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Meet the hero from Lord Stanton's Shocking Seaside Honeymoon by Cerise DeLand @CeriseDeLand #RFLblog #RegencyRomanceWhen a storm blows off the North Sea and slams into the village of Fenwick on Sea, the villagers prepare for the inevitable: shipwreck, flood, land slips, and stranded travelers. The Queen’s Barque Inn quickly fills with the injured, the devious, and the lonely—lords, ladies, and simple folk; spies, pirates, and smugglers all trapped together. Intrigue crackles through the village, and passion lights up the hotel.

One storm, eight authors, eight heartwarming novellas.

Lord Stanton’s Shocking Seaside Honeymoon by Cerise DeLand

Genre A Regency era Romance novella and part of the Storm and Shelter collection by The Bluestocking Belles and Friends.

Storm and Shelter is available now for Pre-order at $.99, on April 13, 2021—release day—the price goes up.

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG-13

Lord Stanton is about to marry for the second time. But his bride is so different from his first wife, now deceased. Josephine Meadows is her father’s heir to his far-flung merchant marine trading company. She’s smart, savvy and beautiful. What’s more, she’s in love with Stanton. Madly. And she has been for lo, these past six years. But now, just as they marry and go off to their first night together, and just as each is ready to prove to the other, their love, an agent of Josephine’s goes missing on the high seas. And both of them, though eager to consummate their vows, must go off to discover if the agent is dead…or alive.

Know the Hero from Lord Stanton’s Seaside Honeymoon

It’s late, he’s bored. What does he do?

Stanton, of late, likes poetry. Love sonnets to be exact! He’s eager to claim his new bride in all ways and reading erotic words is not what he should be doing!

What kind of food would he impulse buy if hungry?

“I have simple tastes. But I do enjoy a finely done roast of beef.”

Describe the kind of clothes he prefers to wear.

“I wore a uniform whilst in the Hussars and now I prefer my black superfine. My tailor is a marvel and I need not appear in his shop to be fitted. This is a blessing as I am a busy man working in Whitehall to defeat that scoundrel Napoleon.”

Valet or takes care of himself?

“I do employ a valet. A fine fellow who knows how precisely I wish to dress. More than that, he is astute and knows when to appear and when to vanish!”

Necktie/cravat or open shirt?

“I do appreciate a cravat tied in such a manner as to remain tied!”

Carriage or horseback?

“Both means of conveyance have their uses. A horse is a proper beast for quick travel. Also, sadly, for the battlefield. Of carriages, I demand comfort and the best springs. No use breaking one’s bones in order to arrive at a tea party, eh?”

Thanks for helping us get to know your hero!

An Improbable Hero: By Mary Lancaster

A runaway heiress, a mysterious stranger.

Lord Stanton’s Shocking Seaside Honeymoon: By Cerise DeLand

She is so wrong for him.

The Tender Flood: By Caroline Warfield

Waters cannot quench love; neither can floods.

Before I Found You: A de Courtenay Novella: By Sherry Ewing

A quest for a title. An encounter with a stranger. Will she choose love?

The Comtesse of Midnight: By Alina K. Field

She dashes all his hopes and gives him new ones.

Wait for Me: By Rue Allyn

Enemies by nature—Esmeralda Crobbin, aka the pirate Irish Red, and Captain, Lord Brandon Gilroy have met before.

A Dream Come True: By Jude Knight

The tempest that batters Barnaby Somerville’s village is the latest but not the least of his challenges.

A Kiss by the Sea: By Grace Burrowes

He’s not really a blacksmith, and she’s not really an heiress… Can they forge a happily-ever-after anyway?

