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Read the #ChickLit "Year of the What?" by Jennifer Lieberman @yearofthewhat #RLFblog #RomanticComedy #RomComIn Jennifer Lieberman’s romantic comedy Year of the What? Dana, heartbroken and lonely in New York City, embarks on an outrageous adventure of sexual discovery while looking for love… ultimately finding her power and confidence with the help of her dominatrix roommate Kelly.Jennifer Lieberman, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about Year of the What?

Year of the What? by Jennifer Lieberman

Genre ChickLit

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R

Year of the WHAT? is a romantic comedy that follows heartbroken and lonely 25-year-old Dana, who is six months off her first break-up and living the single life in New York City. A virgin once removed, she’s insecure and on the hunt for the one.

Dana has only been with one man and hasn’t given herself a chance to explore her own curiosity. She feels ashamed of her desires, and keeps trying to squash them in order to be a ‘good girl’. Her roommate, Kelly, on the other hand, has none of Dana’s hang-ups.

Kelly is unabashedly promiscuous, with an off the charts IQ and a full ride to NYU. But Kelly can’t stand the monotony of school, so she drops out to become a dominatrix and pursue an alternative lifestyle where she makes ‘lawyer money’ working in a dungeon in Chelsea.

After months of searching in vain for Mr. Right, Kelly’s lust for life and insatiable quest for adventure finally rub off…Dana embarks on an outrageous adventure of sexual discovery where she finds her inner power and confidence, all while taking charge of her erotic exploration. Through her exploits Dana realizes she will never find what she is looking for, until she finds herself.

What does your character always carry?

Kelly, the dominatrix, is Dana’s best friend and roommate; she doesn’t go anywhere without a pair of handcuffs in her purse, for both business or pleasure. They make her feel secure and that she really can handle anything. I guess you can say they are a symbol of her power.

Does your character carry money and if so, in what form (cash, credit, etc.)?

Kelly always has a large wad of a few hundred dollars cash on her, she runs a cash business and isn’t interested in the credit card companies or pay apps tracking her purchases. But of course she does have a few credit cards, she’s smart enough to know about keeping a good credit score, something her mother never really understood.

What does your character carry related to a job or calling?

Stripper shoes, you know the huge trashy platform stilettos, yeah, she carries those in her bag. Kelly is more of a chunky boot girl, and they’re way more conducive for traipsing around the city, but for work those shoes are like the magic that transforms her from Kelly to Mistress Special K (who we actually never get to meet in the book).

What else besides pockets does the character use to carry things?

Kelly uses a black Gucci tote bag to carry her items, she’s usually not that into labels, but it was a gift from one of her first regular clients and that bag gave her the confidence to double her rate once she hit the one year mark at the dungeon. It’s light enough to schlep around all day, but strong enough it’s lasted a few years now. It’s big enough to carry all the essentials any dominatrix would need in the big city – keys, wallet, phone, make up, a couple of work outfits, and work shoes, as well as her trusty handcuffs and a mini paddle in case of an emergency call.

Has anything in your character’s pockets ever gotten them in trouble?

Nothing in Kelly’s pockets can compete with her mouth in the trouble department.

Has anything in your character’s pockets ever saved the day?

Kelly is kinda like the condom fairy, she’s always got a handful in her bag (she gets them free at work). She’s saved many a random hookup on a drunken horney night with her “get a room, we need the table” line as she slides a condom across the bar table to an unsuspecting couple.

If your character could buy an item to carry things in and money was no object, what would it be?

If Kelly could hire anything to carry her items for her, it would be an assistant to follow her around carrying all her things for her!

Questions for the Character to Answer About the Author

What does your author always carry?

Jennifer always carries a pen and a notebook, she is so old fashioned! She even has different sized notebooks and pens to fit in varying sized bags from an evening clutch to a backpack. She’s kinda obsessed with writing.

What does your author dislike carrying but has to?

My author loathes carrying her iphone, like seriously, if she’s not in the middle of producing a film or theatre production, does she really need to be reachable 24 hours a day? She also believes her phone is a robot spy tracking every move, purchase and conversation she has, what a weirdo!

What does your author carry for luck?

Jennifer carries an American $2 bill her best friend Jay Wonder once gave her for good luck. And a seashell from Australia.

