Living with Cancer. Keyword: Living @liviaquinn Livia Quinn #AttackingCancer #CancerLivia Quinn shares good news — and statistics that can help.

One third or all men and women in the US will develop cancer of some kind. Every year I hear more positive experiences about cancer, people living longer, going into remission or the diagnosis itself making them face difficult decisions that improve their lives and health.
Living with cancer. According to the American Cancer Society “Today, more than 15 million people alive in the United States have had some type of cancer. Some of these people are cancer-free; others still have it.”
And still the main problem seems to be convincing people, particularly women, to be tested. Here are some of the things you may not be aware of about cutting your risks of getting cancer. (Some are still controversial with doctors, like mine who is on the side a one glass of red wine a day. Nevertheless, these are some things you can do to reduce your risk.) We need to face some hard truths about our habits.
1. Obesity is the largest risk factor that is preventable.
2. Get mammograms or tests for your genetic risk factors.
3. Risks increase with age so all the more reason to get other risks factors in check.
4. Don’t stick your head in the sand. Self check. Report ANY changes to your doctor.
5. Breast cancer isn’t always hereditary and around 90% of lumps aren’t cancerous. But that leaves 10%. EARLY DETECTION is imperative.
6. Any alcohol, according to research, increases your risk, even wine.
7. Breast cancer is no longer a death sentence. And one thing about the recent Obamacare laws was to make one mammogram a year and health exam is covered by your insurance. Check to make sure this is still true with yours but for many there is no monetary reason to avoid mammograms.
8. Other risk factors, tobacco, sun bathing in any form, lack of exercise.
Uh,boy. I need to up my game…
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