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Kiss Me, Bite Me by Sayara St Clair

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance.
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
I’d learned early on in life not to show weakness. Like messy emotions. Shedding tears in front of my family had a similar outcome to busting out of a shark cage wearing blood cologne.
The world hasn’t treated Kayana Castello Branco particularly kindly. So it’s no surprise to her when she literally bumps into her soul mate, only to find he’s already taken. He’s gorgeous, strong, smart, kind—every woman’s ideal guy. Of course he’s unavailable for soul-matey business.
When fate shows pity, putting Greg Morgan in her path a second time, the resulting collision is colossal. Their connection is epic, the stuff of romantic legends, fairy tales, sonnets. They’re like Romeo and Juliet (only, the R-rated version).
But something has happened to Greg. Now, every time he gets near Ana, he gets long and hard…and pointy in the fang area. He doesn’t know whether he wants to kiss her, lick her, do-that-thing-that-rhymes-with-duck her. Or bite and deprive her of every last molecule of haemoglobin.
Loving a newbie vampire with control issues really and truly sucks.
Why did you write this book?
Although this is the fourth book I’ve published, it’s actually the first one I ever wrote. I’ve been an avid paranormal romance reader for a long time and I may have a slight vampire obsession. I mean, it’s so slight it’s barely worth mentioning. *Stares* *Waits* *Squirms* Okay, okay, I’ll admit it—I am TOTALLY obsessed with vamps! So it was inevitable that my first book would be a vampire paranormal romance.
What is your favorite genre to read?
Romance. All sorts of romance, eg erotic, paranormal, historical and romantic suspense. I am an unashamed incurable romantic.
Who is your favorite character from fiction (not including your own)?
There are so many characters I’ve admired over the years, that it’s hard to narrow it down to just one. My character of the moment, though, is Daniel Beckett, from a series of books by Dominic Piper. Beckett is worlds apart from the usual romantic hero I fall head over heels for. However, he is mysterious and intriguing. And it is absolutely imperative that I find out more about him.
What are you working on at the moment?
I’m working on the second book in the Blood Kissed Series.
What books will we see from you in coming months?
The book mentioned above will released next. Kayana, Greg and their friends will be involved in some extremely complicated and hair-raising situations. Expect much mayhem in the future from me.

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If someone told a young Sayara St Clair that one day she would be an erotic/paranormal-romance-writing Aussie expat living in Thailand, she would have snort-laughed and yelled, “You. Be. Crazy!”
If someone told her the same thing now, she would not yell, only nod solemnly. Because that actually happened.
Sayara has a science degree, with majors in both microbiology and biochemistry. Working in the fields of serology and tissue banking, she got to do lots of cool and sometimes slightly weird stuff. She was employed as the manager/buyer for furniture retail stores, where she had a chance to unleash her inner interior decorator. (Interior design is one of her great passions.) And for a time, she taught English to students in Asia. (Hanging about in a roomful of extremely loud, pint-sized humans is not one of her great passions.) She has written: ads for TV, print and radio; real estate brochures; website copy; and a screenplay. Now she’s writing fiction and has discovered it’s her favorite thing to do. She’s also learned that writing sultry romances is so much more fun than writing dry old scientific journal articles. No one has sex in scientific journal articles. Not the ones she wrote anyway.
When not writing, she may be most commonly found in a horizontal position reading, in the kitchen baking, in the garden planting, or somewhere else singing at the top of her lungs. She loves music and is prone to spontaneous bouts of dancing.
With regards to vampires and chocolate: she bites one on a daily basis and has had a lifelong obsession with the other. And she’s not telling which one’s which.
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