What does your author prefer to use when it comes to items like backpacks / purses?

Well that entirely depends on the day, if there is any work or writing involved she definitely needs the backpack equipped with a computer, harddrive, notebooks (yes more than one!), pens, hi-lighters, some healthy snacks (apples, nuts). However, if it’s just a leisurely day a purse with a minimum of three lip glosses and an appropriately sized notebook will suffice.

If your author could buy an item to carry things in and money was no object, what would it be?

If Jennifer could buy anything to carry her item around, it would be a personal assistant who doubles as a driver.

Where to buy Year of the What?

Barnes and Noble

Jennifer Lieberman Social Media

Jennifer Lieberman is from Maple, Canada and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from York University in Toronto. She has appeared in over two-dozen stage productions in Toronto, New York City, Los Angeles, Europe and Australia; including her Award- Winning solo-show Year of the Slut, which her novel Year of the What? was adapted from. In addition to her performance career she has penned a number of screen and stage plays the short films Leash and Details which both screened at the Festival De Cannes’ Court Métrage among other international film festivals as well as the wacky web-series Dumpwater Divas. Year of the What? is Lieberman’s first novel.
Amazon Author Page
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Know the Heroine from Lady Elinor's Escape by Linda McLaughlin @LyndiLamont #RLFblog #RegencyRomanceCinderella meets Mr. Knightley in Linda McLaughlin’s sweet Regency romance, Lady Elinor’s Escape. In disguise and on the run for her life, Lady Elinor meets a curious barrister. Can he learn her secret in time to save them both?

Linda, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! We’re excited to find out more about your heroine, but first, tell us about Lady Elinor’s Escape.

Lady Elinor’s Escape by Linda McLaughlin

Genre Regency Romance

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG

A mysterious lady. An inquisitive gentleman. And a secret that could tear them apart.

Lady Elinor should be in London enjoying the season, not fearful and trapped in a country cottage with an unbalanced relative. When her aunt becomes violent, she flees straight into the path of a compassionate barrister. Desperate, she accepts his help, but will she be able to hide the truth from this inquisitive, intelligent man?

There are too many women in barrister Stephen Chaplin’s life, but he has never been able to turn his back on a woman in need. The reticent seamstress resists his every attempt to draw her out and remains a mystery he can’t solve.

Then a Bow Street Runner hired by her aunt comes asking questions. Elinor again turns to Stephen for help. But when circumstances reveal the truth about her background, will Stephen and Elinor lose their chance at happiness?

Lady Elinor’s Escape is a Cinderella-inspired traditional Regency romance. If you like noble gentlemen, independent ladies and sweet romance, this book is for you! Read now for free with Kindle Unlimited or grab a copy for 99 cents during the Kindle Countdown Deal, US and UK only.

Know the Heroine from Lady Elinor’s Escape

Here are some fun questions to help us know your heroine.

It’s late, she’s bored. What does she do?

Read or draw.

What kind of food would she impulse buy if hungry?

A meat pie from a street vendor.

Describe the kind of clothes she prefers to wear.

Naturally, she would prefer clothing made from fine cotton or silk, though she dresses more casually in most of the book, as she pretends to be a seamstress.

Does she know how to fix things?

Not mechanical things, but she’s quite handy with a needle.

She tried to do something and it went badly. Tell us about it.

In the first chapter she runs away from her abusive aunt, planning to take the mail coach to London, but then finds out it doesn’t stop at the local inn, which is how she meets the hero.

How does she act around children she doesn’t know?

She is kind to them.

What is she like first thing in the morning?


How does she handle things when in a “proper” social situation?

She possesses the social graces of her station in life, but she also adapts to a less exalted environment.

Maid or takes care of herself?

She takes care of herself for most of the book.

Proper dress or casual clothes?

Proper dress.

Sleeves buttoned or rolled up?

Buttoned, of course.

Powdered wig or natural hair?

Natural hair, except at a masquerade ball.

Carriage or horseback?


Thanks for helping us get to know your heroine!

