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Tag Archives: Author Interviews O’Connor, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about Perfectly Honest.

Perfectly Honest by Linda O’Connor

Genre Medical Romantic Comedy

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG-13

You never know where your words will take you…

When Mikaela Finn agreed to be Sam’s “fiancée” for a weekend, she probably should have told him that she’s a doctor. Sam O’Brien, aka “Dr. Eye Candy,” is trying to shed his playboy reputation and convince a small town hospital that he’s ready to settle down. But when his “fiancée” helps deliver a baby in the middle of the meet and greet, it’s a bit of a shock. If he’d known the whole truth, he might have done things a little differently because somehow his “fiancée” ends up stealing his job and his heart. Not exactly the change he wanted. Lies and deceit – it’s a match made in heaven!

Tell us about yourself as a person.

What makes you different from other people?

I write medical romantic comedies, and I’m also a physician. I have a whole left brain/right brain thing going on.

What is your personality type?

I’m pretty calm in emergencies which helps in my work as an urgent care doctor. I’m also a good listener, and I can be tenacious. I think you have to be somewhat tenacious and a bit competitive to get into medical school (that’s an understatement). When I have a goal in mind I work steadily to achieve it.

What was your favorite childhood game?

Red Rover. I remember playing that on the school playground and loved it. Second favourite was playing hide and seek outside on a summer evening when the whole neighbourhood was our playground.

What is your favorite subject to talk about?

Unless I’m talking to other doctors I can’t really talk about medicine, so it’d have to be about writing. I could talk a lot about that. Second would be about my sons – I’m definitely a proud mom.

What is your favorite book?

This changes, but right now I’m really enjoying and laughing out loud at David Rosenfelt’s Andy Carpenter mystery books. So funny!

What is your favorite meal?

Indian take-out – lamb korma – doubly so since I don’t have to cook it! More time to write.

Tell us about yourself as a writer.

What made you want to be a writer?

I thought it’d be cool to weave medical advice in a novel to help people take more control of their health. My favourite books to read are romance novels with a happily ever after ending so I thought I’d start there. The thought of having a book on the shelf with my name as the author was pretty compelling.

What are your favorite reference books?

The Emotional Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman and Becca Pugilisi and How to Market a Book by Joanna Penn

When you go to a convention, what kinds of things do you take along?

Comfortable shoes, swag, business cards, my cell phone, and my laptop so I can write while I travel, credit card for shopping :D

What’s your best advice for a new writer?

Tune out all the doubts and just write.

What are your writing goals for this year?

I’m currently working on a (drumroll please) new series, Brogan Corkie Matchmaking Doctor series. My goal is to finish all four novels this year – I’m almost done number 3 – and publish one every three months staring early in 2020. Should be fun!

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Where to buy Perfectly Honest


Linda O’Connor Social Media

Award-winning author Linda O’Connor started writing romantic comedies when she needed a creative outlet other than subtly rearranging the displays at a local home décor store. Her books have enjoyed bestseller status. When not writing, she’s a physician at an Urgent Care Clinic. She shares her medical knowledge in fast-paced, well-written, sexy romances – with an unexpected twist. Her favourite prescription to write? Laugh every day. Love every minute.
Amazon Author Page

Help a Teen Cope #Depression by author of Becker Circle, Addison Brae @addisonbrae1 #RLFblog #romanticsuspenseAddison Brae, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about your latest endeavor, and also share info on your book.

You Can Help a Teen Cope

Many teenage girls today are depressed and lonely. Pew Research Center reported in a 2019 survey that 36% of girls report being extremely anxious every day. These girls are worried about melting polar ice, school shootings, and their ability to afford college.

Studies show while these girls are more likely to be close to their families, they spend less time with friends their age and lack independence capabilities and skills because they skip things like school extra-curricular activities, driving, jobs, and dating.

The result? These girls are likely to spend Saturday night at home watching Netflix and following social media rather than at school events or socializing with friends.

How will girls maneuver college, relationships, careers and the tough choices, rejection, and mistakes we all face in life?

