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Sweeter Than Chocolate: Valentine's Day Anthology by Carly Carson @Carly_Carson #RLFblog #NewRelease #Contemporary RomanceCarly Carson, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about your book.

Sweeter Than Chocolate: Valentine’s Day Anthology by Carly Carson, et. al

Contemporary Romance

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R

Sweeter than chocolate and hotter than your heart’s desire.

Celebrate the day of love with sixteen sweet and spicy stories from some of your favorite USA Today and Amazon Bestselling Authors. Brimming with love, passion, and angst, this anthology will satisfy your sweet tooth, set your heart on fire, and leave you yearning for more.

So tear into your favorite box of Valentine’s Day chocolates, pour a glass of wine, and start reading for some decadent, melt-in-your-mouth Valentine-themed romances.

Why did you write this book?

I had already started a series about British dukes. I’ve always been interested in marginalized people, and how they retain their cultures, so I knew I wanted to incorporate the Romany people, which required me to move the story to Europe. Then I love to ski, so I thought it would be fun to include a bit of that sport. And voila! Royal Masquerade (my story in this anthology) was born.

What is your favorite genre to read?

I read almost every romance genre, but my favorites are contemporary, military, and romantic suspense.

Who is your favorite character from fiction (not including your own)?

I would have to say Aragorn, from Lord of the Rings, because I do love heroic figures!

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on another book in my series about British dukes, the Duke of Renfren. When all you have is a noble title…

You just might need your adolescent crush and next-door neighbor, Lady Sarah Devonwood, to shake up your world and teach you what’s important in life.


What books will we see from you in coming months?

I have another story in my British Dukes series well underway. Please look for the Duke of Coventry.
Ariel struggles to support herself making pastries in a small English town. At night, she dances alone under the stars. The heir to an impoverished dukedom could easily fall in love with the mysterious dancing nymph, but he needs to marry the Lady Godiva movie star currently making a movie at his castle.

Where to buy Sweeter Than Chocolate: A Valentine’s Day Anthology

Publisher Gina Kincade
Universal Link

Carly Carson Social Media

Carly Carson is a contemporary romance author, who will never marry into the British nobility, as she is already happily married to Traveling Man. But there’s nothing wrong with a little fantasy in one’s life, right? She has three children, who provide a daily dose of reality, even though they are almost perfect (just ask them!) Carly loves hearing from her readers.
Amazon Author Page
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Free Books to Read by Mary Martinez and other authors #FreeBookFriday #RLFblog It’s #FreeBookFriday on RLFblog! Join us for a collection of free downloads and great books to read. All genres and heat levels. This week’s featured book is Meet Me In Fantasyland by Mary Martinez. Bookmark this site so you don’t miss a thing.

Books to Read on FreeBookFriday

Each week, you’ll find free books to download and read. Some are straight up giveaways, some KindleUnlimited, others are Kindle Select, and some are free with newsletter sign up. Always a mix of genres and heat levels. These free deals may be limited in time, so please be sure to check prices before clicking the final buy button.

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Meet Me In Fantasyland by Mary Martinez

After twenty years of marriage, Rissa Tate’s husband has left her for Blondie of the big Boobs. Can she rebuild a life for her and her children with a childhood friend?
Rissa isn’t as surprised as she should be that her husband left her. She’d had an idea for a few years he wasn’t being faithful. She’d buried her head in the sand for the sake of the twins. He left her four month’s earlier, and now he’s asked her to clear all of his possessions out of their home and do with them what she wants. As she boxes everything for Good Will she comes across her old diaries. In them she finds her entry of the pact she made with Robert, Bobby, Graham to meet in Twenty-five years. That date is in two weeks. Would he be there?
Rob Graham has loved Rissa for as long as he remembered. When they’d been in high school she’d only thought of him as a buddy, the brother she never had. Would she remember their pact? If she did, would she be there?
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Her Gilded Prison by Beverley Oakley

