Read the new romance Private Lessons by Karigan Hale @kariganspencil #RLFblog #romanceRead a new hot novella from Karigan Hale: Private Lessons During Lockdown. An empty school. A yearning for human touch. Can two educators find lust and love during a pandemic? Part of the Love Under Lockdown series

Karigan Hale, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Thanks for sharing two tips with us today, but first, please tell us about Private Lessons in Lockdown.

Private Lessons in Lockdown by Karigan Hale

Genre Short Erotic Romance

Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R

A year of flirting. An empty school. A need for human touch.

She’s a principal navigating this unprecedented time. He’s a teacher battling his attraction to his boss. Should he resist when she seduces him?

Brock Richards, a teacher at Deerfield High, is called to the principal’s office when the entire school is empty. After realizing his sexy principal is wearing a garter belt, all of his principles disappear.

He can’t seduce his boss, but will he be able to resist if she seduces him?

Amanda Kincaid, principal of Deerfield High, has had her eye on the sexy Social Studies teacher for a year. Usually a confident, powerful, no-nonsense leader, Amanda’s naughty bits take over her brain when she’s around him. Is the mandatory school closure the chance she needs to show Brock she’s not just his boss, but a woman as well?

Two Tips for Writing

Tip 1: Just write! I know people say this all the time, but honestly it is the best advice. When I’m in a rut, I pull out some random writing prompts and just write based on those – a scene, a character sketch, a moment. They don’t even have to be related to my current work in progress. Often these short sketches become part of later published works. And just like any other skill, writing will get easier, faster, and better with practice.

Tip 2: Write what you like. Yes, the paranormal reverse harem shifter romances are all the rage right now. But they aren’t what I enjoy reading. Therefore, if I tried to jump on that bandwagon, I’m sure I would fail miserably and the stories would be cliché, stilted, and forced. By writing in a genre I like to read, I completely understand the expectations of that genre and what the reader expects.

Two Tips for Family

Here are two tips for Photographing your Family. I’m a hobbyist photographer and family historian. My kids call me Momarazzi because I’m always following them with my camera. In an era where images demand our attention, there are some easy ways you can get great photographs of your family even with your cell phone. For examples of these tips, check out my photography Instagram: photography

Tip 1: Get down on the kids’ (or pet’s) level. Instead of always shooting down on them from your height, bend down and get on their level. This gives your viewer the perspective of your subject and brings them into the moment. It also lets you shoot straight on and capture the true essence of your subject.

Tip 2: Play! Not every shot should be a nice posed portrait. Try to capture your subject as they are being themselves. Instead of asking your child to look at the camera, move yourself to them and ask them questions instead. (What type of bird is that? What do you have in your hand? Show me a funny face) This will get authentic emotions/reactions and capture these fleeting everyday moments.

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