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A family secret thrusts Kara through time where she meets a sexy highlander in Sloan McBride’s Highland Stone. Will she stay? Will he let her go?

Sloan, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about Highland Stone.

Highland Stone by Sloan McBride

Genre Time Travel Romance

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R (steamy)

A mysterious inheritance and magical forces thrust Kara Malone through the ages to the Scottish Highlands of old. There she encounters Alaxandar McLeod, the dark stranger who inhabits her dreams.

Alaxandar leads the charge to learn the truth about the violent raids against his clan. When his horse almost tramples a beautiful stranger, he is beguiled but skeptical. Is she a spy, or worse, a witch come to lure him with her body and distract him from his quest?

With his clan ever leery of Kara’s presence, and the raids intensifying, Alaxandar must decide what is right for his family and his heart. Will Kara choose to stay with the stranger from her dreams made flesh, or the mission she vowed to complete?


What’s your favorite book?

I could never pick just one favorite book. There are so many that I truly love and read over and over. I love most all of Nora Roberts’ series, but I’m partial to The Bride Quartet and Inn Boonsboro Trilogy most recently. I’m an avid, avid reader of paranormal romance and romantic suspense so there are many in that genre I love too. It’s took hard to pick just one.

What’s a genre you want to write?

I would like to try YA at some point. I have started a story, but haven’t gotten farther than the first few pages.

Best writing advice you ever heard?

Write, write, write. Keep writing no matter what happens.

What’s the title and genre of your first book, and where can we find it?

The title and genre of the first book is Time Travel Romance – Highland Stone. It’s the book I’m featuring today. I re-released it in September of 2020 on its 10th anniversary. I got a new cover, and put in additional content.


Coffee or tea? Neither. I don’t drink any hot drinks at all. I love frappes though!

Sit down dinner or drive through? Prefer sit down dinners when I have time to make them.

Fold laundry immediately or let it sit? I fold laundry immediately and put it away. I don’t like things sitting around.

Unload dishwasher right away or use dishes from it? I usually empty the dishwasher when I’m making dinner so there is room to reload.

Driving for pleasure or avoid driving anywhere? I drive only where I have to go. We don’t really live in an area that promotes driving for pleasure.

Talk or text? I prefer talking.

Emoji or smilie? Emoji

Where to buy Highland Stone

Publisher World of Dreams Publishing LLC
Barnes and Noble

Sloan McBride Social Media

Sloan McBride is a multi-published author whose books have been reviewed, and featured in RT Book Reviews. She is a romance author who leans toward the paranormal, adding suspense, and mixing in mythology with her Time Walker Series. She dances through the Highlands, making merry with the clans in The Talisman Trilogy, and turns up the heat in the crazy world of smokejumpers in the Men of Fire Trilogy.
Sloan lives in Illinois with her husband of 40 years and two children who have grown into adulthood. By day she is executive assistant to the majority owner of a dynamic law firm. By night, she puts on her writing persona and creates kick-ass heroines and the tortured men who love them.
If you’d like more information about Sloan, please visit her website at where you can sign up for her newsletter to receive notice of new books, giveaways, and more.
Amazon Author Page
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Discover fast fun facts about Karen Cino author of The Boardwalk @karencino #RLFblog #RomanceA tranquil walk on the boardwalk leads to romance and a dangerous encounter in Karen Cino’s novel The Boardwalk.

Karen, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about The Boardwalk.

The Boardwalk by Karen Cino

Genre Romance

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG17

After an accident at work, Brooklyn DeMelli walks every day down at the boardwalk as a way to keep active and have a semi normal social life. She meets up with the regular morning walkers, while enjoying the beauty of the beach and the scent of the ocean. To keep busy she started her own company, making beaded jewelry for parties and flea markets. Mario Morales is the hippy that plays acoustic guitar every morning at different ends of the boardwalk. The music captivates Brooklyn. Following the muse, she meets Mario who turns out to be a narcotics detective working undercover on a huge investigation. When Mario finds out Brooklyn is inadvertently involved in a drug trafficking ring, it leads to a series of events, which puts Brooklyn’s life in jeopardy, while forming a romantic bond between them.