Where to buy Lady Elinor’s Escape

Amazon US
Amazon UK

Linda McLaughlin Social Media

Linda McLaughlin grew up with a love of history fostered by her paternal grandmother and an incurable case of wanderlust inherited from her father. She has traveled extensively within the United States and has visited Mexico, Canada, Australia, Europe and Iceland. She now lives near the ocean in Orange County, California.
Linda writes historical and Regency romance under her real name and spicier romance under the pseudonym Lyndi Lamont.
Amazon Author Page
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Know the Hero from Sixshooter by Lyndi Alexander #RLFblog #SciFi #Romance

Some call him the Space Cowboy; others call him lover. No gangster required. Meet Garrett Rawls in Sixshooter! #alienlove #genderfluidmenage #lovethosespacecowboys #HorizonCrossover

Lyndi welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about Sixshooter.

Sixshooter by Lyndi Alexander

Genre Science fiction romance

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R

Valeni Pascual wants to be free to make a living hauling cargo with her spaceship and to understand the shapeshifting alien who presents sometimes as the steamy male Nik and other times as the blonde bombshell Nikki.

As a rebel insurgence builds against the oppressive government known as the Agency, Valeni and Nik/Nikki encounter a sexy Terran cowboy named Garrett Rawls. Since being pulled into this region of space by another mysterious wormhole, Garrett has looked for a way to return to Earth. After meeting Valeni and Nikki, he might have found something worth staying for.

However, dark forces may have a much bigger picture in mind for all of them. Valeni, Nik/Nikki, and Garrett are pulled into a life and death fight that lays bare all of their secrets and their desires. Will they lose everything as the battle against the Agency rages around them or can love pull them through?

Know the Hero from Sixshooter

Here are some fun questions to help us know your hero.

It’s late, he’s bored. What does he do?

He’s got Valeni and Nikki to be with if he wants female companionship, Nicholas and Luca if he wants an old-fashioned boys’ night…. but if they aren’t around, he’d likely watch old vids, read, tinker with the ship or toss a ball against the bulkhead, Steve McQueen-style.

What kind of food would he impulse buy if hungry?

Hot dog or sausage, something salty and not lowfat. He wouldn’t pay any mind to what actually is in the hot dog. This is a great trait in a new universe where you definitely have no idea what’s stuffed in between your bread.

Describe the kind of clothes he prefers to wear.

He comes from Earth, in the western territories, so he is partial to denim or denim- type fabric pants, button up shirt. Natural type fabrics. I can’t see him in polyester type fabrics, no Trek onesies. Space suits or the like only in emergencies.

Does he know how to fix things?

He’s not bad at it. His favorite uncle and his Grandpa Maurice made sure this little cowboy was good with his hands. He could probably MacGyver almost anything.

He tried to do something and it went badly. Tell us about it.

He was asked to transport a cargo to another planet, without being allowed to know what the cargo contained. Being a good captain, he objected to this, but was persuaded by his friend Valeni to accept it anyway. His curiosity got the better of him and he pried one of the crates open. What he found was startling, and the consequences of his action were deadly.

How does he act around children he doesn’t know?

Just like he’s their big brother and gets to play with them all day and doesn’t have to act like an adult.

What is he like first thing in the morning?

Definitely a “hit the snooze button, put the pillow over his head, ten more minutes mom” person. Unless what’s waking him is a pretty girl in his bed. Then he just does what comes naturally. 😊

How does he act around people who don’t know what he is?

Not any different than he does the rest of the time. Garrett is what he is—everyone else can take it or leave it.

Will he let a worker handle things or do it himself?

He wouldn’t rudely take over, but he’s been raised to be a good guy and to be helpful, so he’d likely offer to help or even just handle something himself rather than bother someone who’s busy.

Earrings/piercings/tattoos or unadorned skin?

Hey, what you do when you’re drunk can’t be held against you, can it? I mean, there might be a tattoo. Or two.

Personal vehicle or public transport?

Personal. And with as much power as it can have.

Recycle or toss?

Traveling spacemen always conserve whatever’s possible, so recycle or give it to someone who needs it.

(With thanks for input to Kellie Hicks, who first originated Garrett long ago in an online RPG)

Thanks for helping us get to know your hero!

