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Read Always on My Mind by Andrea Downing @AndiDowning #RLFblog #NewRelease #westernromanceAndrea Downing welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about your book.

Always on My Mind by Andrea Downing

Genre Vintage Western Romance

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG-13

1972 – Vietnam, the pill, upheaval, hippies. Wyoming rancher Cooper Byrnes, deeply attached to the land and his way of life, surprises everyone when he falls for vagabond hippie Cassie Halliday. Fascinated and baffled, he cannot comprehend his attraction—or say the words she wants to hear. Cassie finds Coop intriguingly different. As she keeps house for him and warms his bed at night, she admits to herself she loves him but she misinterprets Coop’s inability to express his feelings. Parted, each continues to think of the other, but how can either of them reach out to say, “You were ‘always on my mind’?”

Why did you write this book?

I learned that there had actually been a bust-up between ranchers and hippies at my local dancehall in Wilson, WY, in the seventies. You really can’t get two more disparate groups—ranchers with their attachment to the land, their feeling for the generations that have worked it before them, and then hippies who are mostly freewheeling and care-free, unattached to anything pretty much. I just had to think, what if?

What is your favorite genre to read?

I read a lot of women’s lit. and literary fiction. I’m afraid to read too much romance in case I steal someone’s idea, although really, there are only so many tropes for romance.

Who is your favorite character from fiction (not including your own)?

So difficult Kayelle! But there are characters in a literary romance, I’ll call it, Midnight Cactus by Bella Pollen, and I got very involved with them.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m thinking and promoting and haven’t started another book. I just sent in a new mss. to my editor so I’ll have my hands full for a while between that and promoting this one, but that’s not to say I don’t have ideas on the bubble.

What books will we see from you in coming months?

Hopefully, the historical western romance I just sent into my editor. It’s about a lady doctor and a former gunslinger trying to hang up his guns until he learns that his family have been murdered.

Where to buy Always on My Mind

Publisher The Wild Rose Press
Barnes and Noble

Andrea Downing Social Media

A native New Yorker who has spent most of her life living in the U.K., Andrea Downing currently divides her time between the canyons of city streets and the wide-open spaces of Wyoming. Her background in publishing and English Language teaching has transferred into fiction writing, and her love of horses, ranches, rodeo, and just about anything else western, is reflected in her award-winning historical and contemporary western romances
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Today’s featured book is Come Love a Cowboy by 8 Best-selling and Award-winning Authors
About the Book
Title  Come Love a Cowboy
Genre Contemporary Western Romance
Author Kathleen Ball, Caroline Clemmons, Keta Diable, Hebby Roman, Margo Bond-Collins, Julie A. D’Arcy, Andrea Downing, Patti Sherry-Crews
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG13 – R
Luke’s Fate by Kathleen Ball
Meg O’Brien hoped never to lay eyes on the one man who broke her heart. To her dismay, Luke Kelly arrives at her ranch a much different and broken man. Can Meg ever forgive his callous treatment of her and help Luke become the man he used to be?
Grant Me The Moon by Caroline Clemmons
All Tory Fraser intended was to show her high school history club students a local archeology dig. How could she know the excursion would involve a murder?
Three for The Win by Keta Diablo
Hollis should have known better than to fall for a bone-melting man like Stede. He’s gone now and Eli is left to pick up the broken pieces of her life.
Border Affair by Hebby Roman
When his partners’ daughter is kidnapped in México, a self-made millionaire must confront his feelings about their affair and the future of their relationship.
Leaving Necessity by Margo Bond Collins
Mac has one week to convince his ex-girlfriend Clara not to sell his oil company. In this high-pressure reunion, can they strike love again?
The Shape of Destiny by Julie A. D’Arcy
A young male shape shifter. A beautiful female ranch owner. Can love be born in a web of deceit?
Bad Boy, Big Heart by Andrea Downing
She’s a New Yorker escaping her parents.  He’s a Wyoming cowboy supporting his dad. One summer, two young people—three months to find love.
Desert Heat by Patti Sherry-Crews
A single mother struggling to keep her guest ranch puts her own desires on hold. When a handsome and persistent fireman sets his sights on her, she must decide how much she’s willing to give.
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About the Author
8 Best-selling and Award-winning Authors: Kathleen Ball, Caroline Clemmons, Keta Diable, Hebby Roman, Margo Bond-Collins, Julie A. D’Arcy, Andrea Downing, Patti Sherry-Crews.
Author Social Media
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Dearest Darling by Andrea Downing
I see my characters clearly in my head. I hear their voices. I’d know them on the street and I understand them perfectly, what they would do in any given situation. When people ask me, what actor would you have play your hero or heroine in the film of the book, it’s difficult for me to answer because I envisage what they look like so plainly, and it’s not like any actor I know. So, with all this clarity, all this precise depiction, why do I get the occasional comment in a review that completely contradicts what I know my character to be?
When I wrote Loveland, it was perfectly apparent to me that Lady Alex was the product of a neglected childhood. Her father had made it clear that he hated her, had sent her off for several years to live in a strange country, on a rough ranch, with no one of her own age. He then forced her into a disastrous marriage. Now, with all this behind her, she wanted to be independent—especially of men. She wanted a career. So why was it that a couple of people commented that they thought she was spoilt? Yes, as a member of the aristocracy, she had a maid, wore fine clothes, but did that imply she was spoilt? What happens is that the reader puts his or her own interpretation on the book; one reader might agree with me that Lady Alex was the product of her background with expectations to have these accouterments, but the next reader might have the view that these things make Lady Alex spoilt, that she had expectations beyond the norm. So who is right?
In a way, both of us. A reader can only interpret what she reads from her own knowledge or background of experience. The author must strengthen the characterization enough to get the correct interpretation—the reader is not going to get what is in my mind by osmosis! It has to be down on the page. Perhaps the author must account for the breadth of viewpoints of her readership, the variety of experiences that readers are bringing to the page. On the other hand, I have to ask myself, could I, for instance, have created someone of Lady Alex’s background without the necessary props to show exactly who she was?
So, how does the author create a character? First of all, the author shows the back-story of the character—let’s call him Charles for now. Charles has a body of experience behind him when the story begins that has helped to shape his character. As the novel proceeds, Charles will act and react to events, and the reader will know his thoughts on these events. When we’re in his POV, we’ll show his inner conflicts (is he torn between sweet Betty Lou and the glamorous Megan?), the emotions and tensions within him. We’ll relate his view on his relationship with other characters in the book; does he hate his father, is he bored stiff by his aunt? And we’ll describe his appearance, his quirks and his ticks; he’s grown a beard, he plays incessantly with the ring on his finger.
Now comes the reader, Miss R. She gets the back story in drips and drabs so that a picture begins to form. Charles went to a posh school; Miss R thinks that means money in his background—that is, until it is revealed he was a scholarship student. Then her view of him

