Is It True: Blast from Her Past by Katy Eeten @KatyEeten #RLFblog #RomanceWelcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Let’s play Is It True with today’s guest, Katy Eeten, author of Blast From her Past, a contemporary inspirational romance. This is a game with yes and no questions. Writers can elaborate on answers as much as they choose.

Blast from Her Past

Genre: Inspirational Romance

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG

After a disastrous failed engagement, Sydney Hampson is leaving her past—and her faith—behind to focus on her career instead. Following through with her new, albeit misguided, resolution proves easier said than done when former classmate, and reformed bully, Grant Williams signs on with her company, and they must work closely together.
Grant Williams gave up his teenage antics years ago, and now he’s looking forward to a future that includes a strong relationship with God. When he realizes he’ll be working with none other than Sydney Hampson—the girl he had a secret crush on throughout high school—he couldn’t be more thrilled. Until he discovers she’s not the same caring, compassionate woman she used to be.
When a business trip gone awry leaves the pair stranded in the middle of a snowstorm, Grant sees his chance to make things right and put their past wrongs behind them…if only Sydney can get over her distrust of men. And with a conniving coworker intent on destroying Sydney’s happiness, can she put her faith back in God and learn to trust in Grant before she loses her chance at happiness?

Is it true:

this is your first book?
this book is part of a series?
No, it’s a stand-alone.
you lost sleep while writing this book?
Yes. I have a full-time job and two school-age kids, so I have to squeeze in writing sessions when I can – even late at night.
you did research for this book?
Yes, but only small stuff. For example, I had to find out if people in North Dakota call it “soda” or “pop,” what could cause a car to suddenly break down, and the distance between various locations in the Dakota states.
some characters in this book are not human? (pets for example)
No. All humans.
this book has more than one genre?
No. It’s a straight-up Christian romance.
you speak more than one language?
No. I did take four years of Spanish in high school and two semesters in college, but that was a while ago and I’ve not put it to use.
you grew up where you live now?
Yes. I moved away for several years, but just last year I moved back and bought a house in the same city where I grew up.
you love to read?
Yes, but I don’t have a lot of time to do so and it takes a while for me to get sucked into a book. Once I am, I can’t put it down!
you are never late?
Well … I used to be overly punctual. Now that I have kids, I’m typically just on time (if I’m lucky!).
you love pizza?
you love sushi?
No. Never had it and never want to. I’m not very adventurous and I don’t like seafood of any kind.
you have a pet?
No. Just two kids.

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Katy Eeten lives in southeast Wisconsin with her husband and their two sons. She works full-time in the business world and considers writing to be her outlet. When she’s not working or writing, she enjoys baking, taking walks, and spending time with her family. Blast from Her Past is Katy’s first published book.





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