Free Books to Read by Beverley Oakley and other authors #FreeBookFriday #RLFblog

She was determined to secure the succession, he was in it for the pleasure. Falling in love was not part of the arrangement.
When dashing twenty-five-year-old Stephen Cranbourne arrives at the estate he will one day inherit, it’s expected he will make a match with his beautiful second cousin, Araminta.
But while proud, fiery Araminta and her shy, plain sister, Hetty, parade their very different charms before him, it’s their mother, Sybil, a lonely and discarded wife, who evokes first his sympathy and then stokes his lustful fires.
As Stephen introduces Sybil to every pleasure she’s been deprived of, duty and passion become a deep and mutual love. But with the unexpected arrival of a contender to the estate, Sybil realizes that what she’s set in motion to save the family might have tragic consequences.
Her Gilded Prison is Book 1 in the Daughters of Sin series, a Regency-set ‘Dynasty’ that follows the sibling rivalry between Viscount Partington’s two nobly-born and his illegitimate daughters as they compete for love during a London Season. Her Gilded Prison can, however, be read as a stand-alone.
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Free Books to Read by Carly Carson and other authors #FreeBookFriday #RLFblog Seducing the Law by Carly Carson

Scarlet is on the run from her cheating fiancé, when he sets the law on her. Making a choice that is either the smartest thing she’s ever done, or the dumbest, she runs straight into the law, in the form of one hot-as-sin Southern sheriff.
Who better to protect her than the sheriff? That is, until her cover is blown and the sheriff discovers that he has the chance to play on a hot Southern night…with this captivating woman who’s been teasing him since she blew into town. Only one of them can win this sexy tug-of-war – and the sheriff has the handcuffs…
Being a bad girl has never been so much fun…
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When Hairy Met Sally by Chris ReddingFree Books to Read by Chris Redding and other authors #FreeBookFriday #RLFblog

He must find his fated mate or be exiled from the den.
What I thought was going to be a routine fix of a porch netted me my fated mate. She was stuck in a broken step when I arrived. It didn’t take me long to be smitten with her, but she wasn’t interested. If I don’t convince her that we were made for each other then I get to live my alone in the woods.
The last thing I needed was a man in my life. I’d just extricated myself from an abusive relationship. I just wanted to fix up my bed and breakfast and get it running. But he was relentless. He fixed everything. Including my broken heart.
Then my ex returned and I figured my life was over.
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Free Books to Read by Erica Ridley and other authors #FreeBookFriday #RLFblog Lord of Chance by Erica Ridley

Disguised as a country miss, Charlotte Devon flees London, desperate to leave her tattered reputation behind. In Scotland, her estranged father’s noble blood will finally make her a respectable debutante. Except she finds herself accidentally wed to a devil-may-care rogue with a sinful smile. He’s the last thing she needs…and everything her traitorous heart desires.
Charming rake Anthony Fairfax is on holiday to seek his fortune…and escape his creditors. When an irresistible Lady Luck wins him in a game of chance—and a slight mishap has them leg-shackled by dawn—the tables have finally turned in his favor. But when past demons catch up to them, holding on to new love will mean destroying their dreams forever.
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Endure, Illustrated Quotes of Pietas by Kayelle AllenFree Books to Read by Kayelle Allen and other authors #FreeBookFriday #RLFblog

Illustrated Book
What does the most dangerous man in the galaxy have to say about enduring?
Known to other immortals as the Bringer of Chaos, Pietas is the most powerful of all the Ultras. This 7′ tall warrior has platinum hair and eyes the color of raw turquoise. His beauty is legendary. So is his prowess at war. A scientist, brilliant strategist, and passionate lover, this immortal understands the need to accept what life throws his way, to embrace change, and take destiny into his own hands.
Thirty beautifully illustrated quotes.
You’ll get 3 other free books plus other exclusive content for members only.
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Cover model for Endure: Nik Nitsvetov (courtesy of

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Eclipse of the Heart 

About the Book

Title Eclipse of the Heart
Genre Contemporary Romance
Author Name Carly Carson
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Amanda Thompson is offered her dream job as a junior executive
at a Manhattan venture
firm. The terms are a little vague, but she has a seriously ill sister to provide
for, and her new boss is a seriously attractive man. Failure is not an option, so
she’ll keep her eye on the prize, and her heart and body out of the mix…despite
the boss’s overly personal interest in her.
Logan Winter is a hard-driving business tycoon who likes his
sex life hot and his emotional life cold. His new high-end call girl is a little
different from the ordinary bimbos who fill the role. That’s okay, since he’s ready
for different. Even discovering the mistake that’s been made is okay, because he
knows how to get what he wants…and he wants Amanda.

