Once known as the infamous hacker Artemis, Amy Wilson now
works in a coffee shop. With only months until the end of her probation from
working in the technological industry that she loves, Amy is determined to keep
Artemis dead and buried.
When incidents similar to the ones Amy did start occurring, all fingers start pointing in Artemis’ direction, including three people that want
Artemis to come out of retirement.
Quail City’s superheroes Dark Master and Calypso aka as
multi-billionaire Noah Adams and his assistant Vanessa London know Amy’s
secret, and also know that she is being set up. Having spent months in a
flirtmance with Amy, they are tired of waiting and want both her and Artemis in
their bed.
Hinderer wants to hold technology hostage, but in order to
do so he needs Artemis’ assistance, and he will use any methods necessary to
gain her cooperation.
Genre Romance/ Fantasy Erotic
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R

Izzy Szyn Social Media

New York Times Bestselling Author Izzy Szyn was born in May
of 2014 when a friend dared her to write. Born and raised in Detroit, Mi. Izzy
now lives in Oklahoma City with her furchild Misty, the friendliest Chihuahua/Terrier
you will ever meet. Izzy currently works in a call center, where she writes in
between phone calls. She loves to keep in touch with her readers.