Meet Tabitha from the Detours in Time series by Pamela Schloesser Canepa, @PamSCanepa1 #RLFblog #scifiWelcome Tabitha, from Detours in Time and Undercurrents in Time, a new Sci-fi, time travel series with a hint of sweet romance.
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Asheville, NC
Profession: Gallery assistant, art display coordinator
Ethnicity: German and Swedish
Species (for scifi/fantasy characters): Human
Please provide a physical description of yourself.
Tabitha, also known as Pinky, is about 5’2, 110 lbs and tans very easily, though not considered dark-skinned. Her hair is always long, a little past the shoulders and could be called brown, with honey highlights.
Please tell us a little about your character.
Tabitha is stubborn, independent, and knows a good thing when she sees it. She hates being told what to do, however, she and Milt, the other main character, have entirely different skillsets. She is a survivor and works very hard, with dreams of being an artist, and formerly, of being a professional dancer. She had once been a student at the Baltimore School of Dance, until an injury led her to instead pursue an Art degree. While pursuing her degree, she worked cleaning university offices at several schools, which is where she met Dr. Milton Braddock.
Who is the significant other in your character’s life?
Dr. Milt Braddock, who was, at one time, her employer but becomes much more.
How does your heroine dress?
She dresses pretty casually. Her go-to outfit is jeans, Chucks sneakers, and a band t-shirt with a casual jacket, usually denim. However, she can clean up pretty well, if invited somewhere fancy. Her hair is usually loose, though sometimes it is in a ponytail.
What is your character’s viewpoint on wealth?
She would say it is not necessary. She never had much of it but worked for everything she has. Her family was pretty much middle class; both parents worked. They helped her through college the first time, until she changed her major. Tabitha would say that there is nothing wrong with wealth, when one has worked for it. However, no one should look down on those who lack it, because you never know what circumstances got them there.
What is your character’s family like?
She loves her family. Her parents are gone, though. They both passed away at the same time, together, in an airplane crash. Then, there’s her younger brother. She loves him and would do almost anything to help him. He has, at times, been a lost soul. It’s the only reason they are not close now despite being really close as kids. He did not react well to the loss of their parents a few years before.
What is your heroine’s biggest personal flaw?
My heroine, Tabitha is a little hot-tempered, however, her biggest flaw is sometimes she doesn’t think before she speaks. She is a little opinionated at times. It’s something she has had to work on, considering the places she has been and the things she has seen recently….but that is a story for another time.
How does your character handle challenges?
Tabitha’s adulthood has brought a lot of changes to her life, some of them quite challenging. She always faces up to the challenges; having said that, she is not one to gloss over how she is feeling. She will not hide her emotions and considers it downright unhealthy to do so. She will go through what she must, feel what she is feeling, and then come out on the other side of the issue. Tabitha will always get through the hard times.
Does your character see moral matters as black and white or shades of gray?
Tabitha follows a golden rule: Do not hurt others if there is another way. The question was brought up to her in a college class: Would you do anything to protect a family member? In other words, do the means justify an end? Her answer was no. It surprises people because she is considered hot-tempered. She believes there is almost always a better way and tries to take the high road. Would she kill another person to protect a family member? No. She would say that with our thinking capacities as humans it is our duty to find another way. Some call her too idealistic. However, she would not hesitate to throw a punch to protect herself or someone she loves. I think it makes perfect sense.

About Your Writer: Questions for your character to answer about you.

To honor the person who chose to share your story, please answer at least four of these questions. Questions with more than one point should be considered one question. You may answer as many more as you like.
Why do you think your writer chose to write about you?
I think she created me because I am unlike her in many ways, maybe I am a part of her that she never let out. You know, the opinionated, loud-mouth girl without a filter. That’s really not like her.
Was there anything your writer discovered about you that was a surprise to one or both of you?
She discovered how important family is to me. I don’t think I surprised her too much, because she’s that way, too. She gave me all these contrasting traits. I suppose that’s because I am moody. Nothing wrong with that!
Why do you think your writer loves to write?
I think she likes to explore the many contingencies that can create an outcome. Sci-fi really allows that, especially with time travel stories. Perhaps she likes to create worlds and see things through the eyes of a character that is unlike herself.

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Author Pamela Schloesser Canepa started writing poems and stories as a child to provide entertainment for long trips and frequent moves. When her family settled in the southeast, writing provided an outlet for private thoughts and emotions for years, until she decided to self-publish fiction in 2016. Pamela’s genres include science fiction, paranormal fiction, and poetry of all types. The Made for Me series was Pamela’s first published fiction series with a futuristic flavor. More recently, Pamela has published Detours in Time and its sequel, Undercurrents in Time. She plans to continue writing sci-fi and perhaps branch out into other genres.
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