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Tag Archives: Hannah Meredith

The Top Blogger for this month is Nicole Morgan, who wins a month of free advertising on the blog. Top
Blogger of 2016 was Susan V Vaughn, who won a year of free advertising for 2017. 
The blog now has a better way to sign up for guest spots. You can be assured of a date right away, with no waiting. See the info at the end of this post.

About Nicole Morgan

Top Five Bloggers for the Month

Each month, the RLF Gems post ranks in the top ten, but is not
counted, in order to focus on guests. The winners are judged by cumulative page
views, including return and unique visits. 
1 Nicole Morgan
2 Jacquie Biggar
3 Anni Fife
4 Errin Stevens
5 Eleanor Webster
Honorable mention: Hannah

Top Chatters for the Month

Because the person who gets the most comments in a month is not always the
person who gets the most page views per month, I instituted the Top Chatter Award.
This is the award for the person who receives the most comments. To win, a guest
must have five or more comments (not counting the guest author’s). There can be
up to three winners.
This month’s winner’s are:
1 Kristina Knight, Nicole Morgan (tie)
2 Hannah Meredith, Jacquie Biggar (tie)
3 NJ Walters

Top Bloggers of 2017

These bloggers were top bloggers in 2016. There is a new graphic for this year. The
top blogger for the year wins a year of advertising on the site. There are not twelve names because some authors won more than one time.
Susan V Vaughn
Vicki Batman – Cancer Awareness Week
Livia Quinn
Collette Cameron
Jackie Weger
Tina Donahue
Collette Cameron
Regina Kammer
Nicole Morgan

Top Chatters for the Year

These bloggers won top chatter during the month of their visit. I
checked the number of comments and put them in order by the most comments
1 Vicki Batman and MFRW
Founding Day (tie: both have most comments on a single post for the entire
2 Sabrina York
3 Collette Cameron,
Carmen Stefanescu (tie)
4 Red L Jameson
Honorable Mention:
Adele Downs, MJ Schiller
Special Honorable
(for highest number of
cumulative comments throughout the year)
Susan V Vaughn

Be a Guest Author

Romance Lives Forever now uses Signup Genius to schedule
The system also reminds authors of their visit. One post is available
each day. If you choose a date, no one else will be able to take that date, so
please make a note of it in your own calendar as well. You can sign up for more
than one visit; however, the visits must be in different months.
January – April
March – June
July – September
October – December

My thanks to all who took part this month. You made Romance Lives
Forever a great place to discover new books and authors.
Today’s featured book is Christmas Revels III: Three Regency
Novellas by Hannah Meredith, Anna D. Allen, and Kate Parker

About the Book

Title Christmas Revels III: Three Regency Novellas
Genre Historical Romance
Author Hannah Meredith, Anna D. Allen, and Kate Parker
Book heat level PG13
When days turn dark, Christmas brightens the way… Come
Revel with us again!
Magdalena’s Christmas Rake – Thomas Eddington comes home for
a family Christmas to discover his mother in a matchmaking mood. Worse, she has
invited his childhood nemesis, “Mad Maddie” Winslow, to act as
chaperone to the eligible debutantes. For her part, Magdalena Winslow hopes to
go unnoticed. She certainly wants nothing to do with a London rake, and she’s
not afraid to let him know it.
Christmas Promise – When skaters at a Christmas house party
find a dead man beneath the ice, the squeamish local magistrate relies on Eve
Franklin to help with the investigation. Complications arrive with Lord Adam
Downing, who is searching for the dead man – and stolen jewels – on orders from
the Prince of Wales. Eve must now convince the aristocrat to view her as an
equal—but he sees her as so much more.
The Christmas Rose – Lord and Lady Trenton have an exemplary
society marriage—an amicable partnership. Simon dedicates himself to his
Parliamentary responsibilities and estate concerns. Emma devotes herself to
their children and her charitable endeavors. But when the stress of the coming
Christmas season fractures their facade of marital harmony, they discover what
they both really need and want. Each other.

Buy Christmas Revels III

About the Authors

Hannah Meredith, Anna D.
Allen, and Kate Parker are three “mature” women whose imaginations
are happiest in the past. Kate writes historical mysteries and currently has
three series available. Hannah and Anna write primarily historical romance,
although both of them have been known to wander into other genres. This is the
third Christmas anthology in which all three have participated. Hannah lives in
a small town with a big library in the Coastal Plains of NC. Anna resides in
the deep woods of Michigan where she loves to cook and collect old cookware.
Kate lives in a historic town in Eastern NC and studies poisons, much to the
discomfort of her husband. All have individually won various awards, although
since none of them was a Nobel Prize for Literature, they’re not mentioning

Author Social Media for each author

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