inc for her hard work at making this blog look awesome and work so perfectly.

Three of the top four posts were blog related, including our special RLFblog Day One post titled Discover Authors and Books with RLFblog, RLFblog Moving Day, and the monthly RLF Gems. I did not count them among the top bloggers because all those awards would go to me. I’d like to see the credit go to guests. You are why I do this!

The Top Blogger for this month is Saraya St Clair, who wins a month of free advertising on the blog. Top Blogger of 2016 was Susan V Vaughn, who won a year of free advertising for 2017.

Each month, the RLF Gems post ranks in the top ten but is not counted, in order to focus on guests. The winners are judged by cumulative page views, including return and unique visits.

Congratulations to these fine bloggers:
1. Saraya St Clair
2. Kristina Knight
3. Laura Strickland
4. Rainy Kay
5. Yoshiyuki Ly
Honorable mention: Alina K Field, Livia Quinn

Top Blogger Saraya St Clair

Amazon Author Page:

Top Chatters for the Month

#Romance Lives Forever @SayaraStClair @JessicaCale #RLFblogThe person who gets the most comments in a month is not always the person who gets the most page views per month. For that reason, I instituted the Top Chatter Award. This award is for the person who receives the most comments. To win, a guest must have five or more comments. There can be up to three winners.
This month’s winners are:

Jessica Cale
Zrinka Jelic

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Broken Things by Jessica Cale @JessicaCale #RLFblog #Historical #RomanceToday’s featured book is Broken Things, a historical romance by Jessica Cale.

Rival. Sister. Barmaid. Whore.

Meg Henshawe has been a lot of things in her life, and few of them good. As proprietress of The Rose and Crown in Restoration Southwark, she has squandered her life catering to the comfort of workmen and thieves. Famous for her beauty as much as her reputation for rage, Meg has been coveted, abused, and discarded more than once. She is resigned to fighting alone until a passing boxer offers a helping hand.

Jake Cohen needs a job. When an injury forces him out of the ring for good, all he’s left with is a pair of smashed hands and a bad leg. Keeping the peace at The Rose is easy, especially with a boss as beautiful—and wickedly funny—as Meg Henshawe. In her way, she’s as much of an outcast as Jake, and she offers him three things he thought he’d never see again: a home, family, and love.

After Meg’s estranged cousin turns up and seizes the inn, Meg and Jake must work together to protect their jobs and keep The Rose running. The future is uncertain at best, and their pasts won’t stay buried. Faced with one setback after another, they must decide if what they have is worth the fight to keep it. Can broken things ever really be fixed?

Broken Things’ Genre Historical Romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Barnes and Noble

Jessica Cale Social Media

Jessica Cale is a historical romance author and journalist based in North Carolina. Originally from Minnesota, she lived in Wales for several years where she earned a BA in History and an MFA in Creative Writing while climbing castles and photographing mines for history magazines. She kidnapped (“married”) her very own British prince (close enough) and is enjoying her happily ever after with him in a place where no one understands his accent. She is the editor of Dirty, Sexy History.
Amazon Author Page


Today’s featured book is Holly and Hopeful Hearts by The Bluestocking Belles.

