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The Kiss – Flash Fiction Inspiration

Flash Fiction Saturday… Give us a Kiss

Maybe you know it as sucking face or swapping spit. Yep. Old
as time itself. Certainly as old as the proverbial oldest profession. But, bottom
line is, what’s romance without a kiss? Not just any kiss. We’re talking kiss with
a capital K. The kiss that negates all previous kisses the hero or heroine has experienced
prior to this latest.
And there are as many types of kisses as there are smiles, touches,
and glances. All with their own special moment and, more importantly, meaning. That’s
what we’ll be exploring today. 

The kiss.

The tentative first kiss full of questions, doubts, and uncertainty.
When our hero and heroine meet, maybe for the first time, maybe after years of knowing
each other, and something happens. Something that can’t be explained even today.
Their eyes meet and, without a word, it happens. Just like that. Maybe they can’t
explain it afterwards, not in words. But much more than swapping spit took place
in those ten seconds of touching lips.
And we can’t forget that first moment of real passion when a
kiss and not words lead to the portal of something even more intimate… desire.
All punctuated by more kisses. Because what’s passion without kissing to communicate
encouragement, satisfaction, even need?
Then there is the heart breaking kiss. The kiss of a long goodbye.
Or, sadder still, the last kiss left on the lips of someone who
is leaving their life forever. Even at moments like this the most important
gesture can still be the kiss.
Can he or she stop them from leaving? Implore them to stay? To
So join us today in celebrating the art of the romantic kiss
in all its forms and glory. Flash us with 100 words of your best swap of spit, suck
of the face, but most of all, lover’s kiss.
The biggest rule is to have fun. And feel free to take your flash
as deep into the scene as you’d like. But remember, every flash must be only 100
Thanks to our host today – Romance Lives Forever – for giving
us this great space to flash in. And thanks to you, my fellow flashers, for joining

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