Imagine you come across a toddler who’s running and afraid. He looks up at you with tear-filled eyes, and you realize those big blue eyes are alien — like a cat’s. This is a kid in trouble. Now what would you do? Would you turn away and let the monster get him, or would you help? That’s what happens to Luc in A Stolen Heart. Hi, I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog, and it’s usually me here welcoming someone else. Today it’s my turn to tell you about my new sci fi / space opera set in the Tarthian Empire.

A Stolen Heart by Kayelle Allen

After rescuing a half-alien / half-human kid in trouble, running for his life, warrior-turned-entrepreneur Luc Saint-Cyr stumbles onto a conspiracy at the highest levels of the powerful Thieves’ Guild.

Complicating matters, the king, Luc’s immortal ex, might be involved.

Now Luc must deal with his ex, find a home for the child, squelch the flames of conspiracy and eradicate its perpetrators.

As if that’s not enough, an unseen enemy is undoing every good thing Luc accomplishes.

But when it comes time to give up the child to a family who can care for him, how will Luc bear to part with the adorable little boy who has stolen his heart…

Fans of Despicable Me will love this heart-warming and often humorous space opera about a badass protecting a vulnerable child.

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