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This is day one of the MFRW Marketing Summer Camp. Check out the schedule below. Please join us when you get the chance. Membership is open – and F R E E

09:45 – 9:59
Building the
Campfire – Welcome to MFRW!
— Intro and welcome
10:00 – 10:50
Building the
Paranormal Character
— Kay Dee Royal
11:00 – 11:50
QR Codes
Rolynn Anderson
12:00 – 12:50
Dealing With
Online Piracy
— Kayelle Allen
1:00 – 1:50
Where to Find
— Dawne Prochilo
2:00 – 2:50
— Julie Eberhart Painter
3:00 – 3:50
Cyber Campfire,
Singalong, and S’mores
– Sharing Opportunities
4:00 – 4:50
Open Forum
– Pinterest Questions
5:00 – 5:50
Suzan Butler
6:00 – 6:50
Open Forum
– Twitter Questions
7:00 – 7:50
Open Forum
– Facebook Questions
8:00 – 8:50
Open Forum
– Triberr Questions: Special Guest Dino Dogan, founder of Triberr
All workshops and Classes are held
on the Yahoo Group.
Sign up here / Attend here

Picture yourself cruising the net looking for a good spot to
promote your new book when you happen upon a great review site. You decide
to request they read it. First question: Title of book — hah! Piece
of cake. Publisher: Duh! This is easy too. ISBN: Hmmm. You tap your fingers on the keyboard. Didn’t I see that in an email? So you open a new window and start
rummaging through all the stuff in your inbox. It has 475 messages in it so it
takes awhile. You notice an email from a fellow author and read it, respond,
then decide to see what’s in that cool looking newsletter that just came. About
an hour later you close the email window and there in the background is that
review site — still waiting for the ISBN that you never found. Sound familiar?
I thought so. I’ve done things like this, and so have many
others. In 2006, I created Marketing for Romance Writers so I could get some
writing done but still help about a dozen friends with questions like “How
do I get my book reviewed?” “I’m drowning in email. How do I create
folders?” “What’s the #1 thing I should do to market my book?” I figured if I helped them, they’d help me when I had a question too. Guess what? It worked. We all helped each other.
I answered their questions with articles on how to create a
review request form, how to determine what kinds of folders you need, and ideas
on how to find out who was talking about you online. These were things I was learning myself, and I enjoyed sharing. Since that time, those
twelve people have morphed into over twelve hundred, and I am not the only person answering questions. Our group is a self-help group that relies on crowd sourced answers. Everybody shares info and news. We started calling the
group MFRW because we talked about it so much and the title was too long to
write out. We invited guest speakers to come help us learn, and we shared with
author groups and our publishers. We gave free workshops. I decided at the beginning that we would not charge for
lessons because everyone needed a chance to learn and not everyone could afford it.
We began a professional newsletter, gave seminars,
workshops, and had Q&A sessions. We started two blogs and a Facebook group. We created a few excerpt books to give away. This month, we added a website, and in July, we’re sponsoring a free, two-day Marketing
Summer Camp with over a dozen guest speakers, panels, and a large number of
giveaways and handouts.
Things have changed. Yet the more they change — the more
they stay the same. A recent discussion on the Yahoo group asked “When
does marketing become spam?” Last count, there were over fifty responses
in two separate topics relating to that subject. We also took on the task of
liking each other’s Amazon author pages, and on Facebook, we regularly like and
tag each other’s books as a way to help with sales.
Our Author Blog Banner
Yes, we’ve come a long way. We started out with a Yahoo
group and a dozen friends, and we’ve become a crowd with multiple aspects of
social media. We have a newsletter editor, two proofers, a blog director, five
group liaisons, a promotions director, and me. Eleven people to look after the
goings on around a group that started with only a dozen members. Yes, things
have changed, but they are still focused on the same five things as they were
in the beginning. Our motto is still “seek, teach, share, learn, succeed.”

Our Volunteer Staff

Kayelle Allen Founder 
Newsletter Editor: Rochelle Weber
Proofers: Cat Gardiene, JJ Keller
Blog Director: Lynn Crain
Promotions Director: Karen Cote’
Group Liaisons: Jeanne Barrack, Jean Drew, Dawne Prochilo, Heaven O’Shey, RJ

Join Us!

We still help one another and look for ways to advance our
careers by working together. It’s been a little less than six years since we
started on this journey. I can’t wait to see where the next six takes us. Won’t
you join us?