About the Book

Title Holly and Hopeful Hearts Holiday Box Set
Genre Regency Romance, Historical Romance, Holiday Romance
Author The Bluestocking Belles: Amy Rose Bennett, Jessica Cale, Susana Ellis, Sherry Ewing, Jude Knight, Caroline Warfield, and Nicole Zoltack
Book heat level (based on movie ratings G, PG, PG13, R): G-PG-13
When the Duchess of Haverford sends out invitations to a Yuletide house party and a New Year’s Eve ball at her country estate, Hollystone Hall, those who respond know that Her Grace intends to raise money for her favorite cause and promote whatever marriages she can. Eight assorted heroes and heroines set out with their pocketbooks firmly clutched and hearts in protective custody. Or are they?
A Suitable Husband, by Jude Knight
As the Duchess of Haverford’s companion, Cedrica Grenford is not treated as a poor relation and is encouraged to mingle with Her Grace’s guests. Surely she can find a suitable husband amongst the gentlemen gathered for the duchess’s house party. Above stairs or possibly below.
Valuing Vanessa, by Susana Ellis
Facing a dim future as a spinster under her mother’s thumb, Vanessa Sedgely makes a practical decision to attach an amiable gentleman who will not try to rule her life.
A Kiss for Charity, by Sherry Ewing
Young widow Grace, Lady de Courtenay, has no idea how a close encounter with a rake at a masquerade ball would make her yearn for love again. Can she learn to forgive Lord Nicholas Lacey and set aside their differences to let love into her heart?
Artemis, by Jessica Cale
Actress Charlotte Halfpenny is in trouble. Pregnant, abandoned by her lover, and out of a job, Charlotte faces eviction two weeks before Christmas. When the reclusive Earl of Somerton makes her an outrageous offer, she has no choice but to accept. Could he be the man of her dreams, or is the nightmare just beginning?
The Bluestocking and the Barbarian, by Jude Knight
James must marry to please his grandfather, the duke, and to win social acceptance for himself and his father’s other foreign-born children. But only Lady Sophia Belvoir makes his heart sing, and to win her he must invite himself to spend Christmas at the home of his father’s greatest enemy.
Christmas Kisses, by Nicole Zoltack
Louisa Wycliff, Dowager Countess of Exeter wants only for her darling daughter, Anna, to find a man she can love and marry. Appallingly, Anna has her sights on a scoundrel of a duke who chases after every skirt he sees. Anna truly thinks the dashing duke cares for her, but her mother has her doubts.
An Open Heart, by Caroline Warfield
Esther Baumann longs for a loving husband who will help her create a home where they will teach their children to value the traditions of their people, but she wants a man who is also open to new ideas and happy to make friends outside their narrow circle. Is it so unreasonable to ask for toe curling passion as well?
Dashing Through the Snow, by Amy Rose Bennett
Headstrong bluestocking, Miss Kate Woodville, never thought her Christmas would be spent racing across England with a viscount hell-bent on vengeance. She certainly never expected to find love…
25% of proceeds will be donated to the Malala Fund.

Buy This Book

About the Author

The Bluestocking Belles, the “BellesInBlue”, are seven very different writers united by a love of history and a history of writing about love. From sweet to steamy, from light-hearted fun to dark tortured tales full of angst, from London ballrooms to country cottages to the sultan’s seraglio, one or more of us will have a tale to suit your tastes and mood. Come visit us at and kick up your bluestockinged heels!

Author Social Media

The Top Blogger for this month is Collette Cameron. She wins a month of free advertising on the blog.
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1 Collette Cameron
2 Beth
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Rogers, Jessica Cale

Top Chatters for the Month

Because the person who gets the most comments in a month is not always the
person who gets the most page views per month, I instituted the Top Chatter Award.
This is the award for the person who receives the most comments. To win, a guest
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This month’s winners are:
1 Collette Cameron
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Meet Jack Sharpe from The Long Way Home by JessicaCale.

Author Bio

Jessica Cale is the award-winning author of the historical romance series, The Southwark Saga. Originally from Minnesota, she lived in Wales for several years where she earned a BA in History and an MFA in Creative Writing while climbing castles and photographing mines for history magazines. She kidnapped (“married”) her very own British prince (close enough) and is enjoying her happily ever after with him in North Carolina.