Where to buy Sixshooter

Publisher Dragonfly Publishing
Coming Soon! To know when this book is available, follow the author on Amazon
Print editions will be available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and more. Find ebooks at retailers, lending libraries, and subscription services, including: Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Barnes and Noble, Blio, Kobo Books, Open Library, Overdrive, Scribd, Smashwords, and more.

Lyndi Alexander Social Media

Lyndi Alexander always dreamed of faraway worlds and interesting alien contacts. She lives as a post-modern hippie in Asheville, North Carolina, a single mother of her last child of seven, a daughter on the autism spectrum, finding that every day feels a lot like first contact with a new species.
Amazon Author Page
Book series trailer


Introducing Brodie from Windmaster Golem by Helen Henderson @history2write #RLFblog #fantasy #romance

Save magic, the city, or a friend? Windmaster Golem by Helen Henderson

You have no magic. How do you stop a rogue mage, an army of clay soldiers, or save a friend from an invisible stalker?

Let’s meet Brodie from Windmaster Golem, a fantasy romance, by Helen Henderson. Welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about the story your author wrote.

Windmaster Golem by Helen Henderson

Genre Fantasy Romance

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG-13

Kiansel, sister to the current Oracle of Givneh, is expected to one day assume the mantle and lead the temple’s followers. Her emerging powers force an impossible decision. To answer the siren call of magic requires she turn her back on her family, her heritage and the teachings of the Oracle.

Banishment to a remote village as healer, a position he despised, fueled Relliq’s desire for revenge. The discovery of a mythical city and an army of clay soldiers provided the means to control all mages—including the one he wanted most—Kiansel.

Brodie, weaponsmith for the School of Mages couldn’t refuse the archmage’s request to act as escort for a healing team fighting a curse upon the land. But how can a man without any magic of his own fight a curse or protect a friend from an invisible stalker?

Introducing Brodie

Please tell me about yourself.

Age I have lived 30 turns in this volume. However my tale actually begins when I make a brief appearance in Windmaster as a youth

Gender: Male

Birthplace: A mountain village in Nerelan

Profession: weaponsmith

Species (for scifi/fantasy characters): human

What do you look like?

I have brown eyes that can have an intense gaze when creating a tool for a special friend. My hair is brown, which is usually kept cropped to collar length so that it doesn’t get in the way when I’m working. Long legs that give me a height that is taller than most on the Isle of Mages, except for the archmage and Murdo, who serves as sergeant major for the residents, helps make quick work of the climb to my hilltop forge.

Who is the significant other in your life?

Ahhh. I don’t have a significant other. I am fond of the archmage’s two daughters, but they are not a romantic interest (at least on my part) as I think of them as my own daughters. There is one whom I can envision a life with. However, Kia is the sister to the current Oracle of Givneh… and a mage. A future between Kia and me cannot be as I have no powers.

Please tell us about your education.

My first exploration into learning a craft was as a mercenary. And my first assignment was a failed attempt to kill Lord Dal. Fortunately for me, he spared my life. I studied for a year with the king’s head guard, then spent a cold season at Telarim the Red’s mercenary camp, studying weapons and their use. There my talent for weaponsmithing was realized and I stayed on for two campaigns working with the troop’s weaponsmith before I apprenticed with the top weapon makers in Nerelan. Book learning came later, as did training to develop my natural talents in the arts of sketching, engraving, and working with stones to use in the jewelry and blades I create.

Are any of your skills a source of pride or embarrassment, and if so, which ones and why?

My ability to imbue life into steel is something I am extremely proud of. The weapons I make for the journeyman mages will serve as their tool for the rest of their lives. Even though I don’t know who will select what token for the hilt or what blade, each piece is special and customized for their future owner. Although I haven’t witnessed it myself as I have no powers of my own, those who are summoned to the council fire say the token, hilt, and blade that are meant to go together call out to the mage who will use the dagger to focus their powers. The pieces have been said to emit a beam of light skyward that only the intended future wizard can see.

Do you get by, live comfortably, live extravagantly?

My needs are simple. I have my own cottage on the isle, the freedom to come and go as I please. Those who like growing plants do so for everyone from student to master, mage and villager alike. Meals can be eaten in the communal hall or you can cook for yourself. Most days I take a slab of bread and some sliced meat with me to eat as my mid-day meal while I work. The evening meal is at the village. Murdo is a good cook and an even better baker.