Where to find Marketing for Romance Writers online:

Our Marketing Blog Banner

Sign up for Summer Camp by joining the Yahoo Group.

members are enrolled. To take part, read your messages. That’s all there is to
img credit: “You have a new book”
RLF Gems.

The top bloggers (by page load) for the month of May resulted in a tie for last place in the top five. Knocking the ball clean out of the park with nearly twice as many hits as second place, the top spot this month told us all about sex.

1. Kharisma Rhayne
2. Dawne Prochilo
3. Cecilia Tan
4. Cora Blu
5. Cate Masters
6. Liz Adams

The next level was last month’s RLF Gems, and the Random Act of Kindness for Janet Elizabeth Jones that I held to help celebrate the release of the Emotion Thesaurus.

thanks to everyone who took part this month. Guests this month included (in alpha order by first name) AT Weaver, Cate Masters, Cora Blu, Dawne Prochilo, DN Lyons,
DX Luc, Heidi Cullinan, JA Rock, Kharisma Rhayne, Liz Adams, Marie Astor, Pavarti
K Tyler, and Rosanna Leo.

First Chance.
I am a huge advocate when it comes to over-promoting. I
constantly see authors overdo the promotions of their books. Granted I know the
excitement is there. You want the world to know. You also want the world to buy
one copy. Right?
Well, I unexpectedly was off-line for the last few weeks
due to personal events and a quick trip to Florida. And in that time I noticed
something. Sales for my two self published books dipped. They fell. They
tumbled some. Hell, I’ll be honest… they crashed faster than the stock market
did under the democratic politicians.
Sales for my prequel to When We Meet Again, First
was HOT! It hit number 61 in the Amazon Top 100 Best Sellers back
in March when it was first released.
Then came Insatiable

an erotic tale that was once part of an anthology but when the rights
reverted back to me, it was off and running as a self-published book on Amazon.
Now what are their standings? *looks around* I don’t want
to discuss it. Not one single promotion anywhere online for over three weeks…
and there was a noticeable difference and I know my payment from Amazon will
reflect the slump. So what to do now?
Insatiable Kate
Light promotions. I will be offering Insatiable
free next weekend for Mother’s Day. My mindset is that moms
will receive gift certificate for Mother’s Day (Hint** buy some
ebooks for mom this year) and while she’s on Amazon shopping, she will see my
freebie. Win-win here. She gets a free bonus book to read and I may gain a new
reader for my fan base.
Now, I did mention LIGHT promotions. So do NOT expect
to see me over-flood the already saturated groups and loops with my freebie.
I’m hoping and praying for word of mouth exposure.
So now my main question is this… were sales through the
roof due to the fact that these were new releases? Or did the sales falter
because I didn’t promote at all?
The $64-million dollar question I hope to have an answer
for within a month. So stay tuned in for these ‘test’ results.
*the original post is part of my Promo Monday blog series.
But this is an experiment I wanted to share with a broader audience. as I’m
sure many authors have seen the same sales influx* 
Also on July 14 and July 15, the Marketing For RomanceWriters group are hosting various workshops on promoting and techniques. Please
be sure to join us.
RLF Gems

The top bloggers (by page load) for the month of April resulted in two ties, and two people had two posts each, all of which came in at the top. My own birthday post had the most hits. After patting myself on the back, and nearly breaking my own arm in the process, ;) I decided to include the top eight, because there was only one point between numbers seven and eight. Surely a banner month for everyone!

1. It’s Kayelle Allen’s Birthday, Nab Alitus (giveaway)
2. Pizza Variations: Author Dinner (Kayelle)
3. Finding the Right Marketing (Dawne Prochilo)
4. Outlantacon Interview: Moxie Magnus
5. A Day in the Life of an Erotic Author (Dawne Prochilo)
6. Outlantacon Interview: TC Blue
7. Amber Riley’s Kindred Blood (Amber Riley)
8. Outlantacon Interview: Denny Upkins

I was pleased to see that three of the Outlantacon interviews scored at the top. There were seven featured, and all scored well. The entire month was a win-win. Guests scored some free books, everyone got to read cool articles and interviews, and there were links to books, upcoming conventions, and videos.

My thanks to everyone who took part this month. Guests this month also included (in alpha order by first name) Babette James, Casey Crow, Eugie Foster, Hushicho Phoenix, Janet
E Jones, JE Taylor, Kathy Kulig, Kay Dee Royal, Kiernan Kelly, Lee Martindale, Mary
Caelsto, Rue Allyn, Skhye Moncrief, and Tara Lain.
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