Lauren Linwood author of A Knight for Kallen answers five easy
questions to help readers get to know her better.

Author Bio

Lauren Linwood’s historical romances use history as a backdrop to place her characters in extraordinary circumstances, where their intense desire for one another grows into the treasured gift of love. Her romantic suspense novels feature strong heroes and heroines who unite to defeat a clever antagonist and discover a deep, abiding love during their journey.
A native Texan, Lauren is an avid reader, moviegoer, and sports fan who manages stress by alternating yoga with long walks. She plans to start a support group for House Hunters addicts—as soon as she finishes her next piece of dark chocolate.
What’s your favorite down-home
family style meal?
I’ve got to go old school here—meatloaf, mashed potatoes,
and green beans. And a brownie accompanied by a scoop of ice cream would
certainly top things off right!
What is your go-to meal
when you dine out?
Tex-Mex is my favorite, but if I can stick some shrimp
inside those enchiladas? Magic!
Describe the perfect vacation.
I love a mix of sightseeing and relaxation. I had a friend
who just completed this same vacation, and I think I’d like to copy her. She and
her husband flew to London with another couple and did tons of sightseeing, and
then they did a walking tour through the Cotswolds. Their luggage was sent
ahead each morning, and they walked about 10 miles a day for 4 days, taking
their time to see the countryside and stop in at local pubs along the way.
Tell us about your
favorite toy as a child.
It has to be my blue bicycle. I would jump on it and be
transported to another world. I felt independent and free when I rode it.
When you read for pleasure,
what kind of books do you choose?
I crave thrillers! Especially if they have a twist of
history in them. Steve Berry and Brad Meltzer are great about mixing those two
things into an action-packed thrill ride.

About the Book

Title: A Knight for Kallen
Genre: medieval historical romance
Author: Lauren Linwood
Book heat level (based on movie ratings):PG13
Kallen de Mangeron grew up in a convent, her noble family
never knowing of her birth. When a new Mother Superior informs them of her
existence, they send trusted knight Griffith Sommersby to escort her home.
Griffith’s heart broke when he lost his wife and infant son
during childbirth, and he’s kept his feelings locked away from the world—until
he meets Kallen. He soon learns her dark secret—that she sees auras around
people—which allows her insight into their actions and personalities.
Now Quentin, bastard brother to the king, decides to harness
Kallen’s gift in a plot to win the throne. Will Quentin successfully use a
kidnapped Kallen as his political pawn, or will Griffith be able to stop him
before Kallen changes the course of England’s history?

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Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

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