Genre Humorous Women’s Fiction
Author Marilyn Baron
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Desperate housewife seeks closure with first love about secret
baby on the eve of their son’s wedding.
When Julie Paver’s husband Matt moves his business to Atlanta,
she is forced to leave behind her thriving jewelry boutique, Stones. The move threatens
their twenty-five-year marriage, because now if Matt isn’t out of town negotiating
a merger, he’s spending late hours on overseas phone calls with his sexy-sounding
second-in-command. Feeling neglected and unloved, Julie seeks closure by reconnecting
with her first love, Manny, when he pursues her with his Internet innuendos. Manny
is unaware he’s the father of Julie’s son, and Julie contemplates revealing the
secret to him on the eve of their son’s wedding. But would such a walk down memory
lane be worth the cost? Julie and Manny finally meet at her oceanfront condo — in
the midst of a hurricane — and elements collide to create the perfect storm in a
coming-of-middle-age crisis.

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Interview with Marilyn Baron

Why did you write this
I wanted to feature a heroine of a certain age because I’m not
getting any younger and I believe people don’t just want to read about twenty-somethings.
This book was originally called, The Colonoscopy Club, so right away you know what
age I’m talking about. In Stones, I take a humorous look at a woman who can’t seem
to get closure in her life. My central character Julie has issues. Even her issues
have issues. Stones is about how Julie deals with those issues and features the
themes of first loves and second chances.
What is your favorite
genre to read?
I write in a number of genres—from historical romantic thrillers
and suspense to paranormal and women’s fiction—and I love to read a variety of genres.
Among my favorite genres are thrillers, literary fiction, and romantic suspense.
I have read a lot of amazing YA lately.
What is your favorite
character from fiction (not including your own characters)?
Gabriel Allon in the Daniel Silva books.
Do you enjoy films and/or
TV shows? Which are your favorites?
I love movies and I watch a lot of TV. Some of my favorite TV
shows are Castle, Rizzoli and Isles, Major Crimes, Blue Bloods, The Good Wife, The
Bridge, and Downton Abbey.
What are you working on
at the moment, and what are we likely to see from you in the coming months?
I am currently finishing Book Three of my Psychic Crystal Mystery
Series. Book One is Sixth Sense; Book Two is Homecoming Homicides. Book Three is
called Murder on the Repositioning Cruise.
I have a new women’s fiction book coming out this year in The
Lobster Cove Series from The Wild Rose Press (TWRP) called The Widows’ Gallery.
I’m very excited to be participating in this series. Lobster Cove is a quaint and
quirky fictional town on the coast of Maine near Bar Harbor. Participating TWRP
authors write stories across all lines as long as they’re set in Lobster Cove.
Here’s the blurb for The Widows’ Gallery:
Four recently widowed women meet on a Mediterranean cruise, bond
over the Renaissance masterpiece, The Birth
of Venus
, in Florence, Italy, and find love, friendship and joy in their joint
venture to open an art gallery in the quaint, quirky, coastal town of Lobster Cove,
Please tell us some fun
facts about your latest book, Stones.
The Colonoscopy Club (Now the published novel Stones) finaled
in the GRW Unpublished Maggie Awards for Excellence in 2005 in the Single Title
I lived in Florence, Italy, for six months during my junior year
in college, where I studied Art History, Italian, English, Mythology and Religion.
Part of Stones is set in Florence. The story is also set in Atlanta, Miami, and
Palm Coast. I was born in Miami and currently live in Atlanta and I own a beach
condo in Palm Coast. My central character owns an upscale jewelry boutique called
Stones, hence the name of the novel. I love jewelry, which is why I chose that career
for my heroine. My birthstone is an emerald which is why I wanted an emerald necklace
on the cover. A priceless emerald medallion is also featured prominently in the
In Stones, Julie is planning her son’s wedding and in real life,
I’m planning my daughter’s wedding.
The first line and my favorite line of the book is “Thank
God for lint.”
The book will be officially released September 26. Right now
it’s only available in paperback. It was released early in paperback in time for
my appearance on a panel at the Decatur Book Festival Saturday August 30 from 10:00
a.m. to 10:45 a.m. called “Tackling Sensitive Issues in Fiction.” Additional
information about the event is available on
If you’re in the Atlanta area over Labor Day I hope you’ll attend the presentation/book

Author Bio

Significant Others
Marilyn is a finalist in the 2014 Georgia Romance Writers Published
Maggie Award for Excellence in the category Novel with Strong Romantic Elements
for her book Significant Others.
Marilyn Baron is a public relations consultant in Atlanta. She’s
a member of Marketing for Romance Writers, Romance Writers of America and Georgia
Romance Writers (GRW) and the recipient of the GRW 2009 Chapter Service Award. She
writes humorous women’s fiction, romantic thrillers/suspense, historicals and paranormal.
She has won writing awards in Single Title, Suspense Romance, Paranormal/Fantasy
Romance and Novel with Strong Romantic Elements. Marilyn blogs at Petit Fours and
Hot Tamales at
She serves on the Roswell Reads steering committee.
She and her sister, Sharon Goldman, just released a play about
Alzheimer’s called Memory Lane. You can find out more about Marilyn’s books and
short stories and listen to a medley of the music from Memory Lane on her Web site
at or view it on
YouTube at

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