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Denyse’ Bridger
A few years ago I released a book called Royal Consort. It was
a fun title, and combined my love of fantasy with my love of romance with an erotic
touch. Somehow, I never found the right publisher for the book, and it just sort
of died. Back in January, I requested return of the book, and it has since undergone
a major revision to become book one in a trilogy. The Triad of PowerFirst Quest
was released December 22, 2013. I’m really enjoying this story now that’s it’s been
revised and edited, and leading to two more adventures. I hope you enjoy a peek
at it, too!

Triad of Power: First Quest

During the time before the Great Forbidding was created, it was
believed the defiance of the Renegades could be contained. To that end, the Council
of Power called upon their Ancient Gods for assistance. In response, the Gods ordered
creation of the Triad of Power–three swords, each one imbued with the essence of
a gift unique to those who would wield the weapons as the Guardians of Foress. Like
all magic, each crafted blade contained the driving sorcery of its creator–not all
wizards are immune to the weaknesses of men, and within the Triad, conflict itself
was bred without conscious intent or knowledge. So begins the legend, and the epic
fantasy of the Triad of Power.

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Stolen Rapture. 
Today’s featured book is Stolen Rapture by Denysé Bridger.

Genres: Erotic, vampire, ménage, D/s
Publisher: New Dawning International Book Fair
Cover Art: Kayden McLeod
When work brings Deluna Jordan face to face with a man who knows her better than she knows herself, she soon discovers he shares everything with his boss, including lovers…and a thirst for blood…and she is about to become the lucky recipient of all their desires…

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RLF Gems.

September on Romance Lives Forever produced many big hits
with readers. Top with readers are articles, followed by author interviews,
character interviews, and new book releases. Blog tours continue to do well. Here
are the top five authors (judging by page hits) with a tie at number five
1. Elysa Hendricks — Sword and the Pen (Article)
2. Denyse’ Bridger — Vampire Erotic (Interview)
3. Tiffinie Helmer — Dreamweaver: Paranormal Romance (Interview)
4. Viki Lyn — Lover’s Trill (Interview)
5. R Ann Siracusa — Game of Seduction (Interview)
5. Candace Shaw — Suspense: A Fist Full of Ashes (Interview)
 I did not include myself in this list, but my article on alpha hero Luc Saint-Cyr would have been counted among the top three. Go, Luc! ^_^ He and I are sitting out this “hit parade” since I also blogged about him on my personal site, Unstoppable Heroes.
Participants this month in alphabetical order by first name
are: Candace Shaw, Danita Minnis, Denyse’
Bridger, Elizabeth J Kolodziej, Elysa Hendricks, Justine Elyot, Karen Sue Burns,
LM Brown, R Ann Siracusa, Tiffinie Helmer, Ute Carbone, Viki Lynn
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