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Today is pizza day at Romance Lives Forever. When I interview authors, I like to ask everyone what they like on pizza. I also ask every interviewee to ask whatever question they wish I’d asked, and then answer it. Some day I’ll post those, but for now, fire up the oven, lay out a tasty crust, spread it with tomato or white sauce, and get out the cheese. If you need ideas for more — here’s a list. Oh, and I’d stock up on the pepperoni if you plan to have an author over for dinner (especially me). All these authors have interviewed here over the last year. To read their original posts, click their name in the labels at the bottom of this entry.

Enjoy the yum…

Karen Cote’
I love pizza with pepperoni and pineapple. BBQ chicken pizza. Ooh, buffalo
wing pizza! Great, now I’ve got a craving for dinner tonight
Christi Barth
I love pizza with No one…coz when that doorbell rings and that pizza guy delivers that pie,
I want nobody encroaching on my pepperoni
. (Character Lily Delaney from Erotic Deception)
Karen Cote’
Camelia M. Skiba
I love pizza with spinach, broccoli, and artichokes. And no
cheese, cuz I’m weird
TC Blue
I love pizza with feta and
spinach and good company and cheer
Eugie Foster
I love pizza
with candlelight and Saurian brandy.
Moxie Magnus
I love pizza with pepperoni, onions, olives and ranch crust.
Kage Alan
Xavier Axelson
I love pizza with ham or bacon. (Character Major
David Hunt from A World Apart)
Camelia M. Skiba
Moxie Magnus
I love pizza with extra
cheese and good company
Lee Martindale
I love pizza with meatballs. I like everything with meatballs!
Xavier Axelson
I love pizza with pineapple.
Paul Bright
J E Taylor
Jason Aaron Baca
(cover model)
I love pizza with mushrooms and lots of pepperoni.
Angelia Sparrow
Kayelle Allen
I love pizza with anchovies, linguica, and a side of blue
Jason Aaron Baca
I love pizza with lots of cheese.
Vonnie Davis
I love pizza with pepperoni.
Linda McMaken
I love pizza with pepperoni, pepperoni and some added pepperoni.
Bruce Jenvey
Kayelle Allen
RLF Gems. 

I’m pleased to report the status for March 2012 for the RLF blog. Winners this month topped the highest hits we’ve had since the blog began. This is in part due to Triberr, which helps deliver blog content to Twitter, and to the various networking apps such as Networked Blogs, Linky Followers, and Google Friend Connect. But the two top reasons for the success of these posts is good content, and the efforts of the guest blogger to share the site with others. For that, I’m grateful.

Here are the top five posts, in order of total hits. Click the link to visit the post.

1. Jason Aaron Baca – Interview

2. Paul Bright – Outlantacon Interview

3. LM Brown – Blogging, a New Form of Self-Imposed Torture

4. Kage Alan – Outlantacon Interview

5. Xavier Axelson – Character Interview (3rd time Xavier has been on the top hit list!)

Not including myself, authors this month (in alphabetical order by first name) were; Aubrie Dionne, Blaine D Arden, Camelia M Skiba, CR Moss, DC McMillen, Dev Bentham, Jane Toombs, JoAnne Kenrick, June Kramin, Lila Munro, Margay Leah Justice, Mary Wilson, Pauline Allan, Perry Martin, Sabrina Pandora, Skye Warren, and Stephanie Burkhart.  
My sincere thanks to each guest who blogged this month. I enjoyed hosting you, and hope you’ll come back when you have a new book or other info to share.  Thank you to those who have made RLF a new place to hang out and discover new books and new authors.

