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Would you like to sign up for a visit?

I’d love to have you. Here’s how to be a guest on RLF.

Be sure to add the RLF button to your website or blog, announcing your visit. Share it on social media with the hashtag #RLFblog to bring visitors to your post. Right-click the button to download to your device.Sign up on #RLFblog @kayelleallen

Romance Lives Forever uses Signup Genius to schedule guests. The system also reminds authors of their visit. One post is available each day. If you choose a date, no one else will be able to take it, so please make a note of it in your own calendar as well. I will also confirm personally. If you don’t hear from me within two or three days, feel free to follow up. The system will send an automated reminder three days ahead of your visit. You can sign up for more than one; however, each must be in a different month.

For downloadable interviews and forms for submission, visit the FAQ page.

2018 – 2019 Guest Author Sign Up

Sign Up Now!

Reserve a date between April – June 2019

Free Book Friday 2019

Sign up to offer your free book to Romance Lives Forever readers. Five books will be offered each week on Friday. One author can grab a special promotion on the front page for a 7-day period. When signing up, look for the Featured Book position ($5). All other spots are free.

Can I sign up for a blog tour?

Yes! Authors can schedule their own or have a service contact me. If you own a blog tour service, feel free to sign up your client.

Personal Assistants and Promoters please note: I spend a great deal of time promoting your authors, and to do that well, I require their social media links as well as email. I will copy you on all correspendence, but I reserve the right to refuse anyone who does not provide this information. Romance Lives Forever is all about networking. Those who are not interested in helping their authors network should apply elsewhere.

— Kayelle Allen

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