About the Book

Title: The Long Way Home
Genre: Historical Romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings G, PG, PG13, R): R
A paranoid king, a poison plot, and hideous shoes…it’s not easy being Cinderella.          
After saving the life of the glamorous Marquise de Harfleur, painfully shy barmaid Alice Henshawe is employed as the lady’s companion and whisked away to Versailles. There, she catches King Louis’ eye and quickly becomes a court favorite as the muse for Charles Perrault’s Cinderella. The palace appears to be heaven itself, but there is danger hidden beneath the façade and Alice soon finds herself thrust into a world of intrigue, murder, and Satanism at the heart of the French court.
Having left his apprenticeship to serve King Charles as a spy, Jack Sharpe is given a mission that may just kill him. In the midst of the Franco-Dutch war, he is to investigate rumors of a poison plot by posing as a courtier, but he has a mission of his own. His childhood friend Alice Henshawe is missing and he will stop at nothing to see her safe. When he finds her in the company of the very people he is meant to be investigating, Jack begins to wonder if the sweet girl he grew up with has a dark side.
When a careless lie finds them accidentally married, Alice and Jack must rely on one another to survive the intrigues of the court. As old affection gives way to new passion, suspicion lingers. Can they trust each other, or is the real danger closer than they suspect?

Introducing Jack Sharpe

Welcome to Romance Lives Forever! We’re happy to have you here today.
Name: Jack Sharpe
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Covent Garden, London
Profession: Officially a soldier, unofficially a spy.
Ethnicity/Species (if not human): English…probably.
Describe your body and build, skin tone, height and weight. Include any unique features such as dimples, freckles, or scars.
I’m tallish and gawky, with blue eyes and an abundance of curling black hair. I was a carpenter’s apprentice and I have little scars everywhere, but the biggest is a bullet hole beneath my left collarbone.
Who is the significant other in your life?
I would never presume to name her thus, though I suppose she is significant. I’ve always had a certain affection for Alice Henshawe. We grew up together, you see, and I seem to have inadvertently married her. You won’t hear a word of protest from me, but it was something of a surprise.
Please tell us a little about yourself.
What’s there to tell? My mother was an actress and I grew up a pickpocket in St. Giles before Mark Virtue took me on as an apprentice. An…incident…forced me to leave England at sixteen, and I’ve been with the army on the Continent ever since.
How do you dress?
By preference? I’ve been wearing the same patched clothes for years, but I’d be lost without my coat. My old master’s wife made it for me, and it’s full of secret pockets. It looks like any other coat when it’s on, but it’s filled with all the things I need to survive most any situation. Since I’ve arrived at Versailles, however, I’ve had to wear rather more silks than I’m comfortable with. My friend Achille is a Marquis, and he helps me to choose what to wear to court. I prefer darker colors, but If it were up to him, I’d be in lilac moire and violet hose.
If we could only hear your voice (but not see you) what characteristic would identify you?
I’ll be the one saying the wrong thing. When I’m nervous, I talk too much and too quickly, and I always sound like a right fool. Alice makes me very nervous. I wanted to tell her she looked lovely the other night, and ended up making some inane observation about her shoes. I’m hopeless.
On what special skills do you rely?
I’m quiet, I’m fast, and I’m good in dangerous situations. I can fight, spy, sew up wounds, start fires, and, should the need arise, I’m bloody good with a hammer. I can also make coffee. You’d be surprised how often that’s all you need.
Are any of your skills a source of pride or embarrassment, and if so, which ones and why?
I am very good with my hands. I can rob a man blind and be off with his pocket, his rings, and the buttons of his coat before he knows I’m there. This has been useful over the years, but it’s a source of embarrassment that I ever had to learn to do such a thing. I’m also not a bad actor. I drew up backstage in the theaters around Covent Garden and it comes naturally to me.
What kinds of things do you always carry (in pockets or purse)?
Three knives in my coat, two more in my boots. Two pistols, a spyglass, a map, enough money to get by or bribe a guard, half a dozen lock picks, a set of loaded dice given to me by the King of France, and a miniature portrait of a girl.
Do you see morality as black-and-white, or with shades of gray?
I see things as very black-and-white. That sounds mad coming from a pickpocket, doesn’t it? Truth is, the laws of man and real morality do not often match, and I live my life according to a very firm set of rules. No one I’ve met treats women with the reverence I do, but it isn’t at all moral the way they’re so often abused. Some might think I take my ideas of morality too far, but I’ve seen too much of the world to not follow ideas through to their logical conclusions.
If someone from your past showed up, who would you most want it to be, and why?
My sister, Joanna. Our mother sold her into service to the colonies when she was ten. Most don’t survive the crossing, let alone the work on the other side. She’d be seventeen now. I want to know if she’s alive, and I want to see her safe at home again.
What would you like to tell your writer?
I could have done without the cantarella, thanks! I’m very grateful to you for allowing me to find Alice, but was all that really necessary? I’ve never been so humiliated in my life for such a sustained period of time. Couldn’t there have been an easier–or less traumatic–way to get Alice to finally talk to me?

