Outlantacon 2012. 

Outlantacon is the Southeast’s Premiere Event for Queer Nerds. I’m pleased to introduce the guests for the upcoming convention here on Romance Lives Forever.

I’ll be a guest myself. This will be my fourth year with the con. Kiernan Kelly and I were two of the guest authors the first year, and we’ve been back every year since. This year, I’ll be interviewing as many as possible, and posting them here.

Here’s where to find more info. http://outlantacon.org
Here is the beginning of the schedule. http://www.outlantacon.org/may-schedule.htm

Uncanny X-Men

We are currently assembling our guest list for our 2012 show. Below are the guests who are confirmed so far. More will be added so watch this space!

  • Lee Martindale author, editor, musician
  • Eugie Foster — Nebula Award-winning author
  • Andrew Greenberg — game designer
  • Kayelle Allen — author
  • Kiernan Kelly — author
  • Sabrina Pandora — entertainer
  • Michael Liebmann — voice actor
  • Angelia Sparrow — author, librarian
  • Moxie MagnusStar Trek drag performer
  • Jevocas “Java” Green — actor / filmmaker
  • Eric Green — actor / filmmaker
  • Tony Gowell — actor (The Walking Dead, Zombieland), casting assistant
  • Hushicho — webcomics creator
  • Kage Alan — author
  • T. C. Blue — author
  • Shae Conner — author
  • Shawn Sellers — paranormal investigator, author
  • Paul Bright — Filmmaker

Check out the video trailer for Altitude Falling (Paul Bright). The film will be shown at the con, and he’ll be screening his brand new film, Goliad Uprising.

Currently, I have interviews for several of these folks, and can’t wait to share them with you. Join us on the con’s Facebook page. Tomorrow is Paul Bright’s day, so bookmark this page and come back!