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Cancer Awareness Week 2016.
Much has changed in the last twenty-five years since my
father died of lung cancer. Less than a month after he passed away it was
discovered that my mother had ovarian cancer. Here are some of the words from
the doctor when she came out of surgery…”It’s really too bad, she’s a
beautiful lady. It was everywhere. We couldn’t get it all. I give her a 30%
chance of living two years WITH chemo.” He patted her on the hand and
said, “You’re going to be okay with a little chemotherapy.” She
To say I was berserk knowing the truth and having to pretend
like everything was going to be okay while she went around relieved is an
understatement. But I don’t even know if he’d told her the truth if he could
have kept her positive attitude at bay. She told me years later she just kept
pretending it was happening to someone else and just took each step as
something she had to do. She never ever gave a thought to giving up. She lived
seven and a half years after her diagnosis, giving our family many extra years
of chances to heal relationships and prepare. I’m so so grateful for that.
I admire the strength and determination and denial it takes
to get through a big C diagnosis and treatment and everything that comes with
it. But people I know who have been through it often tell me that now they see
it as just another of life’s challenges. I hope I get to see the cure in my
lifetime, don’t you?
I believe we’re close.

About the Book

My character Jack Lang has gone through a series of
challenges right up to this latest one in Take These Broken Wings.
Title Take These Broken Wings, Destiny Paramortals, Book 5
Genre Paranormal Romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG13
Destiny. Is it Mayberry or Middle Earth?
Jack Lang knows first hand about Destiny’s secrets. Turns
out he was one of them. On Mardi Gras Eve he and his unlikely band of heroes
defeated some particularly nasty creatures intent on taking advantage of the
Paramortals’ vulnerability during the Chaos. They called it Chaos because the
word “Armageddon” was already taken. Destiny survived with the help
of their dragon and some special friends, then Jack received the biggest shocks
of his life. And that was saying a lot.
He’d chosen this town the year before for the normalcy and
safety it could provide his teenager after a life of upheaval with his ex. He’d
been looking for Mayberry. Instead he’d found, not a town, but a world full of
magical beings, odd occurrences, and scary creatures. There’d been one shock
after another and yet, instead of leaving and taking Jordie somewhere “safe”…
he’d stayed.
He suspects he felt the pull of this special place long
before he’d known it existed. But that hadn’t been the only reason. It had all
begun the first time he’d seen Tempest Pomeroy. That was when his world had
turned upside down—along with half the town. He’d surprised himself with his
acceptance of the supernatural. He’d even almost accepted this latest blow, but
that had been before he found out he no longer belonged anywhere. Not with
humans, and not among supernaturals. Something had gone haywire in his family
Now he’s abandoned the women in his life, his
responsibilities–everything except for the need to quench the gnawing hunger
in his gut and this compulsion to jump off the highest levees in the parish. He
was just sorry there were no mountains in Louisiana.

About the Author

Livia Quinn is a DC native who’s lived on the bayou in
Louisiana for thirty years. After experiencing weather disasters in the South,
it was only natural that they would play a part in her Storm Lake world, a
place where supernaturals and mere-mortals co-exist (but on different ends of
the lake. That’s one of the rules. Never let mortals see you use your

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