Bellakentuky, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. Let’s talk about
your book, A Matter of the Mind.

A Matter of the Mind.

Genre: Science Fiction Romance

Publisher: The Boroughs Publishing Group
Cover artist: The Boroughs Publishing Group
Length: 26 Pages
Heat rating: 4
Tagline: Sometimes
it takes a second glance to appreciate what’s in front of us, then a long revealing
stare to find true love.
Blurb: Kathryn Oaks is a beautiful thirty-four years old career
woman, a world-class athlete, MENSA member, and a PhD in Physics and the Medical
Sciences. Her analytical mind is taking her to the pinnacle of her career, she has
been chosen as the Chief Medical Officer aboard Project Pandora, a space ship preparing
to embark on an extended mission to a distant planet. But, Kate isn’t without personal
problems and maintaining intimate relationships is one of them. So her heart sinks,
as the rest of the crew is announced and she learns that the Chief Flight Engineer
is a man she loathes, a man who is her complete opposite, a man who is every bit
as smart as she is, but also is something she isn’t, a person who lives life to
its fullest. But, strange things can happen when hurtling through uncharted space.
And Kate is forced to face her inner demons. Perhaps, she isn’t everything she thought
she was, and he isn’t everything she thought he wasn’t. A Matter of the Mind is
part of The Lunchbox Series, a line of short romance stories published by The Boroughs
Publishing Group. These stories are meant for quick entertainment. They can be purchased
individually as E-books at all major online retailers. They can also be purchased
in groups for a discount at the Boroughs Publishing Group website.
What are your main characters’ names, ages, and occupations?
Kathryn Oaks, 34 years
old, Chief Medical Officer
Jeffrey Palladino, 33
years old, Chief Flight Engineer


How did you get your start
in the industry?

I’ve written fiction since high school. Then, about three years
ago I began to market my short stories in earnest.

If you could change something
about your first book, what would it be?
I would have made it a little longer. Still, it was a personal
triumph to have it published.
What do you enjoy most
about life?
love my wife. She is the thing I enjoy most about life.
If you could choose anyone
to be your mentor who would it be?
That’s a tough one. If I really had to narrow it down to one
it would be Janet Evanovich. I love Stephanie Plum and Janet’s writing style.
If you could give the
younger version of yourself advice what would it be?
Be true to yourself and don’t worry about everybody else so much.
Do you have a muse? Describe
this person, please.
It is definitely my wife, Clarisa. She is the smartest, funniest,
most creative person I know. She makes me laugh all the time and is a constant source
of inspiration. One of her favorite things to do is to pretend she is dead somewhere
in the house until I find her. And then I say, “You’re not dead.” And
she smiles. She’s done this for years and it still makes me laugh.
What does “balance”
mean to you as a writer?
It means to write in a style that puts the reader into the story.
They don’t feel as if they’re reading a story, they’re living it.
Do things your family
or friends do ever end up in a book?
Yes, my most recent story (which is not a romance. I tend to
genre jump from time to time) is loosely based on an event that happened to my son.
If anyone is interested (horror/thriller genre) it is currently a finalist in the
America’s Next Author 2012.
What are some jobs you’ve
done before (or while) you were a writer?
I have been a professional photographer most of my life.
What kind of books do
you read when taking a break from your own writing?
What do you think is the
future of epublishing?
I’m too new to say. But I do think the industry is going to continue
to evolve rapidly for the next decade.
What was the proudest
moment of your life so far?
In 2003, I wrote, produced, and directed a satirical short movie.
It was done in a small town in Florida
using local people for actors. It took four months to complete the project. We did
the premiere showing at a large meeting room in a historic building. So many people
showed up that the fire marshall
wouldn’t let anyone else in. At the end of the movie, the cast got me up on stage,
and the applause was thunderous. It lasted so long I was beet red with embarrassment.
There is no other creative experience like making a movie.
Imagine you get to go
on a dream vacation, but you have only one hour to pack and leave, and it starts
as soon as you finish this interview. What will you take with you and where will
you go?
My wife, my camera, my laptop, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and
I would go to South Africa.
What is your favorite
holiday and why?
I love Christmas because it brings up all kinds of warm fuzzy
Where were you at midnight,
on December 31st when the new century started?
Believe it or not, I was DEATHLY sick in bed with the flu. It
was horrible!
What do you like to do
when you’re bored?
If your life became a
movie, who would you want to play you?
Ben Stiller
If you were a color, what
color would you be?
My favorite color is red.
Which statement is more
like you?
“I am a vacation spa because I am laid back and relaxed.”
“I am a ten-countries in ten-days tour vacation, because
I do things as fast as possible.”

Please Fill in the Blanks

I love pizza with LOTS of cheese.
I’m always ready for a movie.
When I’m alone, I surf the net.
You’d never be able to tell, but according to the medical
profession I’m overweight
If I had a halo it would be dripping
with cheese
If I could do anything for my wife, I’d take her on
a trip around the world
I can never run because I have bad knees.

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