This problem is real and growing. Another study by the American College Health Association in 2018 found more than 85% of college students described feeling “overwhelmed,” and one-third of college students received treatment from campus counseling centers.

I have a theory. We as readers, authors, relatives, and friends can help young adults be better equipped with the skills and confidence to help them cope in two ways.

First, if you have a teen in your life, listen when they want to talk about a problem rather than fixing it for them. Let them watch you face and solve a tough issue. People emulate behavior they observe.

Second, encourage them to read books with strong heroines who are not loners. These fictional young adults tackle problems, make mistakes, and end up victorious and stronger. This is a topic I’m madly passionate about, and readers will always find a strong but flawed heroine in my books.

A group of authors and Romance Writers of America members shared an amazing list of middle grade and young adult book suggestions with strong heroines that meet these criteria. There are dozens, so this list only includes some recommendations. You can find a more extensive list on my website (

I challenge everyone to help equip a teen to cope in our complex world.

Middle grade (age 8-12)

  • Rob Buyea, Because of Mr. Terupt series. Seven fifth-grade students come together to solve a problem that seems insurmountable, and their lives are changed by one amazing teacher.
  • Roshani Chokshi’s, Aru Shah and the End of Time. Twelve-year-old Aru Shah teams up with three of her classmates to stop a demon and save the world.
  • Raina Telgemeier creates graphic novels such as Guts, Sisters, Drama, and Ghosts that deal with family, peer pressure and other issues kids deal with.
  • Diane Duane, Young Wizards series, a 10-book series starting with So You Want to Be a Wizard. This sounds like a Harry Potter spin-off, but it predates that series by about a decade. The characters begin as preteens and grow into their teen years as the series progresses.
  • Madaleine L’Engle, A Wrinkle in Time. A classic coming of age fantasy that inspired a modern movie and impacted many of us when we read it as young teens.

Young adult (age 13-18)

  • Maureen Goo, The Way You Make Me Feel. A funny story of love, new friendships, and one unique food truck after Clara took a joke too far.
  • Guadalupe Garcia McCall, Summer of the Mariposas/El Verano de las Mariposas. A Mexican-American retelling of the Odyssey about four sisters working together and learning something about family in the process.
  • Julie Murphy, Dumplin. A story about the fearless, funny, and unforgettable heroine who takes on her small town’s beauty pageant.
  • Tamora Pierce, any of her titles, especially Song of the Lioness books, Protector of the Small series, and Circle of Magic books. Pierce features teen girls as knights, wizards, and heroes.
  • Isabel Sterling, These Witches Don’t Burn. A story featuring a lesbian heroine with the power to control fire, earth, water, and air, her hot ex, and her new bi-crush.

Becker Circle by Addison Brae

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R

Gillian’s first and only boyfriend believed she was too gutless to leave. He was dead wrong. Gillian graduated Harvard early and left his hot temper and everyone else behind for Dallas. Determined to make it on her own, she lands a second job bartending at the neighborhood pub smack in drama central where most every jerk in the neighborhood hits on her—at a huge price.

A week into the job, the neighborhood’s very popular drug dealer falls to his death a few feet from the table she’s serving. The cops say suicide, but Gillian and Jon, the hot guitar player in the house band, suspect foul play, and she intends to prove it. They dig deeper, grow closer, and make a shocking discovery. They know the murderer. Watch the trailer

Where to buy Becker Circle

Amazon **$0.99 SEPTEMBER 5-9**
Barnes and Noble
Apple Books

Addison Brae Social Media

Addison Brae lives in Dallas, Texas on the edge of downtown. As a child, she was constantly in trouble for hiding under the bed to read when she was supposed to be napping. She has been writing since childhood starting with diaries, letters and short stories. She continues today with articles, video scripts and other content as an independent marketing consultant.
When she’s not writing, Addison spends her time traveling the world, collecting interesting cocktail recipes and hosting parties. She’s still addicted to reading and enjoys jogging in her neighborhood park, sipping red wine, binge-watching TV series, vintage clothing and hanging out with her artistic other half and their neurotic cat Lucy.
Amazon Author Page


Read the new Sommerville Days by Vicki Batman @VickiBatman #RLFblog #smalltownromanceVicki Batman, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about your book.