What’s your favorite book?…

Lovers and Gamblers by Jackie Collins and the Stephanie Plum Series by Janet Evanovich.

What’s a genre you want to write?…

I love writing Women’s Fiction, Cozy Mysteries and Romance, but I would like to try a historical romance.

Best writing advice you ever heard?…

Write everyday, be it ten words or two thousand words and write what you love.

What’s the title and genre of your first book, and where can we find it?

My first novel was Roses, a contemporary romance. It can be found on Amazon and all other publishing platforms.


Coffee or tea? Coffee

Sit down dinner or drive through? Sit down dinner

Fold laundry immediately or let it sit? Folded immediately

Unload dishwasher right away or use dishes from it? Unload dishwasher right away

Driving for pleasure or avoid driving anywhere? Diving for pleasure

Talk or text? Talk

Emoji or smilie? Emoji

Where to buy The Boardwalk

Publisher Mandolay Press
Barnes and Noble

Karen Cino Social Media

Karen Cino is a multi-published author who has been writing since she was fourteen years old. She started her career by writing poetry, short stories and writing articles for her high school newspaper. After reading Jackie Collin’s Lovers and Gamblers and Jacqueline Susann’s Valley of the Dolls, Karen found her niche. Karen loves writing about local places that people can relate to.
Karen loves the summer, loves the beach. Her previous books were written and took place in various locations in Staten Island. Her Cookie Cutter Cozy Mystery Series takes place at the New Jersey Shore.
Karen is a member of Women’s Fiction Writers Association and Sisters in Crime and Romance Writers of America.
Karen has two adult children, Michael Giordano, singer, songwriter and producer, and Nicole Giordano who works in Retail Management and is also a photographer. In 2015 Karen moved to the Jersey Shore.
Amazon Author Page
Facebook Author Page


Four paths–one destiny. With the power to bind souls and control all magic in the balance. Imprisoned in Stone, a dark fantasy by Helen Henderson.

Helen, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about your book.

Imprisoned in Stone by Helen Henderson

Genre Dark Fantasy

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG-13

For the crime of healing without payment, the Brethren imprisoned Dylan’s soul in stone. Every full moon, they awakened him and renewed the bonds. When the blood dried on the stone, his awareness faded, but during those few brief moments, he had one thought–revenge. He embraces the pain of an awakening to reach out into the world beyond his stone prison.

A mind touches his and hope for escape from his eternal prison soars. However, his possible savior is unaware of her latent magic, the power needed to free him.

Through the years, the Brethren lost the ability to trap a soul for binding. Cuhlwich, the head of the Brethren intends to regain that power–at any cost. He also wants a successor of his choosing, including using magic to enforce his will. Only his son, Colwynn, wants to choose his own mate–an unknown woman whose magic calls him from afar.

A spell kept secret for generations.

A brotherhood thirsting for power.

A father’s demands that can’t be met.

A woman who stands to lose everything.

Magic imprisoned the mage’s soul, but not his will. Love released both.

Four paths–one destiny with the power to bind souls and control all magic in the balance.

Imprisoned In Stone, a book described as “a fascinating fantasy world with engaging characters.”

Where to buy Imprisoned in Stone

Barnes and Noble


Helen Henderson Social Media

Although the author of several local histories, and numerous articles on the topics of American and military history, antiques and collectibles, Henderson’s first love is fiction. Her work in the museum and history fields enables a special insight into creating fantasy worlds. The descendent of a coal-miner’s daughter and an aviation flight engineer, her writing reflects the contrasts of her heritage as well as that of her Gemini sign. Her stories cross genres from historical westerns to science fiction and fantasy. In the world of romantic fantasy, she is the author of the Dragshi Chronicles and The Windmaster Novels. In her books, she invites you to join her on travels through the stars, or among fantasy worlds of the imagination.
Amazon Author Page


Fiction Furbaby: Meet Piper from Charm Me by Tena Stetler @tenastetler @RobsRescues #RLFblog #PNR #PetsA witch yoga instructor is surprised by the rugged Navy Seal owner of MoonRidge Gun Club in Tena Stetler’s Candy Hearts paranormal romance, Charm Me. Will Valentine Magic bring them together forever?