Buy This Book


About the Character

Name: Logan
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Boston,
Profession: Entrepreneur
Describe his/her body build, skin tone, height and weight. Include
any unique features such as dimples, freckles, or scars: His gray eyes are cool
enough to match his name. His dark hair is cut short, and his firm mouth speaks
of a man used to making decisions and ruling his world.
Who is the significant
other in your character’s life?
He has no significant other.
How does your hero dress?
Logan dresses in a businesslike,
New England manner (think prep). He doesn’t care
about clothes, but he grew up in New England, so
these clothes are convenient for him and useful in his business dealings. Amanda
loves to see him with his oxford-cloth shirt rolled up to expose his tan forearms.
(Of course, she also loves to see him in fewer clothes, if possible.)
What are the qualities
of his voice? (pitch, quality, volume)
Deep, dark and seductive.
If you could only hear
this character’s voice (but not see him) what characteristic would identify him?
Amanda could identify him by voice because his voice alone gives
her goose-bumps.
What is your character’s
viewpoint on wealth? Not necessary, nice to have, important, obtain at all costs?
Wealth is something Logan
has, but life has taught him that money is much less important than other things.
How do others perceive
your character based upon looks? How true is this assumption? Does your character
care about those assumptions?
Other people see Logan
as a rich playboy who works hard and plays hard. He only cares about the opinions
of his close friends, and they know he’s not superficial or spoiled by the fact
that he apparently can have whatever he wants. They know, as he does, that he can
never have what he wants most.
Can your hero keep a secret?
If not, why not? If yes, why?
Yes, Logan
has been carrying around a tragic secret for a long time. It’s easy to keep the
secret because he has no desire to talk about the tragedy. At the same time, it’s
a huge weight on him because it affects every part of his life, yet he can’t talk
about it.
What is your hero’s biggest
personal flaw?
He can separate his emotions from his relationships with other
people. This flaw prevents him from healing emotionally.

About Your Writer: Questions for your character to answer about you.

Why do you think your
writer chose to write about you?
She knew that I needed to be jolted out of my cold, emotionless
life. I wasn’t always happy with her plot machinations, but she knew exactly which
plot element I would not be able to turn my back on.
What do you wish your
writer had not told others about you?
I would have kept the secret about my family forevermore. It
was painful to re-open that wound.
Was there anything your
writer discovered about you that was a surprise to one or both of you?
I was surprised to discover I was capable of love. I’d convinced
myself that I wasn’t. I’m grateful to the writer for showing me that important fact
that led me to my present happiness.
When your writer is writing
about you, what do you think makes your writer the most happy? What makes your writer
the most sad?
The writer is sad that she can never fix the tragedy that made
me who I am. She’s happy to engineer a happy ending. She wouldn’t rest until I got
What other character from
your book do you think your writer should write a book about? Care to tell us why?
Rosie deserves her own story. She’s not the kind of buttoned-up
employee I normally hire, but she turned out to be a true friend to both me and
Amanda. I’d love to see that imp get her own happily ever after.
Is there anything you’d
like to say to your writer?

Author Bio

In Carly’s Real World: She is a wife to Traveling Man, who actually
knows flight attendants because they are on his “commute”. (That is his
story, and we’re buying it.) The upside is, Carly gets some sweet travel deals.
Once the whole family stayed for free in the Presidential Suite plus the Queen suite
at an all-inclusive 5-star resort in Cozumel. Another
time, they got upgraded from two garden-view rooms to two ocean-front suites on
Waikiki Beach
in Honolulu. Traveling
Man is very handy to have around.
Carly is also the Jill-of-all-trades to three offspring, who
often take her for granted, but are nonetheless wonderful. Just ask them. :)
In Carly’s Fantasy World: The men are tough, but the women are
tougher, though usually in a different way. Women enjoy sex and men understand it.
(This is fantasy world, remember.) Happy endings are mandatory, though there may
be a lot of trouble and heartache to get there.

Author Social Media

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