Buy This Book

Barnes and Noble

Author Social Media

Go ahead and be naughty. Save Santa the effort with 25% off Christmas
Romances from Enter coupon code 2015benaughty at checkout and receive 25% off Christmas Titles.
(Coupon code valid from 12:01 am EST 11-15-2015 to 11:59 pm EST 12-15-2015.

Liquid Silver Book presents … Spotlight on Christmas

by Daisy Banks…One man’s courage and one widow’s beautiful voice lead
an unlikely pair on a tender journey toward happiness.
, The Southwark Saga Book 2 by Jessica Cale…From toiling for pennies to
bare-knuckle boxing, a Lady is prepared for every eventuality.
, McKay-Tucker Men Book 3 by Marianne Rice…Samantha Chase is happy
to have found a place to start a new life with her son, the last thing she expected
was to fall in love with her new boss.
A Christmas Together,
Safe Harbor Book 2 by Tara Quan…The Christmas season is stressful enough for Brennan
without a botched kidnapping and the arrival of her estranged husband to “save
the day.”
Just a Holiday Fling,
Pine Lake Book 1 by Tiffany Marie…How can two people with such different wishes
both get what they want for Christmas?
the Part
, Love Around the Corner Book 3 by Lynn Rae…Thomas Locke catches her
eye. Thomas is hoping to take his career in a new direction, the last thing he needs
is to fall for the curvy driver who jump-starts his heart.
Come Yell or High
by Elise Alden…Cara Drayton figures getting stuck on remote Yell Island
with sexy, aggravating Max Kempton is just about the worst thing that could happen
to her. Or is it?
and Nice
by Robin Danner, Pepper Espinoza, and Lisa Marie…3 Christmas stories
just in time to get you in the holiday mood.