Tena welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! We support all furbabies, real life or fictional. We want to know all about your Fiction Furbaby, but first, please tell us about Charm Me.

Charm Me by Tena Stetler

Genre Paranormal Romance

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG-13

Meet Piper from Charm Me

Full name: Piper
Nickname: Pip
Gender: Female
Species: Chow Chow dog
Physical description: big and furry
Relationship to main character: Canine companion/trained guard dog
Relationship to the villain/antagonist: hate
Where this furbaby came from: a kennel

Do you have any working or service animals in your stories? Tell us about them.

Yes. Piper is a trained guard dog to protect Summer Dawn Rylie.

In several of my other stories involving Wildlife Rescue (A Witch’s Journey Series) the dogs, birds, and reptiles play important roles.

What inspired you to create this character?

I was taking my puppy to obedience classes. In our class was a yoga instructor with her dog. I considered how a woman/witch alone would need protection in the mortal world. I created Piper, Summer’s guard dog with a few fun loving quirks. In fact Piper nearly takes over the story.

How do other characters react to or interact with this furbaby?Fiction Furbaby: Meet Piper from Charm Me by Tena Stetler @tenastetler @RobsRescues #RLFblog #PNR #Pets

Summer’s two assistant yoga instructors absolutely adore Piper and she likes them. But when it comes to Devlin, the hero, Piper isn’t so sure this new man in Summer’s life is to be trusted.

What about this furbaby will readers like, and why?

Piper is completed dedicated to Summer and her well-being. While her main duty is protection, she still is a heartwarming canine companion.

Please share an interesting fact or tidbit about this furbaby.

Piper LOVE’S beef jerky. That’s one way the hero wins her over.

Describe a humorous incident involving the animal character.

Devlin, the hero, brings Summer, the heroine, her favorite hot drink on a cold, snowy winter day. He walks into the yoga Studio and is greeted by Piper in full snarl. He backs off and calls out to Summer. She calls off Piper and takes the drink.

About Taco

Taco is an Eclectus parrot,(23 years old) and Mystic our chow chow dog (8 years old). I also have Sammie, 52 year old Box Turtle.

These two bonded when we brought Mystic home as an eight week old pup. Taco had been through two prior dogs in her lifetime. Each one she nurtured from inside her cage as they lay below or beside her cage with her baby talk or soothing words. She mourned the passing of each dog, but happy to accept a new pup. Taco has a 250 word vocabulary that she uses in context.

If I have harsh words for Taco or Mystic for bad behavior, the one not in trouble comes running to get between me and the companion in trouble barking or screaming depending on if it’s Taco or Mystic.

Mystic has several awards. AKC Star Puppy (earned at 6 months) AKC Companion Dog title (Earned at 13 months), Obedience I & II, and several agility fun match 1st and 2nd place finishes. As she has gotten older, she guards the house, the RV and Truck but allows the order takers at Dutch Brothers access to the truck and to pet her. She also loves their puppachinos (whipped cream and dog biscuits). LOL

I believe this picture reflects Taco and Mystic plotting to take over the world. LOLFiction Furbaby: Meet Piper from Charm Me by Tena Stetler @tenastetler @RobsRescues #RLFblog #PNR #Pets

Which, if any of the pets in your writing are modeled after your own pets? In what way?

The dogs in my stories pretty much reflect Mystic’s quirks, humor (yes, dogs and other animals do have a humor) and attitude.

What do your pets do when you are writing?

Taco sits on my shoulder or on her play stand in my office. Mystic checked in about every hour or so and lets me know all is well inside and outside. Or if it’s not, she makes that quite clear.

What’s the most unusual pet you ever had?

We had an iguana for 15 years. His name was Fluffy. He was a sweet lizard. Still miss him.