Those who see me out and about on the archmage’s tasks might say I live extravagantly because of the horse I ride and my welcome at the most powerful houses in the land. I will share a secret about Wirake. He is no ordinary horse, but the son of the head stallion of the vale. And instead of selecting a wizard, he chose me, a man with no magic of my own, as his rider.

What is your family like?

I never knew my parents and those who lived in the mountain village they came from never accepted me. Which is why I signed up with Ruaridh, the head of the mercenary troop serving the false oracle I was hoping to find a family in the brotherhood of fighters. Of course, if I had had a happy childhood, I would never have met the archmage. Dal and Ellspeth became my family, and their daughters mine. While I may not have a family bound by blood, I ended up with one with even stronger ties.

What inner doubt causes you the most difficulty?

That because I don’t have any magic of my own, that one day I will fail Dal and his mate, Ellspeth. The archmage and his lady are my friends. They and their daughters treat me as a member of their family. I would never forgive myself if they fell in battle because I did not train them well enough… or if I failed to protect them.

If you could make any one thing happen, what would it be?

Almost every day since I came to the isle of the wizard’s council and school of magic, I have rued the fact I don’t have the ability to work magic. The other wizards have never treated me less because of it. We are friends… They are my family… I am just not fully one of them.

If I could make one thing happen, it would be for me to hear the summons to the council fire where journeyman mages earn their rank and dagger. For, if I heard the silent summons that would mean I have powers and be worthy of Kia.

Where to buy Windmaster Golem

Publisher BWL Publishing
Barnes and Noble
More ebook sites

Helen Henderson Social Media

Although the author of several local histories, and numerous articles on the topics of American and military history, antiques and collectibles, Hendersons first love is fiction. Her work in the museum and history fields enables a special insight into creating fantasy worlds. The descendent of a coal-miner’s daughter and an aviation flight engineer, her writing reflects the contrasts of her heritage as well as that of her Gemini sign. Her stories cross genres from historical westerns to science fiction and fantasy. In the world of fantasy romance, she is the author of the Dragshi Chronicles and The Windmaster Novels. In her books, she invites you to join her on travels through the stars, or among fantasy worlds of the imagination.
Amazon Author Page


Would you break the law to protect the woman you love from a killer? Is the Question Faye Hall asks in Carnal Transgression

Let’s meet Seamus Tynedale from Carnal Transgression, a Historical Romance, by Faye Hall. Welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about your latest book.

Carnal Transgression by Faye Hall

Genre Historical Romance

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R

Would you break the law to protect the woman you love from a killer?

Constance Dunbar is desperate to discover who killed her sister. Her plea for help is ignored by the local police, so she advertises for a private investigator. Seamus Tynedale answers the ad, and she immediately recognizes him as the friendly stranger whose arms held her so tenderly as she wept after her sister’s death.

Seamus longed to be reunited with the dark-haired beauty who’d kissed him in the churchyard. When he ends up working for her as a private investigator, he knows that his position as a police constable needs to remain a secret due to her mistrust of the department.

As Seamus hunts for the murderer, he finds himself lured into a den of secrets and lies tracing back eighteen years to Ireland, and it all seems to be connected to Constance. Seamus delves into Constance’s past, hoping to understand the secrets she’s so intent on keeping hidden. What he finds is a passion that ignites his heart and captivates his senses.

When Constance’s life comes under threat, Seamus has to choose between following the law and protecting the woman he loves from a killer. Will he be able to safeguard Constance, or will he lose her to the evil that seems to have followed her to Australia?

Stressing Seamus Tynedale

Stressing Seamus Tynedale from Carnal Transgression @FayeHall79 #RLFblog #HistoricalRomanceEvery hero has a story. He has a background, a history, and a past. This interview allows us to meet a hero and get to know him better, by focusing on how he handles being relaxed, as well as how he handles stress.

Please tell me about your hero.

Age: 38

Gender: Nale

Birthplace: Ireland

Profession: Policeman

Ethnicity: Irish

Species (for scifi/fantasy characters):

What does your hero look like?

Red Hair, Green eyes, Slender build and Average height.

Who is the significant other in his life?