A Holiday Memory Christmas in a Middle Eastern Desert

I must start this post with a disclaimer: while the heroine in
my holiday romance A Christmas Together also spends December 25th in a Middle Eastern
desert, her story is in no way, shape, or form inspired by true events. My own Christmas
in the UAE was decidedly less eventful than Brennan’s. (If I remember correctly,
she might have gotten kidnapped by terrorists, and then rescued by a hunky Air Force
Since my significant other (who is NOT an Air Force major…)
only has one brother in the US, he tends to volunteer to hold down the fort during
the holiday season, when most of his colleagues make plans to spend a week or two
at home. Thus was the case in December 2011, while we were posted in the sleepy
capital city of Abu Dhabi. In keeping with the culture of oil-money extravagance,
various restaurants were offering “Traditional Christmas Dinner: With Ham and
Turkey”—at the cringe-worthy price of a couple hundred dollars a head. Despite
the promise of free-flowing champagne, we decided to save our pennies and eat in
(although we did splurge on some actual sausage from the “pork room” at
the local supermarket).
For the most part, everyone we knew had left the city. Most of
our neighbors had also jetted off a week before, so our quiet little development
was even quieter than usual. It was hot, humid, with zero chances of snow (or even
rain), and since theatrical releases overseas trail a few months behind the US,
we didn’t even have the option of going out for a holiday movie. In short, we were
pretty much on track to have one of the least Christmas-y Christmases in memory.
As we were arguing over Netflix options, however, a knock sounded.
We opened the door to find five carolers, led by a man in a Santa costume. Flummoxed,
we watched as Santa strummed his acoustic guitar, prompting his troupe to commence
synchronized dancing, while singing a particularly “Pop” rendition of
We Wish You A Merry Christmas.
They made our night, and we were too stunned to even say a proper
thank you.
Christmas In Cancun,
In Cancun Book 1 by KaLyn Cooper…A sexy former SEAL and beautiful Mayan anthropologist
find more than they bargain for when they team up to complete a decades old family
treasure hunt in Cancun.
All He Wants For
by Trista Ann Michaels…Trapped in a mountain cabin over the holiday,
sparks will fly and passion flare as Kaycee and Mike learn to leave the past behind.
, Eros’ Edge by Arika Stone…Eve Lauren is seeking solace from the pain
of a broken heart with a vacation in Finland.
A Clockwork Christmas,
The Blackwell Legacy Book 1 by Nina S. Gooden…Sorcery, danger, and a mysterious
stranger will make this Christmas one Olyve Blackwell will never forget.
Perfectly Imperfect
, Garrison Brothers Book 1 by Amelia Shea…Instant attraction, explosive
chemistry, and a dark secret that could destroy them … falling in love has never
been so dangerous!
of Long Ago
, Nocturne Book 2 by Naomi Bellina…When danger brings them together,
they find that desire demands satisfaction.
False Start,
McKay-Tucker Men Book 1 by Marianne Rice…She discovers the sports-loving alpha male
is much more than a sexy package wrapped in great biceps and a tight rear end.
Gone Cat
by Katherine L. Evans…Secrets, lies, devastating loss, and old wounds
… insurmountable odds?
Not Cry
by H.A. Fowler…Jenna’s holiday plans take a startling turn when she
finds herself in the company of a hot, sexy faerie whose only desire is to fulfill
her wildest fantasies.

A Holiday Memory Christmas in Japan

by KaLyn
; (kind of goes with my Christmas in Cancun theme)