Sommerville days by Vicki Batman

Genre: small town romance

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG

Love blossoms in the small town of Sommerville in these heartwarming tales, filled with fun and forever possibilities.

Store Wars: The competition is heating up when Janie’s old flame returns to town and is running his family’s store. Could following dreams break her heart?

Raving Beauty: What if the love of your life was in front of you all along?

San Diego or Bust: When a young woman plans a romantic getaway with her boyfriend, disaster strikes—is her Mr. Right the right Mr. Right?


Do you write more than one genre? If so, what are they?…

Not technically. Even though I classified the stories in Sommerville days as small town romance, they are also romantic comedies. I write romantic comedy mysteries, too.

How do you come up with ideas?…

Lordy, stuff just smacks me sometimes, especially when people say crazy things. Once, I answered a question for an author interview–“what are two things no one knows about you.” And the answer/confession? I was Miss Oak Lawn Moped.

Way back when, my college friend owned a moped shop. We went to a party with my roommate, and after a few margaritas, he asked me to represent his store in a beauty contest. I blame the margaritas. I was weak and said yes.

So, when two writer friends saw my answer about being Miss Oak Lawn Moped, they said I should write a story which I did and titled it “Raving Beauty.”

BTW, the other answer? I am in a music video. LOLOL. I used to tell the boys I bet none of their moms were in a music video.

What is the single most important part of writing for you?…

Just writing. I have too much fun making up stuff.

When did you write your first book?…

My first book, Temporarily Employed, was started in the spring of 2003. I’d been traveling with girlfriends, and on the way home, one wanted to play car games to break the monotony. Mostly, we had to answer crazy questions, for example, pick one—Tom Jones or Englebert Humperdink. Then, she asked, “Write the opening paragraph of a book using the word window?”

My friend knew I had an urge to write. But to answer her question? I had nothing as I was fearful I would sound stupid. I got the okay to send an email with my answer. Her question bugged me. One day, I sat down and wrote eight chapters. I showed my friend who told me to keep going. I did.


Leather or lace? Leather handbags

Black or red? I love red but wear black.

Satin sheets or smooth cotton? Cotton

Ocean or mountains? Mountains

City life or country life? City life!

Party life or evening at home? Evening at home

Dogs or cats? Both!

Where to buy Sommerville Days

Publisher: VLMBatman

Vicki Batman Social Media

Vicki Batman has sold many romantic comedy works to magazines, several publishers, and most recently, two humorous romantic mysteries. Along the way, she has picked up awards and bestsellers. Avid Jazzerciser. Handbag lover. Mahjong player. Yoga practitioner. Movie fan. Book devourer. Chocaholic. Best Mom ever. And adores Handsome Hubby. Most days begin with her hands set to the keyboard and thinking “What if??”
Amazon Author Page:


Is It True: Rogue by Laura Marie Altom @lauramariealtom #RLFblog #romanticsuspenseWelcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Let’s play Is It True with today’s guest, Laura Marie Altom, author of Rogue, a romantic suspense. This is a game with yes and no questions. Writers can elaborate on answers as much as they choose.

Rogue by Laura Marie Altom

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R

Pregnant. On the run from her deranged ex. Maisey needs a hero. All she’s got is an ex-Navy SEAL who’s gone rogue…

Is it true:

this is your first book?

Nope. I’ve had somewhere in the mid-seventies published!

this book is part of a series?

Yes. This is the first of seven books in my SEAL Team: Disavowed series. They’re connected, but read as standalones.

you lost sleep while writing this book?

YES!!! Much of the story takes place in the Florida Everglades, meaning LOTS of snakes and gators and muck. There was also a ton of research since I’m a city girl.

you did research for this book?

