Are you Dating a Vampire? Advice from Kryssie Fortune, author of Claimed as Theirs #Vampire #Romance #RLFblogKryssie, welcome back to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! You have some advice for us on dating vampires. Share away!

Are you Dating a Vampire?

Ever wondered about that hot, hot guy you’re dating? The one with the smart suit and perfect hair? Is he too good to be true? Could he be a vampire?


Maybe not.

After a near miss with some fang, I started digging through the myths.

First, do your beloved’s eyebrows meet in the middle. That could be a sign he’s a vampire, or just bad taste on your report. However, that leads nicely into a more important fact.

Does he have a reflection? Perhaps he can’t see how his eyebrows merge. Does he have fingers? He could feel them. Any fool can buy a pair of tweezers. If he doesn’t pluck them, perhaps you should think twice. Annoying as his tendency to a monobrow is, it isn’t proof, though.

So what’s the answer??

Bling. Wear loads. Just make sure there’s some silver amongst it. Like werewolves, vampires hate it.

If you’re feeling extra sneakey, hold his hand. Is his middle finger longer than his ring finger? Add that to the monobrow and the lack of reflection, then it’s time to back off.

Still not satisfied? Take him out for a meal. Does he eat his steak blue? Or does he have meat served tartare? That’s a clue right there.

Finally, when the moon’s full, does he suggest a picnic in the woods. If so, run like hell. There’s another reason for my interest in vampires. My new book features three of them, all mated to the same feisty female.

Are you Dating a Vampire? Advice from Kryssie Fortune, author of Claimed as Theirs #Vampire #Romance #RLFblog

Claimed as Theirs by Kryssie Fortune

Genre A post-apocalyptic Vampire menage adventure.

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): Hard R rated

When an imposter seeks to usurp him as the rightful king, Bronte and his triad must go to war against their fellow vampires. But will a human woman prove pivotal in the coming conflict?

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Kryssie lives by the beach and loses track of time when she writes. Her days are full of dashing regency rakes, former soldiers so handsome they make her drool, and the sexiest werewolves ever. The odd vampire makes it in there too, but when he does, he’s drop dead gorgeous.
Her pet hates are unhappy endings and cliff hangers. She guarantees you won’t find either in her books. Her books sizzle with sensual heat, but story always comes before sex. Even when part of a series, her books can be read as stand-alone romance.
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