Kayelle Allen here. Back in 2006, I was a busy author with four books. I was promoting,

learning more about promoting, and asking friends about promoting. All the ins and outs of book marketing were starting to gel and I felt like I was beginning to understand the overall concept. That said, I had a constant list of questions. Facebook was two years old. Twitter had been founded that year. Pinterest and Instagram were four years away. I had friends who had similar questions, and we would email each other and ask. Often, I’d get the same question several times in a row. I found myself going back to my “sent” file to copy an answer and resend it. Not that I wasn’t asking questions myself, but I think because I’d take the time to go find an answer if someone asked something I didn’t know – I started getting more and more questions.

It was Halloween, and I was busy with all sorts of details of writing, and I got the same question from two different people. I remember thinking that there had to be an easier way to handle this. I needed a way to let everyone know what I’d discovered at the same time, and if I had a question, get an answer from someone who knew. Yahoo Groups was established and well-used, so I decided to create one that all of my friends and I could use together. We could post a question there, and anyone who knew the answer could reply.
I set it up as Marketing for Romance Writers because that’s what all of us were at the time. Looking back, I’ve often wished I’d named it Marketing for Every Writer. Of course, then the initials would have been MEW vs MFRW and our symbol might have been a black cat!
Then, we had 12 members. Ten years later, there are 2420 there now, plus 6230 on Facebook, 3411  on Twitter, and 1400+ on Pinterest with 71 boards and over 1000 pins.

About MFRW

Marketing for Romance Writers is a peer-oriented mentoring group open to the entire literary community. Ask your marketing-related questions, or request help, advice, or opinions. You can learn how to create a professional image and use it effectively, as well as ask for opportunities to join other authors in promotional efforts. You can learn the business aspects of writing.
News about pitch sessions and calls for submission are posted on the Yahoo group. As a member, you can attend exclusive, member-only pitch events with publishers. Members can attend free, online workshops and seminars.
Marketing for Romance Writers promotes for its members on most social media. Get your book cover pinned on one of the MFRW Pinterest boards, and show off your cover models. Share your tweets with the MFRW street team and get them shared on Twitter. The hashtags #MFRWorg #MFRWauthor and #MFRWhop promote for you. You can get interviewed on BlogTalkRadio. Link your blog to a community hop via a unique software “ribbon” with exciting themes, and draw readers to your site.

Find and Join MFRW

Marketing for Romance Writers Yahoo Group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MarketingForRomanceWriters/
Marketing for Romance Writers Website http://marketingforromancewriters.org
Marketing for Romance Writers News page https://www.facebook.com/mfrworg
Marketing for Romance Writers Promo page https://www.facebook.com/groups/mfrwauthors/

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Emerald, Facebook Coordinator and Editor http://www.TheGreenLightDistrict.org
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Paloma Beck, Blog Director http://www.romancebeckons.net/index.html
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Tina Gayle, Twitter Promo Coordinator http://www.tinagayle.net/home.html
Carmen Stefanescu, Blog Coordinator http://shadowspastmystery.blogspot.com/
If you have questions about marketing your books, or you want to share an opportunity such as being a guest on your blog, join us. It’s okay to ask for guest spots too. The MFRW motto is “seek, teach, share, learn, succeed.” Services and membership are free. Are you part of the Marketing for Romance Writers success story? Please share in the comments.