YES!!! Sooooo much research on setting, weapons, drug running, etc.

some characters in this book are not human? (pets for example)

Yes, and I’m a HUGE animal lover, but there are no cuddly critters in this story! LOL!!

this book has more than one genre?

Yes–Romance/romantic suspense/action adventure

you speak more than one language?

Sadly, no. I took high school French, but made a C, because it was 1st period and I had too many tardies from going to a local donut shop before class!

you grew up where you live now?

No–I grew up in Arkansas, and now live in Oklahoma. I’m about two-hours from my hometown.

you love to read?

YES!!! Lately, I’m obsessed with audio books. I’m devouring them while playing Mahjong on my phone, but stay up WAY too late.

you are never late?

Yes–I’m hyper-punctual! LOL!

you love pizza?

YES!! Sausage and Mushroom with hand-tossed crust. But I’ll devour any variety!

you love sushi?

YES!! We have the most awesome place here in town called, Sushi Train. Booths are arranged around a model train track, and you pick the sushi plates from the train cars. YUM!!

you have a pet?

Too many! LOL! Rescue mutt–Yeti. Ancient dachshund–Coco. Yorkie–Chewie. Maine Coontail–Foxy. Ancient rescue cat–Domino. And by ancient, I mean twenty-years old!

Where to buy Rogue

Publisher: Fulton Court Press

Laura Marie Altom Social Media

Laura Marie Altom is the author of over 70 books in three different genres. She’s been happily married to her college sweetheart (Go Hogs!) for 31 years and believes their boy/girl twins actively plot to drive her crazy!
Now that her kiddos are grown, Laura spends her days contentedly writing and chasing after the family menagerie of pets, ranging from a rescue mutt named Yeti, a mini-long-haired dachshund named Coco, a Yorkie named Chewie, Foxy Kitty (a Maine Coon who outweighs the dogs), and Domino–a black-and-white stealth cat she rarely sees!
Amazon Author Page


Fiction Furbaby: Meet Archie from Radical Regatta! by Anna Celeste Burke @aburke59 @RobsRescues #RLFblog #PetsAnna Celeste Burke, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! We support all furbabies, real life or fictional. We want to know all about your Fiction Furbaby, but first, please tell us about your book.

Radical Regatta! Corsario Cove Cozy Mystery #4 by Anna Celeste Burke

Genre Cozy Mystery

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG

Rescuing a dog that’s swimming for its life draws newlyweds, Kim and Brien, into troubled waters. As a crime wave hits Corsario Cove, the area is packed with visitors for a Fourth of July Regatta. With the murder of a shadowy figure Kim and Brien had confronted more than once, the game that’s afoot turns deadly. It won’t be smooth sailing for anyone until these twenty-something sleuths solve the mystery behind the murder and mayhem.

Meet Archie from Radical Regatta! Corsario Cove Cozy Mystery #4

Full name: Archie

Nickname: Archie

Gender: Male

Species: Dog

Physical description: A young, dark brown and white Portuguese Water Dog with soft, downy fur.

Relationship to main character: This is the dog Kim and Brien rescue that’s at the center of a mystery.

Relationship to the villain/antagonist: Someone’s determined to get their hands on the dog.

Where this furbaby came from: Found alone, in the Pacific Ocean just outside Corsario Cove; his owners are missing

What inspired you to create this character?

A dog swimming alone in open water seemed like a mysterious situation infused with urgency. It appealed to me as a great way to kick off a new book set in the imaginary coastal community of Corsario Cove where my surf-loving sleuths live. Plus, the protagonists’ compassionate character and youthful impulsiveness is quickly revealed when they put themselves at risk to save the poor dog and then try to learn how he was he happened to be lost at sea.

What does the main character think about this furbaby?

It’s love, at first sight, for Kim and Brien. They try not to get too attached to Archie—the name they give him. His owners must be desperate to get their loveable pooch back—if they’re still alive.

What does the villain/antagonist think about this furbaby?

Someone wants Archie back, but it’s not clear who it is or why.

How do other characters react to or interact with this furbaby?

Archie’s a charmer and most everyone he meets—except the bad guys—fall for his affable nature. His courage and determination to swim to shore amaze those who meet him, too.