Where to buy Storm and Shelter to get Lord Stanton’s Shocking Seaside Honeymoon

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iBooks Kobo:

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Cerise DeLand has written since she was eight years old and had a piece published in The Baltimore Sun newspaper! With more than 40 novels published, she is known for writing works with historical accuracy, humor and eloquence.
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Stressing the Heroine from Masquerade with a Marquess a regency romance by Cerise Deland.
Author Bio
Cerise DeLand loves to cook, hates to dust, lives to travel—and write! She is the author of #1 bestselling Regencies starring fab.u.lous lords and the sassy ladies they adore.
About the Book
Title  Masquerade with a Marquess
Genre Regency romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings G, PG, PG13, R): R
Sophia di Contini risks her life to sail to England alone and slip into the homes of those she suspects stole priceless treasures from her family during the wars. Discovered by Victor Cameron, she agrees to search for her art his way even though she’ll live in his house, yearn for his touch, pine for his kisses….
Five years ago, Victor had to give up Sophia. Now he vows to keep her near him and to protect her from men who would destroy her. He’ll help her find her precious art even if he risks the chance she’ll steal his heart away…again.
Stressing The Heroine
Every heroine has a story. She has a background, a history, and a past. This interview allows us to meet a heroine and get to know her better, by focusing on how she handles being relaxed, or how she handles stress.
The Heroine’s Relaxed Side
This heroine is at a party. Considering her story, describe the party.
Once Sophia was a spy working with a network of Italian patriots who wanted their country rid of the tyrant Napoleon Bonaparte. At a party years later in England, she understands exactly why each person has decided to attend. She understands their body language, what they say without words. She knows who is there to snare whom in their trap. She zeroes in on who she herself wants to engage…or lure…or trap. And why.
How does the heroine feel about being this particular party, and what body language is she displaying that gives it away?
Sophia goes to a masquerade ball, attired in a seductive costume resembling a Greek goddess. Although she’s not interested in conquering any man, she’s devoted to her own purpose, her own goal. She’s quick to assess who’s there, her eyes darting about the crowd, noting those who may have clues to the treasure she really seeks. She quick, silent, intent upon finding only one item.
Is she more likely to mingle or remain aloof?
To appear as if she has truly been invited, she knows she’ll have to speak to a few ladies and gentlemen. After all, because she wears a masque, no one will really know her identity nor learn it. But accomplishing her goal will mean she must remain aloof, gay but blithely unattached to anyone.
If she drinks, what is her drink of choice at this party?
While she adores a good red vino like those from her native Tuscany, she sips a bit of champagne. She’s careful, you see, to keep her mind as clear as her purpose.
How much drink is her usual?
Ah, but it is true that Sophia can drink many a man under the table. She’s done it often. To great success. In fact, during the wars, she learned many an elusive fact about Napoleon’s troop movements from his inebriated officers.
The heroine figures out where the hiding places are and then goes there. Is it to hide, to avoid someone, or to go drag a friend back to the party?
She snatches the right moment to disappear and search the mansion for the treasures she seeks. Off to the lord of the manor’s library and study, she quickly discovers precisely what she suspected he’d hidden. The very piece she seeks. She sighs, claps her hands, delighted at finding her prize.
But another man has followed her. Entered the room. Sneering at her, he has nothing good on his mind. In fact, she remembers him well, the cad. And when he advances on her and threatens her, she’s surprised but ready to defend herself. And then…
Is she likely to latch onto a friend and stay with him/her and ignore others, or is she the friend that others latch onto?
She is shocked when another man emerges from the shadows. This time, it is the very man she has wished to ignore. The one man who has always made her heart pound and her girlish hopes of love and peace and family revive.But she has consistently learned for more than five long years, that such redemption is not in the cards for her. Not now. Not ever. Not even if Victor helps her escape this other terrible man. Not even if Victor is the only man she’s ever hoped to see again.
If someone picked a fight at this party, how is the heroine going to handle it?
As Victor Cameron comes forward to threaten her nemesis, she takes comfort in his actions but knows she will have to escape him, too.
Is the heroine the one most likely to get tossed out of the party, or the one who does the tossing?
And so, before any more people enter the library, before anyone attempts to throw her out because after all, she is uninvited, she tries to escapes Victor too. Without her prize, the very item she sought.
But Victor who has searched London for her for so many weeks refuses to let her go. She’ll come home with him, he declares. There he will protect her and even save her from herself. And after he hears her explanation of what she really seeks, he declares he will help her.
His way.
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