Where did you find your pet?

Chow breeder, Parrot breeder, our turtle was a rescue, Fluffy came from a pet shop.

What do you feed your pet?

We prepare special parrot food for Taco. Mystic gets kibble and a bit of canned food.

Sammie – loved Taco’s cooked parrot food, Mystic’s canned food, and spaghetti.

Describe a toy or favorite item your pet loves.

Taco loves anything she can destroy, wooden toys, pinecones, metal spoons she can bang together. Noise is the name of the game on some days.

Where to buy Charm Me

Fiction Furbaby: Meet Piper from Charm Me by Tena Stetler @tenastetler @RobsRescues #RLFblog #PNR #PetsAmazon
Amazon UK
Amazon CA
Amazon AU
Barnes and Noble

Tena Stetler Social Media

Tena Stetler is a best-selling author of award winning paranormal romance with an over-active imagination. She wrote her first vampire romance as a tween, to the chagrin of her mother and the delight of her friends. Colorado is home; shared with her husband, a brilliant Chow Chow, a spoiled parrot and a forty-five-year-old box turtle. When she’s not writing, her time is spent kayaking, camping, hiking, biking or just relaxing in the great Colorado outdoors. Her books tell tales of magical kick-ass women and mystical alpha males that dare to love them. Travel, adventure and a bit of mystery flourish in her books along with a few companion animals to round out the tales.
Authors’ Secret’s Blog –
My Say What Blog –
Amazon Author Page
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Shout out to Rob’s Rescues – founded by a 9-year-old animal activist

Rob’s Rescues is a non-profit organization in Georgia helping people in need care for and feed their pets. It was founded in 2014 by a then nine-year-old boy. Rob’s Rescues is dedicated to collecting pet food for people in need to reduce shelter surrenders, and to advocating for the adoption of shelter pets. Rob writes monthly articles advocating for shelter animals in the Around About Local Media magazine publications. His column was first published in 2014. He also has pet food collection sites for people in need in the community and interviews amazing people. His interviews appear online once they are published in his column.
Rob volunteers for Pet Buddies Food Pantry, the Cherokee County Animal Shelter and Cobb County Animal Control and collects pet food for these organizations and the communities they serve. He also wants to bring attention to smaller, rural shelters. Mostly he wants to get kids to be Rob’s Rangers to teach kids that they can help shelter animals. Rob has also talked to kids in a classroom setting.
Rob’s Rescues is a Non-Profit Corporation and all donations are tax deductible.

Shout out to WOLF Sanctuary and Gabrial Foundation – Nonprofits

WOLF Sanctuary W.O.L.F’s mission is to improve the quality of life for wolves and wolf dogs through Rescue, Sanctuary, and Education.
Gabrial Foundation is a parrot welfare organization providing for the complete physical, psychological, and environment well-being of the parrots in their care. Through the education of the public, proper legal documentation, extensive support services, and constant follow-up procedures, we ensure that whether the parrots remain in a sanctuary, in rehabilitation, or are placed into adoptive homes, that the parrots are continually nurtured. The Gabriel Foundation also provides for the general welfare of parrots in the community by providing accurate, comprehensive, and reliable educational materials and resources to the public.
With the proliferation of psittacine birds into the pet marketplace, the issue of unwanted birds is rapidly growing. This is no longer one person’s problem or even one industry’s problem. It speaks to the entire issue of being responsible for anyone and anything in your life for which you have chosen stewardship. All living creatures deserve respect and kindness.


Dee S Knight’s Baer seeks her “just right” in this adult fairy tale with three golden-haired guys. One’s too rough, one’s too soft. Can the third Goldilocks be “just right?”

Dee, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! We’re excited to find out more about your hero, but first, tell us about the book.

Baer and the Three Goldilocks by Dee S Knight

Genre Contemporary Romance

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R

Another erotic fairy tale with Princess Katherine and Prince Cole.

