Stacy McKitrick author of Blind Temptation answers five easy
questions to help readers get to know her better.

Author Bio

Stacy McKitrick fell in love with paranormal romance,
decided to write her own and found her passion in life. She used to work in
accounting, now she spends her time with vampires, ghosts, and aliens. Born in
California, she currently resides in Ohio with her husband. They have two grown
Who is your “book
boyfriend” (that hottie you read about and drool over)?
Gosh, I’ve had so many “book boyfriends” it’s kind of hard
to pick (it’s also hard to remember them all—bad me!). I guess the one that
stands out the most, though, would be John Matthew from the Black Dagger
Brotherhood series. I’ve liked him from the first moment I read about him and
loved, loved, LOVED his book (Lover Mine). Of course, now that I think about
it, I drooled a lot over Edward Cullen, too (the Twilight series introduced me
to paranormal romance and I was HOOKED!).
Describe the perfect vacation.
The perfect vacation is one where I don’t have to cook or
clean. Haha! I love going on cruises because I can visit multiple places and
only unpack once (the hubby and I already have three booked within the next 17
months). But I would love to stay at a place on the beach so I can sit on the
porch (or open the windows) and listen to the waves at night. Provided it’s
warm, that is!
Tell us about your
favorite toy as a child.
For my tenth birthday I got a Polaroid Swinger camera (see
this ad for it on YouTube
I LOVED that thing. Instant pictures!! Yeah, now it’s a joke, but back in 1967
it was a miracle! I think I used up a whole roll on my birthday just taking
pictures of my friends. It was the best birthday present, ever. Well… until my
fifteenth. That’s when I got my telescope (I loved that thing, too and still
have it).
What are your hobbies?
Lately, all I do is write and read (because it’s fun, what
can I say?). But I have been known to crochet a lot in the past. I’ve made so
many afghans, I ran out of people to give them to. Same with pot holders and
doilies. I crocheted a tablecloth for my friend that took me a couple of years
to complete. Thought I was going to go blind (or get arthritis). I pretty much
quit after that project (except for crocheting the occasional scarf). But I’m
sure if one of my kids ever decides to get married and have kids, I’ll be
crocheting a blanket for the little one!
When you read for pleasure,
what kind of books do you choose?
I like reading different stuff: paranormal romance, romantic
suspense, thriller, horror. Normally, my favorites are in third person with
multiple points of view. I say normally, because I do have some favorite series
that are in first person (urban fantasy or YA paranormal). I like some danger
in my books; they just make for a fun read. And the romances I read must end in
a happy ever after (no cliffhangers, please!!).

About the Book

Title Blind Temptation
Genre Paranormal Romance
Author Stacy McKitrick
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Dreading the prospect of losing her
position on the Vampire Committee, Victoria is forced to integrate with the
mortal population. She hasn’t stepped outside since her husband died over 40
years ago and the thought of being treated like the 17-year-old she resembles
frustrates her. But when she discovers that Ben, her hot & sexy driver’s ed
teacher, is blind, she gives into temptation and flirts. She never expects to
fall in love.
Ben knows he shouldn’t get involved
with Victoria—she’s his student. But something compels him toward her. She
makes him feel young, alive, and more importantly, whole.
Victoria would love nothing better
than to have Ben as a mate, but fears he wouldn’t want to be blind forever. As
she struggles to keep her identity hidden from him, an old acquaintance of
Victoria’s turns up and is willing to do anything to win her love, including
disposing of her boyfriend.

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