What does this furbaby add to the story?

He’s such a sweet, happy dog that I hope he charms readers and that they cheer Kim and Brien along as they try to keep him safe and find out how he ended up abandoned at sea. Like food and humor, an adorable pet like Archie is a great counterpoint to the murder and mayhem at the center of a cozy mystery.

Please share an interesting fact or tidbit about this furbaby.

Archie has a very special, rather naughty animal pal in this story.

Describe a humorous incident involving the animal character.

Archie and his pal get into all sorts of trouble as they become fast animal friends.

About Coco–my only furbaby at the moment

Fiction Furbaby: Meet Archie from Radical Regatta! by Anna Celeste Burke @aburke59 @RobsRescues #RLFblog #PetsThis post is called Fiction Furbaby, but perhaps your own pet does not have fur. If you have a pet that has fins, wings, scales, or other features, please tell us about them here.

Which, if any of the pets in your writing are modeled after your own pets? In what way?

Coco, my seal point Siamese cat, is a model for one of the two cats in my Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery series. My little 8-pound Coco is a sweet, cuddly cat, but he has the biggest mouth on any cat I’ve ever owned or met! Like Georgie’s cat Miles—as in Miles Davis—when my Coco bellows, it’s like a trumpet blast!

What do your pets do when you are writing?

Coco sometimes sits on the back of the chair in which I write. He also naps and, of course, bellows every once in a while, demanding attention or a treat.

What’s the most unusual pet you ever had?

A large iguana.

Where did you find your pet?

Coco came from a woman near where I used to live in Ohio. She breeds Siamese cats, but Coco was part of an unplanned litter of Siamese cats.

What do you feed your pet?

Coco just turned eight years old this month. Officially a “senior” cat, I’ve recently switched him to a diet that will be easier on his kidneys and aims to prevent urinary tract problems. He loves turkey, chicken, and Bonita flakes.

Describe a toy or favorite item your pet loves.

Coco is a real fan of strings—We watch to make sure we don’t leave anything with strings on it unattended. He especially likes it when I play with him using a string that dangle feathers. He jumps and tries so hard to catch the feather, sometimes after sneaking up on it by crawling on his belly. Coco also enjoys independent play tossing a play mouse into the air and chasing after it. Crinkly paper is a great pleasure to him, too!

Where to buy Summer Snoops Unleashed: 14 Furr-ocious Mysteries and Cozy Crimes

[including Radical Regatta plus 13 other novels and novellas]

Barnes and Noble:

Anna Celeste Burke Social Media

Dr. Anna Celeste Burke is an award-winning, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author who enjoys snooping into life’s mysteries with fun, fiction, and food—California style! She writes five mystery series set in California: The Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery Series, The Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery Series, the Corsario Cove Cozy Mystery Series, the Seaview Cottages Cozy Mystery Series, and the Calla Lily Mystery Series. To get the latest news, subscribe to her newsletter at:
Amazon Author Page:

Shout out to Rob’s Rescues – founded by a 9-year-old animal activist

Rob’s Rescues is a non-profit organization in Georgia helping people in need care for and feed their pets. It was founded in 2014 by a then nine-year-old boy. Rob’s Rescues is dedicated to collecting pet food for people in need to reduce shelter surrenders, and to advocating for the adoption of shelter pets. Rob writes monthly articles advocating for shelter animals in the Around About Local Media magazine publications. His column was first published in 2014. He also has pet food collection sites for people in need in the community and interviews amazing people. His interviews appear online once they are published in his column.
Rob volunteers for Pet Buddies Food Pantry, the Cherokee County Animal Shelter and Cobb County Animal Control and collects pet food for these organizations and the communities they serve. He also wants to bring attention to smaller, rural shelters. Mostly he wants to get kids to be Rob’s Rangers to teach kids that they can help shelter animals. Rob has also talked to kids in a classroom setting.
Rob’s Rescues is a Non-Profit Corporation and all donations are tax deductible.

