Is It True: Drakon's Past by NJ Walters @njwaltersauthor #RLFblog #PNRPlay Is It True with today’s guest NJ Walters, author of Drakon’s Past, a paranormal romance. This is a game in which authors answer yes and no questions. They can elaborate on answers as much as they choose.
First, tell us about your book.
Constance Owens has a gift for finding unique items in the most unlikely places, which comes in handy since she buys and sells artifacts and antiques for a living. When she purchases a set of four dragon statues, she has no idea just how unique they are, or that finding them will thrust her into a world of secret societies, men who think nothing of kidnapping and murder to get what they want, and dragon shifters.
Nic hasn’t survived for four thousand years by letting his guard down, and he doesn’t trust anyone except his drakon brothers. The loneliness haunting him has been getting worse since all his brothers have found their mates. And when he finds the woman his drakon recognizes instantly as his fated mate, he doubts he’ll ever have what his brothers have, because it seems she’s involved with the secret society of hunters who have been hunting and capturing his kind for hundreds of years.
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Genre: paranormal romance/shifter
Now, tell us Yes or No for each answer below. Feel free to explain any (or none) of your answers.

Is it true:

this is your first book?
this book is part of a series?
Yes. This is book 4 of the Blood of the Drakon series.
you lost sleep while writing this book?
you did research for this book?
Yes. Travel guides and YouTube videos are very useful.
some characters in this book are not human? (pets for example)
Yes. The hero in Drakon’s Past is not fully human. He’s a drakon, which is the son of a pure-blooded dragon and a human female. Dragons came to our world 4000 years ago, had sons with human women and left, leaving their half-breed sons behind. Drakons have the primal instincts and power of the dragon combined with the intellect and emotions of a human.
this book has more than one genre?
It’s a paranormal/shapeshifter/contemporary romance.
you speak more than one language?
you grew up where you live now?
you love to read?
YES! I have to read every day or I just don’t feel right.
you are never late?
Never. I tend to be early.
you love pizza?
Yum. Absolutely. Vegetarian pizza for me.
you love sushi?
Never had it and don’t really want to.
you have a pet?
No. I’m allergic to cats and my apartment building won’t allow dogs.
Where can we find your book online?
Barnes and Noble

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NJ Walters is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who has always been a voracious reader, and now she spends her days writing novels of her own. Vampires, werewolves, dragons, time-travelers, seductive handymen, and next-door neighbors with smoldering good looks—all vie for her attention. It’s a tough life, but someone’s got to live it.
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