A dark haired beauty with an hourglass figure named Constance.

The Hero’s Relaxed Side

This hero is at a party. Considering his story, describe the party.

It would be very quiet and traditional. Perhaps just a few friends sharing some Irish whiskey whilst reminiscing about their hometown and the friends they’d lost.

How does the hero feel about being this particular party, and what body language is he displaying that gives it away?

Seamus would be very uncomfortable as he’s distanced himself from people for so long.

Is he more likely to mingle or remain aloof?

Very aloof.

If he drinks, what is his drink of choice at this party?

Irish whiskey

How much drink is his usual?

Only a small glass or two. Not a heavy drinker at all.

The hero figures out where the hiding places are and then goes there. Is it to hide, to avoid someone, or to go drag a friend back to the party?

Probably to hide, but if Constance has also left the party then he’d follow her just to sneak some time alone.

Is he likely to latch onto a friend and stay with him/her and ignore others, or is he the friend that others latch onto?

He’d stay by Constance’s side.

If someone picked a fight at this party, how is the hero going to handle it?

He would try to break it up, but would only throw punches if Constance was in danger.

Is the hero the one most likely to get tossed out of the party, or the one who does the tossing?

Despite his small stature, he can handle himself quite well so he’d be doing the tossing in an attempt to keep the peace.

Will he know when to leave, or stay late and make a nuisance of himself?

He’d be one of the first to leave.

The Hero’s Stressed Out Side

How does the hero handle it if the cops or some other authority figure pulls him aside when he was blameless in a situation?

He is a police officer so provided it’s not his senior Constable pulling him aside, he would be fine.

How does the hero react to hearing a scream?

It would trigger his protective instinct and he’d run to see if he could help.

If he sees someone being assaulted, what is the FIRST thing that crosses his mind?

To risk life and limb to save them.

If he sees someone being assaulted, what is the FIRST thing he does?

He’s not much of a fighter, but he’d swing enough punches until the aggressor was distracted.

This hero attempts to rescue someone and realizes that he is in over his head. The odds are against him and there is no way out. He is going to get his butt handed to him. What does he do?

He fights until the victim has found there way to safety no matter the cost.

The hero runs into the one person from his past he wanted to avoid. He can’t get out of the situation and must interact in some way. What does he do?

He’s very aloof and short in his respnses and leaves as soon as he’s able.

Someone younger than the hero is in charge of the situation, and they are handling it badly, perhaps bungling things. How does the hero deal with it?

Seamus would try to give advice and steer them in the right direction.

The hero is in physical pain but must bear up under it and keep going. What does he tell himself in order to get through the situation?

He’d remind himself of his duty and the price so many of his kinsmen had paid for his freedom.

What mentor’s words come to mind in a bad situation?

He’s quoted in the book as telling one character to “remember the brave man you once were.”

What lesson from his past gets him through a stressful situation?

Seamus has lost his family and he is constantly reminded of the sacrifice they made so he could start a new life in Australia.

What one thing would you like readers to know about your hero?

Seamus is loosely based on my Great Grandfather who was a policeman both in Ireland and when he migrated to Australia during the same time Carnal Transgression is set.

Where to buy Carnal Transgression


Faye Hall Social Media

Faye Hall spent her early years listening to stories about the families – including her own – who settled townships in and around her hometown in North Queensland, Australia. The local townspeople, including her own parents, told her stories of corruption and slavery, along with family secrets and forbidden love.
Desperate to remember what she’d been told, along with her already growing love of writing, Faye began to write about the history of her local area. Never could she have imagined the history of her small home town in Australia would become a growing list of published books.
Faye’s passionate stories combine controversial subjects and provocative encounters as her characters struggle to survive the lifestyle in early rural townships throughout Australia. She explores slavery and abortion, drug addiction and murder, as well as forbidden love and passionate affairs of the heart.
When she’d not writing, Faye enjoys sharing a bottle of wine with her husband in their ever-growing garden, and encouraging the varied interests of their combined family of nine children.
Explore the world of Faye Hall, Australian Historical Romance Author at her website
Amazon Author Page


Read the #RomanticSuspense #DarkEnergy by Addison Brae @AddisonBrae1 #RLFblog #NewAdultThe more powerful your enemies, the more friends you need. Will Gillian sacrifice her life to keep a promise? Dark Energy, a thrilling romantic suspense story of love and surviving evil by Addison Brae, is dedicated to anyone whose livelihood depends on the bar, service industry, or music scenes.