Shout out to our three non-profit animal rescue shelters!

The Summer Snoops Unleashed box set is a labor of love by 14 authors hoping to raise money for three no-kill shelters with a special interest finding fur-ever homes for senior/disabled/special need pets.
Streetdog Foundation, Memphis, Tn.
Streetdog Foundation began with a phone call. When founders Melanie and Kent were asked by a friend at another organization to check Memphis Animal Services for a lost American Bull Dog, their one-hour task turned into a lifelong mission (not to mention the rescue of three shelter dogs at the same time).

Since that transformational day, Streetdog Foundation has rescued more than 750 endangered dogs from the streets and shelters of Memphis, all without a dedicated structure to house them. Streetdog relies on volunteer foster families to not only provide homes for our dogs, but also give them the love, security, and confidence they need to succeed in their forever homes. Whether temporarily fostering or adopting one of our rescues, everyone who takes in a Streetdog becomes part of our family.

And because we’re focused on the well-being of all the canine and human members of our family, Streetdog’s primary goal is to find the right fit for both the dog and the household. We are not a first-come, first-served rescue; our volunteers work diligently to make sure every match has the highest chance of success. We appreciate your interest and hope the compassionate vision that brought Streetdog Foundation into being will inspire you to join us however you can.
Northshore Humane Society, North of New Orleans, LA
Northshore Humane Society is one of Louisiana’s largest 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal welfare organizations. Since 1953, we have been serving the neglected and abandoned animals of the Northshore region. We are an independent, non-governmental rescue that offers veterinary care, fostering, adoption, and more. We rely solely on the support of caring people like you to fund our programs and services which profoundly benefit the animals of our community. Thank you for all your support!
Home Fur Good, Maricopa County near Phoenix, AZ.
Our mission is to end euthanasia of cats and dogs in Maricopa County through pet adoptions, medical care, promotion of spay and neuter procedures and pet owner education. What we do matters.

Dee Carver, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. For those who don’t know, Dee is also the webmistress on both my own site (click my name above) and on RLF. For this visit, she’s offering a special discount to readers. I’ll step back and let her take the wheel.

Hello Everyone! Kayelle, thank you for having me, it’s great to be back!

Meet Webmistress, Market Consultant and author Dee Carver @pmnp Author and Owner of #PMInc #RLFblog #PNR

The First Story | Marketing and Running a Business | Finally, The Author Returns

As some of you know I began this long journey as an author back in 2005, with my first book La Roe’s. It began with a dream about a dress, and though I can manipulate graphic images, I cannot draw very well. That is where my daughter, Amber, is the most talented. Since I could not draw the dress, I decided to describe it, which led to the woman wearing it. Then the scene came along, the people surrounding her, and why she was wearing it in the first place. Before I knew it, I had a short story about a wedding gown. My neighbor at the time asked me if I was going to finish telling the story and well, I guess that’s what Emerald (the heroine) wanted because I ended up with my first book.
I learned a few hard knocks with my first book, such as everyone needs an editor. Not every publishing house is a good one. Not every writing job is a bad one. Now, later in life, I look back and cringe…

Marketing Crash Course

Like many authors, I had no idea what marketing was or that I was supposed to do anything about it. A friend, and fellow author, asked me a few poignant questions:
“Have you sent out for reviews?”

“Have a website yet?”

“Do you have a Facebook account?”

“Scheduled any interviews?”

Needless to say, the list went on and I learned a valuable lesson. There is a lot of work that comes after the book is published. Writing a book alone is simply not enough. I did blog hops, which helped. I wrote reviews, which also helped. I wrote articles for other companies which helped even more. All to grow my name, so when someone would search me on Google, I could be found. All the while, I spent time creating book trailers, doing interviews, and eventually writing my second story. Well, more like my second heroine told me her story.

