Author Veterans are authors (or writers) who served in the military. We celebrate their dedication and thank them for serving.

Interesting Veterans Day Facts

  • Veterans Day is always celebrated on November 11th.
  • The original name for this holiday was Armistice Day. The word armistice means “state of peace agreed to between opponents so they can discuss peace terms.”
  • The first celebration was held on November 11, 1919. This was the first anniversary of WWI ending.
  • In 1926, Congress passed a resolution to make this date an annual observance and it became a national holiday in 1938.
  • The current name came about in order to honor all who served as well as those who died fighting. The change was legislated in 1954 by President Eisenhower.
  • Today we give special honor to the living and deceased servicemen and servicewomen and to the civilians that support them.

This Salute to Author Veterans shows authors (published or not) who are veterans. It consists of the author’s name, branch of service, writing brand, and one link. Click to learn more about the author, his or her books, and to find or follow them on social media.

Author Veterans

This Salute to Author Veterans shows authors (published or not) who are veterans. It consists of the author’s name, branch of service, writing brand, and one link. Click to learn more about the author, their books, and to find or follow them on social media.

Authors are listed in alphabetical order by first name. 

Allegra Gray
US Air Force
History. Adventure. Passion.

AM Scott
US Air Force
Blast off to fun and adventure!

Angelina Jameson
US Air Force
A Good Love Story is Timeless

Ann Victor
US Army
Short erotic fiction for women on the go…

Ashley Ladd
US Air Force
Contemporary Erotic Romance

Beverly Ovalle
US Navy
Happily ever after one book at a time

Bob Mayer
US Army
Founder of Who Dares Wins Publishing

Caro Carson
US Army
RITA-winning author of contemporary romance

Cate Tayler
US Air Force
Sassy and Sultry Romance for the Passionate Heart

Charity Tahmaseb
US Army
Fantasy, paranormal, young adult

Charles Cranston Jett
US Navy
Strategic Planning, Marketing, Organizational Development

Chris Winder
US Marine Corps
Inappropriate humor mixed with creative science fiction.

CK Crouch
US Army
Romance Tangles with Suspense

Cynthia Middlebrooks Harris
US Army
Faith, hope in adversity, power of Gods love

DC Stone
US Air Force
Real Men Real Crimes Real Romance

Delilah Devlin
US Army
Hot Romance

Denise Patrick
US Army
Inspirational and Historical Romance

Diana Cosby
US Navy
Scottish Medieval Romantic Suspense

Eliza Gayle
US Marine Corps
Paranormal and Contemporary Romance

Elizabeth Ashtree
US Army
Stories to turn in your imagination.

Ella Quinn
US Army

Elle James
US Army and US Air Force
Escape with…

Gail Hart
US Air Force (JAG)
Grown Up Romances for Grown Up Girls

Geri Krotow
US Navy
Military Romance

Heather McCoubrey
US Air Force
Every woman deserves romance

Heather Ashby
US Navy
Military Romance

Isis Rushdan
US Air Force
Urban Fantasy Romance

Jeane Westin
US Army
Historical Romance

Jennifer France
US Navy
Erotica Romance where the destiny is love

Jessica Scott
US Army
Contemporary Military Romance and Non-fiction

Jillian Bullock
US Army
Empowering People to be Victors Not Victims

Jo Ann Brown
US Army
Inspirational Romance

Joyce Adams
US Army
Love … Laughter … Forever

JR Handley
US Army
Authentic Military Sci-Fi

Judy McDonough
US Navy
Southern mysteries and paranormal romance

Julia Day
US Air Force
Real People, Magical Lives

Julia Huni
US Air Force
Fast and fun mysteries, with heart. And robots.

Kathleen Toomey Jabs
US Navy

Kayelle Allen
US Navy
Art, Sci Fi, Space Opera, Romance, Suspense

Lacey Falcone
US Air Force
Tapping into your Flights of Fancy

Lindsay McKenna (aka Eileen Nauman)
US Navy
Romantic military suspense, romantic suspence

Lisa Carlisle
US Marine Corps
Paranormal, contemporary, and military romance

Lisa Cordeiro
US Marine Corps
Military Memoirs – Parris Island & Journey of a Woman Marine

Loni Lynne
US Navy
Let Fate guide you… One story at a time

Lori Avocato
US Air Force
Mystery/Romance author

MA Monnin
US Air Force
Mystery/Romantic Suspense

Mahalia Levey
US Navy
The Decadent Side of Sin

Marie Johnston
US National Guard
Smart women, steamy stories

Megan Westfield
US Navy
Megan Westfield writes adventure-sport romances set in beautiful, wild locations.

Misty MacRae
US Navy
A Dash of Romance with a Dusting of Mystery

Monica Burns
US Army
Sensual, Emotional, Unforgettable Romance

Myla Jackson
US Army and US Air Force
Sinfully Sexy Romance

Nancy S Brandt
US Army
Where the fantasy is always epic and the romance is always sweet.

Nancy J Parra
US Air Force
Romantic Suspense

Rochelle Weber
US Navy
Science Fiction Romance

Rogenna Brewer
US Navy
Where Romance is Always an Adventure

Rue Allyn
US Navy
Romance – Historical, Contemporary, Erotic

Sandy Wickersham-McWhorter
US Air Force
Unexpected Romantic Fiction

Sapphire Phelan
US Army
Dark heroes and heroines with bite…sink your teeth into romance

SE Babin
US Air Force, Texas Air National Guard
Romcom, Mysteries, Urban Fantasy

Shannon Nemechek
US Army
Warranted Series

Sonia Taylor Brock
US Marine Corps
Unique Twists, Paranormal Kitchen Sink

Stacy McKitrick
US Army
Even vampires can be bitten by love

Susan Ann Wall
US Army
Journey into romance…love always follows.

Suzie Quint
US Army
Falling In Love with Romance

Tarina Deaton
US Air Force
Real Heroes, Real Love

Teresa D’Amario
US Air Force
Author of True Mate Series

Terry Spear
US Army
Shifter romantic suspense and medieval Highland romance

Tracey Cramer-Kelly

Army National Guard
Military Romance and Medical Drama

Wayne Greenough
US Navy
Romantic Suspense, YA, Juvenile, SciFi, and Hard Boiled Detective

William Maltese
US Army
Providing Readers with International Best-Sellers for over Four Decades

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Special Mention

Military News Blog – former military and police authors

RomVets – Women Writers of Romance Who Served

Anne Ashby – Writing Warm Fuzzy and Fun (New Zealand Armed Forces Navy)

Peter Perrin – Romance with mature characters (Royal Air Force)

Gone But Not Forgotten

Terry Irene Blain – US Navy

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