Storm Crazy 

Today’s featured book is Storm Crazy by Livia Quinn.

About the Book
Title Storm Crazy, Destiny Paramortals, Book1
Genre Paranormal
Author Livia Quinn
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG

Destiny — is it Mayberry or Middle Earth?
To say I was having a bad day would be like saying Katrina
dropped a little rain on the Gulf Coast. My name is Tempest Pomeroy. I’m a mail
carrier in Destiny, Louisiana, and a Paramortal like my family. Or I’m supposed
to be. If I didn’t have a few little talents, I’d think I was adopted.
I discovered my brother’s amphora missing from the
mantle—that’s genie bottle to you mere-mortals— and on my first delivery, a
handsome scantily clad doctor triggered some sort of hallucination with just a
touch. Pheromones? Then Mr. Jackson stroked while reading me the riot act.
I saved the old grouch with a zap of my Zeus juice, only to
have Destiny’s hunky new sheriff show up minutes later. And again when the
owner of Flowers by Dick complained I dropped a seventy pound box on his foot. Yeah,
I did it, but it was kind of an accident. He put his hand where it didn’t
belong and I… sorta dropped it. Things went downhill from there.
I discovered a dead body in the clubhouse and rescued my
brother’s amphora from a locker, bashing it in with a Greg Norman wedge. I was
caught in the act by…you guessed it.
I’ve denied my heritage as a Tempestaerie for too long. Now,
my mother’s out of pocket, my brother’s missing and the sheriff thinks one of
us is guilty of murder. Is it any wonder I’m calling this the worst MALE day of
my life?
Oh, and the sheriff? He thought he’d settled in a normal
small town to raise his teenage daughter—like Mayberry?! We’ll see how that
turns out… Things better settle down soon ’cause I’m about to go Storm Crazy.
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About the Author
Hi, I’m Livia Quinn, a DC native living on the bayou. With a life long fascination (read that: phobia) of storms, and living in Louisiana where severe weather is a part of life, it was only natural that it would play a big part in my world. Visit Storm Lake…where anything can happen! My former jobs as a mail lady, computer trainer, plant manager, professional singer, business owner and salesperson have stocked my brain full of quirky characters I can’t wait to share with my readers.
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