Jason Aaron Baca
on the cover of Cybershock. 
Welcome Jason Aaron Baca! You’re a published author as well as a cover model. Tell us the titles of the books, and provide buy links, please.
Journey of a Male Model (2004)
Overexposed (2007)
What are your books about?
Well my books were written in hopes of inspiring other models in the business. When I started out modeling there were never any resource books to turn to, I had to think of how to do things from the top of my head. This is why I wrote these books –
What made you decide to write your own book?
I was at my wits end when it came to finding a good resource so I was like You know, I’m going to make my own book for others. Surely there’s got to be other frustrated models like me out there.
What advice do you have for authors, based on your own experience in writing?
Well I don’t consider myself an author; these books were me having fun. The real authors are the ones that I’m on the covers of as a model. They are the ones to be asking those kinds of questions to.
Jason Aaron Baca
on Lisa Renee Jones’ book Michael
What advice do you have for models, based on your own experience as a model?
To keep at it. If you aren’t getting booked then there are still things you can be doing to promote yourself in the mean time.
As a cover model, it must take a great deal of discipline to stay in good physical condition. How strict are you with your eating/exercising when you’re not preparing for a photo shoot?
Yes you are right! It takes extreme discipline with all this. Every day is a whole new mountain to climb and there are mornings that I wake up and say screw it, I’m going to eat French toast with butter and blueberry syrup. But then I stop myself and recognize my goals. So I end up eating a protein bar instead.
As for the exercising, yes, I exercise nearly every day. Even on the day off for the week I still find myself doing some sort of physical activity whether it be biking, hiking, or gardening. I just can’t seem to sit still.
Do you have a particular type of program that you use to keep in shape? (Weights, swimming, running, etc.)
Jason- Yes I do. I perform a rigorous workout routine in the morning for 1 full hour. I use weights mainly but also do cardio on the Stairmaster. I do not end my workout until a full hour is completed in the gym. So if I had finished with my weight lifting early, then I just keep going. I do more of my weak point training.
Jason Aaron Baca
Some people have a five-year plan, but what do you see yourself doing twenty years from now?
Jason- I don’t think like that. I concentrate on one thing at a time. Yes I invest in stocks and look to the future for that kind of thing, but when it comes to career goals, I do one thing only. When my mind begins to shift, then I can decide what I’ll be doing then. This keeps me focused on my book cover goals and aspirations.
When you feel like quitting (and don’t we all at some point?) what do you tell yourself to keep going?
I just put the Karate Kid theme song in my head “You’re the best around, nothings gonna ever keep you down” And if I see a grey hair pop up on my head…. I pluck it!
Tell us about your social media habits. Which sites do you prefer?
Well I don’t have a Facebook acct nor a Myspace. I have my regular website as well as this stock resource site that independent authors go to purchase photos for their covers of me –
A Jessica Deuck cover with Jason
What is your worst habit?
That is a tough question… because when it’s you… You never know you have a bad habit. You think that you’re all good… Probably that I obsess a little about my skin. But I believe in taking care of myself so I will not change.
Do you have a charity or organization that you support?
I would support any charity that deals with animal cruelty. I am an animal lover.
How do you respond to negative people?
I don’t. I know that the only input that gets allowed into my brain is positive feedback. The negative stuff just bounces off, I don’t understand it, nor do I attempt to. There have been a lot that have come at me but I just get confused on what they are getting at and move on.
What’s the best way to say no?
Just say No!
A biography has been written about you. What do you think the title would be in six words or less?
It would say, How Can We Stop Him?
What is the craziest thing you did as a kid?
Well my friends and I all were at a waterfall that was covered in moss. It was a 50yrd drop to the bottom. We didn’t know how deep the water was at the bottom but I said I’ll do it and slid down the waterfall… Lucky for me, it was very deep… Turned out to be a regular spot we’d slide down.
Jason with Jennifer Love Hewitt
What was your favorite subject in school?
Jason -PE of course… I was an athlete so that was my thing.
If money were not an object, where would you most like to live?
I’ll get back to you on this one… :)
What song would best describe your life?
The song called “In Too Deep” by Genesis and at other times “Land Of Confusion” also by Genesis. Of course there are different times in a person’s life though when different songs would describe best.
If you were a tool, what would people use you to do?
I’d be a jackhammer… And would be used to break through to people’s minds so they understand their goals clearer.
Picture yourself as a store. Considering your personality and lifestyle, what type of products would be sold there?
They’d come to me for herbal essence, scrubs, intensive skin therapy treatments, spa’s exfoliants as well as plenty of moisturizers and anti-wrinkle crèmes to choose from.
Jason on Legacy Found
If you came with a warning label, what would it say?
haha… it would have to say “Warning, do not attempt to open this package without protective wear. May explode upon opening”
When you’re posing as a particular type of character for a book, how do psych yourself to “be the hero” you are portraying?
Jason- Well I don’t actually psych myself up but I do get physically prepared. I take a shower and put on an ice pack so that if my face is puffy, it helps with that. I also use a variety of deep pore cleanser scrubs in the shower as well as moisturizing body washes. I always exfoliate to rid my body of any dead skin. I always let my facial hair grow a few days before a shoot and then the day of, shave using a Mach Triple Action Hydrating Razor for a clean close shave. Shaving also exfoliates my face.
After the shower I usually put on an anti aging eye balm put out by L’Oreal along with Clinique’s facial moisturizer. Then final moisturizer after that. This all puts me into character for the day’s shoot.
Which character that you portrayed did you identify with most? Why that hero?
I understood Michael in Legend of Michael by Lisa Renee Jones. Seems his character is an odd ball, interesting and unique… Which describes me to a T.
Jason on Dark Warriors
What is the modeling industry like? Is it competitive and cut throat, or cooperative and friendly?
Yes it is cut throat when you are just starting out. I have over 80 covers under my belt now though and am known by quite a few so its much easier for me to do this stuff then it was trying to get in.
Have you noticed an increase in demand for your covers with launch of ereaders?
Yes I have! 10 fold. It is excellent to be wanted and used like this.
Do you play Angry Birds? If so, what is it about the game that you like? If not, why not?
Never heard of it or know what an angry bird is.
Boxers, briefs, or commando? (yes, I was asked to ask you this) ^_^
Briefs… Because I like knowing where I am or where I’m going at all times.
If a publisher wants to use you for a cover, do you have an agent they can contact? If so, is there a link online?
Yes, they’d contact Halvorson Model Mgmt.
Jason on Her Only Hope

Please Fill in the Blanks

I love pizza with anchovies, linguica, and a side of blue cheese.
I’m always ready for the next big cover to be on.
When I’m alone, I imagine myself on a sandy beach in Maui in the warm summer with sea turtles swimming by in the bright blue ocean.
You’d never be able to tell, but I am a very down to earth kind of guy
If I had a halo it would be in heaven.
If I could head on over to the Bahamas right now I’d try wind surfing.
I can never snow ski because I screwed up back and was traumatized as a kid when I kept falling down in front of everyone.

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