Let’s meet Six from Bringer of Chaos: Forged in Fire, a science fiction with romantic elements by Kayelle Allen.

Bringer of Chaos: Forged in Fire by Kayelle Allen

Genre science fiction with romantic elements
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG13
When the immortal Pietas is marooned on a barren world with no food and few survival tools, he knows it could be worse. He could be alone. But that’s the problem. He’s not.
Half a million of his people sleep in cryostasis, trapped inside their pods and it’s up to Pietas to free them. He can’t release one at a time. It’s all or nothing. He’s facing over five hundred thousand hungry, thirsty, homeless immortals who will call on him for rescue and he has no way to answer.
It’s not all bad. The beautiful telepathic warrior he’s loved for lifetimes is at his side. He’s bonded with a sentient panther. He hates humans but the one dumped on this planet with him has become a trusted friend.
Before Pietas can build shelter, figure out how to grow food, or set up a government, he must take back command from a ruthless enemy he’s fought for centuries. His brutal, merciless father.
Immortals may heal, but a wound of the heart lasts forever…

Bucket List

When someone dies, we say they “kicked the bucket.” Therefore, a list of things that a person wants to accomplish, places to go, situations to experience, and so on have become known as a “Bucket List.”

Age: 38
Gender: male
Birthplace: Earth
Profession: soldier
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Species (for scifi/fantasy characters): Quasi-human (Ghost Corps)
Please provide a physical description of yourself.
I’m about six feet tall, brown eyes, brown hair, brown skin. I tend to fade into the background and not be noticed. I’m not so ugly I can’t get a date on payday, but I’m average enough not to stand out.
Please tell us a little about yourself.
I was a soldier, a grunt who pushed his way up. Got noticed and inducted into special ops. I speak multiple languages and I’m good with knives and a bow and arrow. I have a good aim with most any weapon.
Who is the significant other in your life?
I don’t have anyone right now. Mainly because I’m the only human (or almost human) on my planet. The Ultras around me don’t like humans that much. Besides, I’ll die, eventually. None of them will.
If you haven’t made a bucket list before, perhaps now would be a good time. Who knows? It might inspire another book. While you’re at it, how about telling us about some of your other favorite things? Here are the questions.
What is your birth order?
One and only. When God made me, he threw away the mold. He knew trouble when he saw it.
Tell us about your favorite toy as a child.
I played ball with the neighbor kids. Not really a toy-kinda person. But I did own a soccer ball and I took good care of it.
Describe your favorite food and how it’s prepared.
Apple fritters. Fresh chopped apples dipped in brown sugar and mixed into batter, then fried. Served hot. Great with coffee.
Tell us about your best friend.
I call him Pi (as in 3.14), but his name is Pietas. It’s pronounced pee-ah-toss, as he’s fond of reminding me. I eventually discovered why he hated the nickname and told him I’d stop, but he insisted I keep it. Seems his father called him that when he made mistakes. The nicest thing I can say about his pop is that the guy is a bully. Tried to kill me the moment he laid eyes on me. Anyway, Pi says when his dad hears me call him that it shows the man he has no hold over him. Pi is closer to me than a brother. When I was his worst enemy and hated him, he taught me the meaning of honor. If you wanted a picture for the word “noble” in the dictionary, you could use him.
What are two places you would like to visit before you die, and why?
I’d like to go fishing in a lake up in the mountains where the air is clean and cold and the fish like to bite. And then I’d go to the oceanside and lay on a hot sandy beach drinking a nice cold beer.
Where is a place you would never like to return, and why?
Enderium Six. What a nightmare that was. Although that is where I met Pi.
Who is someone you would like to meet, and why?
A fast woman who likes slow guys.
Who is someone you would like to avoid, and why?
Pietas’s father. The man makes me crazy. The urge to strangle him is too strong for me to resist for long, so I avoid him.
If you could time travel to any date, what would it be, and what would you do there?
I’d go back to Enderium Six and change everything that happened, except the part where I ended up friends with Pi. Although, come to think of it, the nightmare part was what made us friends in the first place. So… I think I’ll stick to my own time, thank you.

About Kayelle Allen

Kayelle Allen did a tour in the US Navy, where she climbed around airplanes (on the ground, thankfully) fixing black boxes that helped pilots find their way home.
She wrote her first science fiction novel at 18 and to this day, it’s hidden under the bed, where she vows it will remain. Gems from it, however, launched several series in her galaxy-wide universe of stories.
From childhood, Kayelle was the victim of an overactive imagination and inherited the Irish gift of gab from her mother. From her father, she got a healthy respect for mechanical things.
No wonder she writes Science Fiction and Fantasy peopled with misbehaving robots, mythic heroes, role playing immortal gamers, and warriors who purr. She’s been married so long she’s tenured.
What was your biggest challenge in writing this book?
Letting the story unfold and be as surprised as they were with how it turned out. The end had a real twist that even I didn’t see coming.
Why did you choose this character for the interview today?
Six is a blast to write. He’s one of my favorite characters.
When writing the book, what did you discover about this character that surprised you?
That he was jealous of the time Pietas spent with others. He’d been the only person in Pietas’s life for months during their journey. Once they found the people they were searching for, he was so busy he had little time for Six. But he handled it with surprising grace and humor.
Are any sequels planned for this book?
Yes, I’m writing one now, called Watch Your Six, in which Six is the major character.
What genre(s) would you like to write that you haven’t tried yet?
Time travel. Just don’t have a good paradox in mind yet. Maybe someday.
What would your readers be surprised to learn about you?
That I almost never cook at home. I prefer to either eat out or go with prepared meals. To my kids, Mom’s home-cooked mac and cheese came in a yellow and blue box.
Why should readers who haven’t picked up one of your books before give this one a try?
This one is the culmination of years of writing. It’s my best so far, and it’s both funny and heartbreaking. If you like buddy movies, you’ll like the Bringer of Chaos series altogether.
Is there anything you’d like to say to your readers?
Please keep in touch. I’d love to know what you think of my characters and books.

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