After a few years of putting what I had learned towards helping others, a friend, Raven Starr, suggested that I start a business. I have to admit, I chuckled at first, but in 2008 I found myself opening Personalized Marketing Inc and never looked back. I was able to use the information on bad publishers and bad editing to guide authors towards making better choices. I learned White Hat SEO, when it was the only SEO that was being talked about, as well as other methods used for SEO, so we have been able to provide it for our clients. I also learned methods for Organic Growth before it became a ‘thing’. WordPress was even different back then.

The first website I had was a single page that may have been built inside of Word. (Yeah, I know…) However, I found other sites and I wanted one of those… Not only did I want one, I wanted to make one! I had to know how they did it. So, thanks to some Googling, I found a code viewer and it just clicked. I understood that certain lines of code made different things happen. Then came WordPress, which uses PHP, it’s a little different but after a learning curve, I began to see the codes just forming into the structures I wanted. When I began working with WordPress, we didn’t have auto installers or programs that auto connected databases and did auto backups. It was all manual and done with a lot of zip files. Sometimes I miss those days. Sometimes I miss just HTML and CSS or C++.
Cindy: pst, Dee, you’re geeking
In 2017 Cindy came on board, we ended up with not only a skilled editor but also a talented digital artist.
Ahh but the coder and owner is getting carried away and the author must take precedence…

Finally, The Author Returns

Meet Webmistress and Market Consultant Dee Carver @pmnp Author and Owner of #PMInc #RLFblog #PNRA few years ago, I decided to get back to writing, not for other websites or companies but for myself. I thought about the 3rd book, Chocolate Seductions, which I had written but never did anything with, other than one submission. The submission went well, they just wanted a 3rd person P.O.V. So, I thought about it, talked with a couple of friends, tried my hand at it and about made myself sick. I can write 3rd person all day long in business communications, papers, articles, emails, even books that are not mine or not the heroines in my head.
These lovely stubborn ladies, well, they just didn’t want a sideline view of their lives being handed out as though they were not the ones telling their stories. I love to read 3rd P.O.V. stories as well as 1st P.O.V., I enjoy a strong male lead, I enjoy getting to know what is inside of the other characters heads as well. My favorites though have always been those that take you deep inside, that weave a story so well that you feel as though the movie is playing out inside your head. That, even though you are satisfied at the end of the book, you still wish it hadn’t ended because you just did not want to let that character go.
However, after that gut-wrenching experience, I put my stories away again. Then in 2018 I decided with the help of Cindy, that I was going to produce these books, with the editing they deserved. With the call to finish the stories I had begun so long ago; La Roe’s has been re-released with a much better editing job than the original. Cindy has Fay’s Wish, which hopefully does not require as much of an editing job as the first book, we’ll see. Ambrosia, from Chocolate Seductions, has been poking me lately, giving me glimpses into her back story that I don’t really remember from before, which oddly enough is making Grant a little more likeable. One thing about being a 1st P.O.V. panster, I never know where these ladies are going to take me until I get there. It’s great, because I get a new story, but also really frustrating when I thought something else was supposed to happen instead.

Special Discount
This August is our 11th Anniversary and we are doing things a bit differently this year. We are having guest authors on our blog, as well as offering an 11% discount, if you mention #PMInc 11th Anniversary, for the entire month on everything and anything, including renewals, if you renew during this offer.
August is also my birthday…
Since August is also my birthday month, we are opening the 11% discount early. So, this offer will be valid beginning July 29th through August 31st, if you mention #PMInc 11th Anniversary.

La Roe’s by Dee Carver

Can Emerald put 300 years of anger aside to save them or will she sacrifice all their futures and kill him as she swore to do?
When Emerald La Roe ran away 300 years ago, she had not planned to return. However after repeated dreams from Goddess Morrigan, Emerald finally realizes she has no choice. Emerald not only finds a magical sword waiting for her, but her dead husband also.
It seems Stefan O’ Duff wants’ reconciliation and help to cure the curse they share. Emerald would rather see him dead than be with him again, she has someone else to consider though. Her new love, Maxwell Howard a werewolf, who through sharing blood with Emerald, now faces the same fate as Emerald and Stefan. For the cure to work, Emerald has to put her hatred of Stefan aside and consent to share his bed again.
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