Susan Baer is not only a successful businesswoman and founder of Baer Hugs, health centers for women, she’s also beautiful. But she hasn’t always been that way. She’d spent her teen years lost, lonely and anxious, wondering if she would ever find a place to fit. Now, with those years behind her, she longs to find her special person. Though she’s not the overweight, nearsighted girl with braces anymore, she’s still lonely and there are no prospects in sight to share a happy ever after.

Suddenly, three golden-haired men come into her life. All successful, all gorgeous. And all with their own unique problems. One is too rough and hard in his treatment; one is too soft and wants her to take charge. The last is…well, let’s just say he’s not available.

Will Susan ever find the one man who’s “just right?”

Know the Hero from Baer and the Three Goldilocks

Here are some fun questions to help us know your hero.

It’s late, he’s bored. What does he do?

He runs a successful private investigation company, so he rarely has time to be bored. When he does have time, he kicks back with a beer and watches a game on TV. He’s not much for going out at night—too many crowds and loud music. Too much chance to get embroiled in trouble, which seems to find him.

What kind of food would he impulse buy if hungry?

Pizza. He loves it but has a tendency to order it too frequently. That means extra miles to run.

Describe the kind of clothes he prefers to wear.

He wears a suit to work even though it’s a fitness center and most of the staff dresses casually. When he’s not working, sweatpants and a tee mean it’s downtime.

Does he know how to fix things?

Yes. He’s been a bachelor a long time and doesn’t like to pay for things he can do himself, so he’s learned how to do lots of stuff. The Internet is a great thing!

He tried to do something and it went badly. Tell us about it.

When he first lived on his own, he tried to help his sister wire a new stereo and somehow knocked out the lights to the whole house. After cursing a bit, he called an electrician. It was an expensive mistake but made him determined to learn about wiring.

In this book, he is undercover, disguised as a gay man because that’s the only male employee Susan Baer would hire. He played his part so well she didn’t believe him when he tried to come clean and admit his love. That’s a backfire that set him on his heels!

How does he act around children he doesn’t know?

He likes kids in general. In specific instances, he’s happy to be able to hand them back to their parents and walk away. Mostly, he’s funny and genial, but doesn’t go out of his way to be around children.

What is he like first thing in the morning?

Ready to go. He says he sleeps the sleep of the pure—HA! But he’s a good morning person.

Can he use chopsticks?

Gosh yes. Can’t everyone?

Does he drink coffee? If so, how does he take it? If not, what does he drink instead?

Coffee. Lots of it.

What apps would he have on his phone?

Candy Crush (he’s addicted), Wall Street Journal, a cable news app, ID Check

Android or iPhone?


Beard or clean-shaven?

Clean. He might have a beard if he could get through the growth period. Whiskers itch.

Earrings/piercings/tattoos or unadorned skin?

One tattoo—he was a Marine. It’s a right of passage to mark the occasion.

Personal vehicle or public transport?

Personal transport. He loves his SUV.

Recycle or toss?

Recycle. He loves his SUV but he’s not a total jerk.

Thanks for helping us get to know your hero!

Where to buy Baer and the Three Goldilocks

Amazon behind. One thing for sure, by the time our Charlotte arrives at the ball, she’d sure like to know which man is her real Prince Charming.

Dee S Knight Social Media

A few years ago, Dee S Knight began writing, making getting up in the morning fun. During the day, her characters killed people, fell in love, became drunk with power, or sober with responsibility. And they had sex, lots of sex.
After a while, Dee split her personality into thirds. She writes as Anne Krist for sweeter romances, and Jenna Stewart for ménage and shifter stories. All three of her personas are found on the Nomad Authors website. And all three offer some of the best romance you can find! Also, once a month, look for Dee’s Charity Sunday blog posts, where your comment can support a selected charity.
Sweet ‘n Sassy Divas:
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Read the series: Duke of Renown - Book 1 of Dukes of Distinction by Alexa Aston @AlexaAston #RLFblog #RegencyRomanceCan a widow learn to trust a duke who lets her think he is a smuggler? New Alexa Aston Regency Romance Duke of Renown kicks off her Dukes of Distinction series.

