Pick up cool tips from MJ Schiller author of Hell Hath No Fury by @mjschiller #RLFblog #contemporary romance.Husband and wife deal with interfering ex while daughter learns to handle her own trust issues in MJ Schiller’s new chick lit release, Hell Hath No Fury. While addressing serious issues, hilarity often ensues with these fun characters from the Devilish Divas Series. (Hell Hath No Fury can be read as a stand-alone.)

MJ, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Thanks for sharing two tips with us today, but first, please tell us about Hell Hath No Fury.

Hell Hath No Fury by MJ Schiller

Genre chick lit

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG13-R

Their wedding bells have hardly ceased their clanging when marital discord strikes the Scofields.

After such a rough start, Kyle Scofield didn’t expect for his marriage to be a skate on smooth ice. But then again, the NHL hockey referee had no idea how determined his wife’s ex could be. Will Samantha and Kyle be able to see through Bill’s scheming and save their marriage? Or are they truly skating on thin ice?

And when all Elise knows about relationships is how dysfunctional they can be, does Sam’s daughter even have a chance with Hunter?

Being Samantha Scofield’s daughter can be as challenging as being wed to her. Even if Elise is able to step outside of her mother’s shadow, she’ll still have to deal with the lasting effects of growing up in such a shady environment. Can Hunter make Elise see that she shines with a light all her own?

And while it’s true that Hell Hath No Fury like these two women scorned, maybe when Sam helps Elise to see the light about Hunter it will illuminate a few things about Kyle’s and her marital problems, too, and lead the way to a happy ending for them all.

They may be up against some devilish odds, but don’t count these divas out in Book Seven of the Devilish Divas Series!

Two Tips for Writing

Pick up cool tips from MJ Schiller author of Hell Hath No Fury by @mjschiller #RLFblog #contemporary romance.These may be no-brainers, but I know they’ve saved me a ton of time, and it took me a while to start doing them, so I wanted to share. Hell Hath No Fury is my twenty-sixth book, so I had to find a way to make marketing easier. For each of my books I’ve created a document with tweets on them, including the link, so if I have a sale that I need to share, I can just copy and paste it and add hashtags. This is immensely helpful at times—well, at times like this. I have two books releasing in January and a book on sale, and I’m involved in two other promotions (I know. I bite off more than I can chew!). Then I use a tweet scheduler (I use Hootsuite, but there are several out there), fill it in the morning, or night before, and it sends the tweets out throughout the day. Super easy!

The second tip kind of goes hand in hand with the first in that it saves time with marketing. I create my own teasers for social media outlets and I figured out (just recently, actually) that it saves a lot of time to create a teaser, and then, at the same time, create one like it to use when the book is on sale, and a third one for when it is free. Just saves a little time and the hassle of re-uploading and changing the teaser. (I like doing my teasers on Ribbet, but there are a lot of other places you can use as well. I keep a folder for each book so they are easy to put my hands on, and also include the book’s title in the name I save it under.)

Like I said, a lot of this is common sense, but if you’re like me and sometimes lack that quality, maybe you’ll find this information helpful. ;)

Two Tips for Household Chores

These are kind of cooking/household chores. The first, and again, maybe everyone in the world has known this for a while except for me, but it’s so helpful I want to share it in case you don’t. This makes cleaning your microwave a breeze. Put a coffee cup half filled with water and a tablespoon of baking powder into the microwave and heat on high until boiling. I do it for three minutes. Then leave it in the microwave for three minutes. The steam will loosen everything up and then you just wipe it out. Even bad splatters come out without a struggle.

The second is a cooking tip to prevent messes, which makes cleanup a snap. There are many ways to prevent water from boiling over on the stove, but I really like this one. If you rim your saucepan with oil, (I use cooking spray) the water can’t climb over it. It has saved me on numerous occasions because I am impatient with waiting for something to start boiling. I move on to something else and forget about my pot. Just make sure if you’re using cooking spray to spray the saucepan over the sink so you don’t have overspray on the oven to wipe up either.

Well, I hope at least one of those makes your life a little easier. Thanks for having me, Kayelle! I’ve enjoyed being here and sharing my work and tips!

Where to buy Hell Hath No Fury

Amazon https://mybook.to/HellHathNoFury

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