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Cry Me a River by Livia Quinn

Genre Paranormal romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG-13
Welcome to Destiny, home to the Paramortals since…well, forever… where human neighbors and their new sheriff live alongside shifters, dragons, vampires and a family of djinn.
Just don’t tell the humans.
Amid the strange goings on in his new hometown, Sheriff Jack Lang organizes a search for Tempest Pomeroy’s brother. Although Jack glimpsed her supposed supernatural talents in the form of lightning bolts aimed directly at him—special effects, had to be—nothing will keep him from doing his job to protect the town’s residents, his daughter, and even the trouble-making Tempe.
In the course of the investigation, lies and suspicions cloud their mutual attraction, but Storm Witch Tempe’s new ex-Navy pilot beau vows to learn everything about this quirky town.
Everything? Like a massive rumble of thunder, her family secrets—including her brother’s djinn nature—shake things up. Sure, Jack may stick around to finish his investigation, but once he knows all about the supernatural aspects of the town…? Well, wouldn’t it be just like a man to exit a relationship when he finds out a woman has a few little secrets?
Because in the town of Destiny, the burgeoning, unpredictable supernatural whips up a massive whirlwind of everything.

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Publisher Campbell Hill Publishing

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DC native Livia Quinn lives by the bayou in Louisiana where she pens paranormal and contemporary military romances based in her Storm Lake world. She is the author of thirteen books.
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