Alexa, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about your series.

Duke of Renown, Book 1 in the Dukes of Distinction

Genre Regency historical romance

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R

Who doesn’t love a duke? How about five of them? These five aristocrats all come with nicknames Polite Society has bestowed upon them. Renown. Charm. Disrepute. Arrogance. Honor.

A woman with a broken heart…

A soldier who never dreamed he’d become a duke…

Phoebe Smythe, Countess of Borwick, suffers a tragic miscarriage when she learns her husband and young son have been killed in a carriage accident. The grieving widow retreats to an isolated cottage on the coast of Cornwall, where she finds a smuggler who’s washed ashore, blood leaking from a bullet wound.

Captain Andrew Graham returns home from the Napoleonic Wars after the death of his older brother, finding his father on his deathbed. Soon he becomes the Duke of Windham and must deal not only with numerous responsibilities but his wayward half-brother, who has amassed a mountain of debt and then shoots Andrew so he can become the new duke.

Andrew awakens to an angel of mercy, Mrs. Smith, a middle-class widow who nurses him back to health. She thinks he’s a criminal, which amuses him, but he soon falls in love with her beauty and spirit. On the day he decides to ask for her hand in marriage, she disappears and he has no way to find her – until he spies her across a London ballroom.

Though her heart belongs to the Cornish smuggler she left behind, Phoebe places herself once more on the Marriage Mart. She yearns to be a mother again – which means finding a husband.

What will Phoebe do when she learns that her Mr. Andrew is none other than the famous Duke of Renown?

Find the answer in The Duke of Renown, Book 1 in the Dukes of Distinction.

Each book in Dukes of Distinction is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order and can be read for free in Kindle Unlimited.

Series Order:

Book #1: Duke or Renown
Book #2: Duke of Charm
Book #3: Duke of Disrepute
Book #4: Duke of Arrogance
Book #5: Duke of Honor

Which book is this in the series?

Duke of Renown is the first book in my new Dukes of Distinction Regency series.

How many books do you plan for the series?

There will be 5 total. They release once a month between February and June.

How many books are completed?

I’ve finished writing the entire series, thanks to sitting home during COVID – I wrote a lot!

What characters are the main stars in your series?

Each romance features a different couple and these couple will pop up in subsequent books.

What is the overall theme in this series?

Friendship and love! Five men bound in friendship become five of the most powerful men in England. From rakes to war heroes, these men rise to the role of duke – and each finds a powerful love along the way.

Please list the series titles below, in any order you prefer.

Book 1 – Duke of Renown – Andrew & Phoebe
Book 2 – Duke of Charm – George & Samantha
Book 3 – Duke of Disrepute – Weston & Elise
Book 4 – Duke of Arrogance – Jon & Arabella
Book 5 – Duke of Honor – Sebastian & Hadley

What did you like best about writing this series?

I think historical romance readers just adore dukes. I know I do – both reading about them and writing for them. I enjoyed creating five incredibly different men who rise to the responsibilities of their new ducal roles, even as they maintain their boyhood friendships with one another and find their soulmates.

What other books (not in this series, have you written?)

I’ve written 3 Regency romance series – The St. Clairs; Soldiers and Soulmates; and The de Wolfes of Esterley Castle. I also have another Regency series coming between July and November of 2021 – Dukes Done Wrong.

I also have written twenty medieval historical romances and a contemporary series, Hollywood Name Game.

Where can we find links for all your books?

All of my romances are in Kindle Unlimited and sold exclusively at Amazon:

Where to buy Duke of Renown:


Alexa Aston Social Media

Award-winning and internationally bestselling author Alexa Aston lives with her husband in a Dallas suburb, where she eats her fair share of dark chocolate and plots out stories while she walks every morning. She’s a binge fiend (The Crown and Ozark are favorites) who enjoys travel, sports, and time with her family.
Her historical romances bring to life loveable rogues and dashing knights, while her contemporary romances are light and flirty and sometimes contain a bit of suspense.
Amazon Author Page
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