Nothing is ever easy when you are a military family, and holidays
are often the most difficult, but one year our Christmas plans paid off in an unexpected
A month before we were to move half way around the world to live
for three years in Japan—after I’d quit my job, we’d sold the house and were living
in temporary base quarters—Macho Marine announced that his orders had been changed.
It wasn’t the first time the Marine Corps had done that to us, but this time it
threw us for a major loop. His new orders were for a one-year tour…unaccompanied!
If military life teaches you anything, it’s to be prepared. Knowing
we were going to be gone for three years, we’d saved for a Christmas trip home half-way
through his tour of duty. We used that money for the round trip plane tickets to
Japan for Favorite (only) Daughter and me. Since the two of us weren’t supposed
to be there, we all lived off base in an extremely small apartment, but it was our
home for that unique year abroad.
Interestingly, only one percent of Japanese are Christians, although
Okinawa has about fifty-thousand Americans living on and around the military bases.
So as the holidays approached, little changed. Unlike in the States, Japanese stores
were not loaded with green and red. No holly or pine adorned street windows, and
you couldn’t find festive clothing decorated with silly Santas or reindeer. Speakers
blared no traditional holiday music and life continued without the overzealous holiday
Unless you were on base, it didn’t look like Christmas. Hour-long
lines at Pack ‘n Wrap and the post office were the best indication the holiday approached.
The women’s section at the Exchange, the base department store, was normally filled
with perfume, jewelry and lingerie but had been stripped bare after payday in mid-November.
Our friends living in base housing on accompanied tours, decked
their homes in the treasured family ornaments brought with them. We used the construction
paper ornaments our daughter made at the base day care she attended a few hours
every week. We attempted to keep our family traditions but selecting a tree together
ended in a toddler tantrum when her father had near heart failure over the outrageous
price for a pine tree resembling Charlie Brown’s.
On Christmas morning, the gifts that had been sent over 7,500
miles appeared under the tree beside the ones bought for each other. We videoed
Favorite Daughter opening each and every present so the grandparents could belatedly
see her joy. As noon rolled around, so did about a dozen other Marine officers who
missed home as much as we did. Steaks on the grill replaced the usual turkey or
ham since our tiny apartment didn’t have an oven.
As the men played with Favorite Daughter, missing their own children,
I thanked God for the money we’d saved for that Christmas trip home. It allowed
us to be together for the entire year and share our family on Christmas day with
other Marines who couldn’t be with theirs.
This holiday season, please remember the 225,000 Marines, soldiers
and sailors deployed overseas who cannot be with their families for Christmas.
of Her Life
by Diane Saxon…Accident-prone Bailey must negotiate her way through
a snowbound airport, a cancelled flight, and a blackout to get to her own engagement
Ghost of Christmas
, PSI Corps Book 1 by Xakara…In a snow-bound cabin, they must face the truth
of the past, the secrets of the present, and the hope of the future.
Disenchanted Christmas
by Sandra Sookoo…She’ll just have to take a chance and hope the holiday spirit and
the power of love will be the miracle she needs.
A Called to Mate
, Pack Mates Book 2.5 by Lynn Tyler…Quinn’s thrilled Declan’s being
so romantic during the Christmas season and he’s determined to do something just
as awesome for his mate.
Early Light
, PSI Corps Book 2 by Xakara…The peace and tranquility of the group
is threatened when secret desires are revealed by dawn’s early light.
, Whisper Hollow Book 1 by Kelli Evans…Reed’s past won’t stay in the past,
but add a smart-mouthed teenager and a sexy, hot court appointed mentor, and he’ll
need more than luck to find his happily ever after.
by Megan Slayer…Long distance relationships are never easy, especially at Christmas
by MacKenzie Reed and Rae Monet…The jeweled dagger of Cleopatra and
the planet Earth during the busy Christmas season… ho ho oh no!
The Zebra Wore
Red Stockings
by Pepper Espinoza…It’s their first Christmas together, and
she wants everything to be perfect—the sort of special holiday she never had before.

A Holiday Memory A Christmas Memory

I’m pleased to be able to share my Christmas memory with you,
and I must admit, this was not an easy assignment for me. For one thing, I’ve been
fortunate enough to have many wonderful Christmases and it’s hard to pinpoint particular
moments. The other reason this is a tough piece to write is because we lost my mother-in-law
to cancer last year and this will be the first holiday season without her. My mother-in-law
Gail was a force of nature. She usually hosted the rest of us and we all used to
admire her Martha Stewart-like decorating abilities. Seriously, the woman could
do wonders with a sprig of holly, a few boughs and strategically-placed candy canes.
One thing Gail always enjoyed at the holidays was games. She
usually devised a few, making us compete for prizes. There was always a “mystery
present,” one that was invariably passed around while a timer counted seconds.
We were encouraged to “steal” the gift from each other. When the timer
buzzed, whoever held the gift won it. Because of Gail’s enthusiasm, we had a lot
of raucous parties.
This year, we won’t have Gail with us and it’s bound to be our
most poignant Christmas ever.
However, we have made sure to keep her spirit alive. We’ve included
some of her tried-and-true recipes in our menu (she loved a cherry jelly ring).
We’ll likely play some of her favorite music (Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand).
And the gift stealing game has been set in motion.
Will it be hard? Indeed, but we’ll make the best of it. After
all, if she were with us, I know what she’d say.
“Stop your moping and refill my wine glass. And don’t be
cheap with the red.”
I’ll be raising a glass of Merlot in her honor.

Happy Holidays to all from Liquid Silver Books!

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