changes somewhat. He buys a coffee and his hand shakes and a spill burns him. Miss R. wonders if he’s ill or nervous? Meantime, both Betty Lou and Megan are equally likeable and have an equal amount of faults. But Miss R is sitting in NYC and thinks the choice should be Megan, while Mrs. Farmer favors Betty Lou. Now we have 2 different interpretations of what’s going on, what’s going to happen and what SHOULD happen. Further complications arise when it becomes apparent that Charles hates his father and Miss R. did too, but Mrs. Farmer adored and worshipped hers so thinks ill of Charles. Finally, there’s that beard. Is it hiding a scar? Is he playing with that ring because he’s nervous or because he wants to remember the beautiful woman who gave it to him?

The author has no control over what goes on in her readers’ minds and, at the same time, we don’t want to give away the whole story at once. Part of the telling is in letting out the secrets and the story in doses, but in such a way the reader reaches the correct interpretation of the character. And if we don’t do that, then, perhaps, we, as authors, have failed.

About the Book

Author: Andrea Downing
Genre: western historical romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Stuck in a life of servitude to her penny-pinching brother, Emily Darling longs for a more exciting existence. When a packet with travel tickets, meant for one Ethel Darton, accidentally lands on her doormat, Emily sees a chance for escape. Having turned down the dreary suitors that have come her way, is it possible a new existence also offers a different kind of man?
Daniel Saunders has carved out a life for himself in Wyoming—a life missing one thing: a wife. Having scrimped and saved to bring his mail-order bride from New York, he is outraged to find in her stead a runaway fraud. Even worse, the impostor is the sister of his old enemy.
But people are not always as they seem, and sometimes the heart knows more than the head.

About the Author

Andrea Downing
Andrea Downing
Andrea Downing likes to say that when she decided to do a Masters Degree, she made the mistake of turning left out of New York, where she was born, instead of right to the west, and ended up in the UK. She eventually married there, raising a beautiful daughter and staying for longer than she cares to admit. Teaching, editing a poetry magazine, writing travel articles, and a short stint in Nigeria filled those years until in 2008 she returned to NYC. She now divides her time between the city and the shore, and often trades the canyons of New York for the wide open spaces of Wyoming. Family vacations are often out west and, to date, she and her daughter have been to some 20 ranches throughout the west. Loveland, her first book, was a finalist for Best American Historical at the 2013 RONE Awards. Lawless Love, a short story, part of The Wild Rose Press ‘Lawmen and Outlaws’ series, was a finalist for Best Historical Novella at the RONE Awards and placed in the 2014 International Digital Awards Historical Short contest. Dearest Darling, a novella, is part of The Wild Rose Press Love Letters series, and came out Oct. 8th, 2014, and Dances of the Heart, another full length novel, comes out in February, 2015.

Author Social Media

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