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The Chieftain’s Secret by Mageela Troche

Genre Historical Romance

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R

On a windswept Scottish Isle…

Many objects wash up on the shores of the rugged Isle of Mull. The Laird of Lochbuie never expected a pregnant wife to be included in that. Honorable Niall MacLean was wed to his childhood love when she died in childbirth. Now a widower, he struggles to get beyond his grief. Then a dear friend, Ermina Bruce pleaded for his help. His protective instinct came alive and he handfasted with Ermina to save her from an unsuitable marriage and one drunken night has led to forever after and a repeat of his past heartbreak.

The bonds of friendship…

Noble Ermina Bruce has loved Niall MacLean since he first fostered in her uncle’s home. But he loved another so she settled for the deep bonds of friendship. When her family arranged a marriage she didn’t want she knew Niall could save her from that miserable fate.

One night of passion…

That one night in Niall’s arms led to her pregnancy. Ermina has not told Niall of their secret baby. But his reaction isn’t her greatest fear. Her fear is even greater than the brave laird’s wrath. Every woman in her family has died in childbirth and all know the same fate awaits her. Once again, Ermina knows Niall is the only one who can save her. And if he fails, her last days shall be with the man she has loved since childhood.

Will love have a chance to come alive?

What is your go-to meal when you dine out?

I love pizza. Nothing in this whole world is as perfect as pizza.

Describe the perfect vacation.

I’m dying to travel to Rome. Pizza, history and art—that sounds like perfection to me.

Tell us about your favorite toy as a child.

My favorite toys were my crayons. They had to be the 64 Crayola crayons. You couldn’t rip off the paper or press too hard. And if the point broke I had to get a whole new box. One time when I lived in Florida, I wanted my crayons to get some sun and put them in the window. Of course, they melted. I cried and wailed until I got a new box.

When you read for pleasure, what kind of books do you choose?

I love reading. Of course, I read romance. But I love history and historical biographies. I also love mysteries. I hate reading anything that has a sad ending so I rarely read literary novels. I don’t want to be rooting for a character for them to die at the end. Real life has enough hardships and I don’t want to deal with that in book.

What kinds of things do you read when you’re researching a new book?

Since I write highlander historical romance, I read a lot of historical sources, primary and secondary. I also read biographies as well as academic papers.

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An Air Force brat, Mageela Troche has lived throughout the world then landed in New York City. She wanted to leave the same day she arrived. Yet, with her stubbornness, Mageela learned to like the place and the libraries were the main reason. Since she was a little girl, Mageela wanted to be an author and an actress, however, once in college, she changed her life plan in the pursuit of money. After all, college loans must be repaid.
With life’s twists and turns, she returned to writing and focused on the romance genre. Mageela Troche’s first break came when she sold a short story to a magazine. She sold two more before the publication of her historical romance novel, The Marriage Alliance. She has gone on to write four more novels and a novella.
Mageela is currently writing in the cramped corner of her Big Apple apartment. She is the proud owner of a Black-masked lovebird named Boobula. She loves to hear from her readers and can be found online at
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