First Chance.
I am a huge advocate when it comes to over-promoting. I
constantly see authors overdo the promotions of their books. Granted I know the
excitement is there. You want the world to know. You also want the world to buy
one copy. Right?
Well, I unexpectedly was off-line for the last few weeks
due to personal events and a quick trip to Florida. And in that time I noticed
something. Sales for my two self published books dipped. They fell. They
tumbled some. Hell, I’ll be honest… they crashed faster than the stock market
did under the democratic politicians.
Sales for my prequel to When We Meet Again, First
was HOT! It hit number 61 in the Amazon Top 100 Best Sellers back
in March when it was first released.
Then came Insatiable

an erotic tale that was once part of an anthology but when the rights
reverted back to me, it was off and running as a self-published book on Amazon.
Now what are their standings? *looks around* I don’t want
to discuss it. Not one single promotion anywhere online for over three weeks…
and there was a noticeable difference and I know my payment from Amazon will
reflect the slump. So what to do now?
Insatiable Kate
Light promotions. I will be offering Insatiable
free next weekend for Mother’s Day. My mindset is that moms
will receive gift certificate for Mother’s Day (Hint** buy some
ebooks for mom this year) and while she’s on Amazon shopping, she will see my
freebie. Win-win here. She gets a free bonus book to read and I may gain a new
reader for my fan base.
Now, I did mention LIGHT promotions. So do NOT expect
to see me over-flood the already saturated groups and loops with my freebie.
I’m hoping and praying for word of mouth exposure.
So now my main question is this… were sales through the
roof due to the fact that these were new releases? Or did the sales falter
because I didn’t promote at all?
The $64-million dollar question I hope to have an answer
for within a month. So stay tuned in for these ‘test’ results.
*the original post is part of my Promo Monday blog series.
But this is an experiment I wanted to share with a broader audience. as I’m
sure many authors have seen the same sales influx* 
Also on July 14 and July 15, the Marketing For RomanceWriters group are hosting various workshops on promoting and techniques. Please
be sure to join us.