Addison, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about Dark Energy.

Dark Energy by Addison Brae

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R

Cybercrime doesn’t talk. It creeps in and destroys lives right under Gillian’s nose when a cryptojacking scheme lands her boss, Pinkie, in jail. Gillian had just started over with a new career, boyfriend, and confidence after escaping a vicious murder investigation that shattered her ability to trust. Then Pinkie’s arrest leaves her struggling to run his two bars while also unraveling the conspiracy.

Gillian will not let her mentor and friend go down for something he didn’t do. Neither will Jon, the most talented musician on the bar’s stage and the perfect boyfriend…until his good fortune sends her reeling. Gillian forces herself to trust the cops, people who hurt her, and known criminals. Will it be enough to free Pinkie and save her life?

What’s in your character’s pockets, backpack, or purse?

Does your character carry money and if so, in what form (cash, credit, etc.)?

Gillian was a new college grad in a new city, so money was tight. She lived paycheck to paycheck until she picked up a part time bartending job. She stashed tips in a box in her closet as her emergency fund. Then she started carrying cryptocurrency because, as an accountant, she learned it was safer than the cash she earned from tips or credit cards. As those who have read Dark Energy know, she found out digital money is almost as easy to steal, and criminals can steal more at a time. And those thieves are completely anonymous.

Is there an item your character carries for good luck and if so, what is it?

Gillian always carries her Harvard bottle opener. She’s carried the brushed chrome bar key with the crimson Harvard shield since the day she received it from her best college friend after she got the job as a part-time job as a bartender. It makes her think of Lauren and the incredible times they had during three-and-a-half college years together With the opener, Lauren is with her all those late nights at work. The opener is still in her back pocket or in the pen holder on her desk even though she manages the bar now. It helps her slip right back into bartender mode when needed.

What does your character dislike carrying but has to?

Gillian started carrying a Kel-Tec P-11 subcompact 9mm pistol in her purse soon after her fresh start. She doesn’t like to, but she does out of necessity; so she’s prepared. She’s licensed to carry and trained well to use it.

What else besides pockets does the character use to carry things?

Gillian’s favorite purse is the one her mother gave her for her eleventh birthday, the last birthday before her mother lost her cancer battle. She carried it, with the cash she had to live on until she got paid, her ID and credit card, and proof she took her CPA exam inside, when she finally was brave enough to walk to the neighborhood pub alone. A guy who looked barely old enough to drive yanked it off her shoulder.  She chased the kid until a well-dressed man jumped out of a shiny SUV and shoved the thief into the shrubs. The kid bolted. The man handed Gillian her purse, bowed like a nineteenth century prince, and stepped back into his truck. This was the first encounter of a unique relationship that lasted longer than the man’s life.

Has anything in your character’s pockets ever saved the day?

Indeed. Gillian walked into the middle of a Russian mobster ambushing Pinkie, her boss and mentor, in the bar’s kitchen. One of the mobster’s guys shot their security guard and knocked out Pinkie. Gillian was out front so they didn’t know she was there. Gillian showed her badassery to save them. You would definitely want her walking in that dark alley with you.

Questions for the Character to Answer About the Author

What does your author dislike carrying but has to?

These days, it’s her bag-o-masks. I hope she can stop carrying those soon. No masks would mean restaurants and bars will stay open so we can make a living again, and employees and patrons will be safe!

What does your author carry for luck?

Addison carries her car and house keys on a silver metal open heart-shaped keychain that she’s had since she started driving in high school. It’s bent a little, but aren’t we all?

What does your author prefer to use when it comes to items like backpacks / purses?

A messenger-style bag is best. The smaller the better, although she says a wallet is a little too small to carry her favorite lip stain, keys, phone, grocery list, and credit cards.

If your author could buy an item to carry things in and money was no object, what would it be?

She likes any unique and cute purse but doesn’t see the value in spending zillions on them because she doesn’t change out her purses very often. She’d rather spend that money on shoes.

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